Man Admits To Internet He Is ‘Trying’ For Child With Current Wife, Ex Knows Why They Aren’t Pregnant Yet

One woman has been trying to get pregnant for a while but unbeknownst to her, her husband had a vasectomy years prior — and only his ex-wife knows **gasp**–!

A father recently posted to the internet, aka Reddit’s AITA forum, to reveal how he is trying to have a baby with his wife, he’s actually not really doing so.

Man Admits To Internet He Got Vasectomy But Hasn't Told Wife
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He (OP) recently asked the internet if he was in the wrong for “trying” to have a baby with his wife despite his current condition…

“I’ve been married to my wife for two years now and she’s always wanted to have a child with me,” he wrote. “She mentions it often. I’ve even been ‘trying’ to have one with her.” He then admits a bombshell: “The problem is that I’ve had a vasectomy and she doesn’t know.”

“My ex-wife came over and dropped off our 3 kids 9, 5 and 4,” he continued. “And she’s pregnant by her now husband.”

Man Admits To Internet He Got Vasectomy But Hasn't Told Wife
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And to add fuel to the flame, the OP’s ex-wife knows he’s had a vasectomy and knows full well how he is not being honest with his new wife.

“Well her and my wife were talking about her new baby and if she knew the gender,” he wrote. “Now my ex knows that I’ve been fixed as I did so after our youngest was born.”

His new wife told OP’s ex-wife, “I can’t wait to be pregnant, we’ve been trying to have a baby with no luck but it will happen when god allows it.”

Man Admits To Internet He Got Vasectomy But Hasn't Told Wife
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He noted that his ex “just smiled and she then looked at me and I knew what she was thinking.”

And his suspicions were correct. His ex-wife confirmed what she was thinking later in a text.

“[L]ater she texted me and told me I needed to tell my wife the truth and that she had baby fever and it was cruel to give her false hopes and pretty much called me a A–hole.” He then asked the world if he was wrong. “So AITA? I know it’s a little dishonest but it would break my wife’s heart to know the truth.”

What do you think? Was he in the wrong or did he have a point? Comment with your thoughts below!

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