This Man Won’t Stop Teasing His ‘Prim and Proper’ Wife After He Caught Her Pooping Post-Delivery

Birth is a complicated process. There is a lot going on, before, during, and after the arrival of a new baby. And much of it isn’t all that pleasant. One husband found his wife’s birthing situation particularly eye-opening because, as he described in a recent Reddit post, “My wife is one of those super prim and proper chicks. You don’t ever catch her doing anything “impolite,” whether its burping or farting or any basic body function.” So imagine his surprise when he caught his wife pooping for the first time ever.

He continued in his Reddit post: “When asked about it she completely denies she does any of these things. I’ve never managed to catch her, up until she had her daughter.”

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The husband and father shared that his daughter was born after an emergency C-section. As she recuperated after the surgery, his wife needed some assistance going to and from the bathroom. He shared that he would wait in the other room while she used the bathroom, knowing how much she valued privacy.

One time, though, she was taking quite a long time, so he figured she was pooping. He went in there to check, and indeed she was. The husband teased her, despite the fact his wife was very upset. He left her alone, but thought he might be able to bring it up again once some time had passed. 

That, though, does not seem to be the case. He shared, “Well she broke down the other day and started yelling and sobbing when I brought it up saying that was a difficult time for her and she’s still embarrassed about it and she hates me making fun of her for it. I told her it’s just funny because it’s the only time I got to catch her doing it, and its harmless teasing and it’s no big deal.” 


The majority of commenters agreed with the wife, saying it was rude to keep teasing her about something that clearly upset her. 

“I don’t even understand the thought process that went into going in there when he knew she was pooping,” said one commenter. “That’s so disgusting and disrespectful to me when he knew she was so embarrassed by it.”

“It’s so goddamn mean,” another Redditor added. “Like yeah, pretending she doesn’t sh*t is silly, but it’s harmless. What he’s doing is directly harmful. And he thinks it’s funny to humiliate her. Ugh.”


A few others, though, felt his wife needed to be a bit more mature. But mostly, people thought he needed to stop teasing her.

In the end, the husband gathered that perhaps he could have behaved a little differently towards his wife. “Welp, I did not expect this to blow up like it did,” he wrote in an update to his post. “I guess the general consensus is that I am TA, so I guess I’ll try to tone it down for now until she has more time to calm down over it.”

Good plan, man.

What do you think of this man who caught his wife pooping after delivery and won’t stop teasing her? Is he in the wrong, or does she need to get over it?

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