31 May Baby Names That Highlight Just How Special This Time of Year Is

Having a baby in May? Why not celebrate the month with one of these gorgeous May-themed names! From blooming flower names to sparkling gemstones, we’ve gathered 31 beautiful appellations that relate to the spirit of spring and all that is special about the fifth month of the year. Whether you’re looking for a traditional name or something more unique, these wonderful baby names will fit any little bundle of joy like a glove.

Spring baby names are some of the most desirable and reflect parents’ love of nature and its rebirth. If you’re expecting a May baby and are stuck on finding the best name, you’ve come to the right place as we have done the digging for you to uncover the most delightful names that are full of character and have a winning spirit. Now, let’s take a deep dive into some sensational May baby names!

May Baby Names for Girls


May Baby Names

You can cut right to the chase by choosing the name May. It’s right there for the picking! May is considered a diminutive form of Mary or Margaret and means “beloved” or “bitter.” May is considered an old lady name by today’s standards and that just means it’s time for a comeback. You can do it, parents! Further, you can go with the Mae spelling for something even more zesty.


May Baby Names

We may never know why some Hebrew names take off and others don’t, but it’s about time for Aviva to get the recognition it deserves! This springtime moniker with an A beginning is full of life and energy – not to mention its meaning of “springlike,” “fresh,” or “dewy.” Parents, it’s time to start using this spring baby name.


May Baby Names

Emerald is a name that’s on the climb today. This delightful name originated in Persian and means “green.” Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May, making it a very appropriate choice for your daughter. We love the nickname Emmie for this one.


May Baby Names

Esmeralda is a name of Spanish and Portuguese origin that means “emerald.” If Emerald felt too on the nose for your taste, go with this Latinate gem of a name. Currently, the appellation ranks in the top 500 most popular names for girls in the US, making it a safe bet.


May Baby Names

April showers bring May flowers so names with a floral theme are all great options. Lily of the Valley is the birth flower for the month, giving you the perfect excuse to choose it. Lily is a wildly popular name today in the US, ranking in the top 50.


May Baby Names

Some people turn to Astrology to inspire a baby’s name. If you’re expecting a baby from the first to the twenty-first, your little one will be born under Taurus. The element of the sign is earth so names that mean “earth” are very much appropriate. Afra is a underutilized name of Hebrew origin that means “color of earth.”


May Baby Names

Eartha is an English name that means “earth,” which you probably guessed. This name was once very popular in the US but has not been since the 1950s. The retro name brings to mind the icon Eartha Kitt. This lovely nature name is perfect for parents who want to impart a love for it. Further, this is a connection to Taurus’ element.


May Baby Names

If your May baby will be born after the twenty-first, they will be born under the Gemini sign. The twins are the symbol for Gemini, making names that mean “twin” or “twins” a great option. Our favorite is Tamsin, an English name and short form of Thomasina. The root of this appellation means “twin.”


May Baby Names

The element for Gemini is air. So names that mean “air” or are are-adjacent are perfection. Nasima is an elegant Arabic name that means “breeze” and “fresh air.” Names of Arabic origin are on the rise in the US today and we can’t get enough of this one.


May Baby Names

You can also get inspiration from the number five with May baby names. After all, it’s the fifth month of the year. Quinta, despite being lovely by all metrics, has never been a popular name in the US. This is likely going to change thanks to the star power of the brilliant Quinta Brunson, the creator of the television show Abbott Elementary. Quinta is a name of Latin origin that means “fifth.” Other variations of this name include Quintana, Quintia, and Quincy.


May Baby Names

We could have lumped Maya in with May and Mae but it’s such a standout that we wanted to shine a brighter light on it. It is a multicultural name with various meanings in Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Central American, Spanish, and Hebrew. For our purposes, we are looking at it through the Latinate lens as a form of the name May.


May Baby Names

We’ve dipped our toes into the nature name pond, but there are more names to discover. Spring showers are a constant through the season. Reva makes that unique connection. Pronounced RAY-vah, Reva is a name with deep origins in both Hindi and Hebrew traditions. It also belongs to one of the seven sacred rivers in India and translates to “rain.” This moniker saw great popularity from the 1920s to the 1950s before being lost – but now it’s back and perfect for your spring baby!


May Baby Names

In the ancient Hindu religion, Indra is the warrior god of sky and rain. Thus this name, with origins in Sanskrit and Hindu, means “having drops of rain.” We would love to hear this rare name in the US much more often. Isn’t it gorgeous?


May Baby Names

Pronounced ZEE-ah-sahn, Ziazan is an impeccable Armenian name for girls that means “rainbow.” Aside from its sunny meaning, this name is also a blast to say. Z-names are all the rage right now; you can get two for the price of one with this offbeat and marvelous name.


May Baby Names

Juniper is a lovely unisex name that has been trending for girls recently. In fact, it first made the top US 1000 names in 2011 and has been on the rise ever since. Juniper is the name of an evergreen shrub, but it also comes from a Latin root that means “young.” It’s one of the spring baby names that deals with the theme of newness but is also botanical, making it a nature-themed option. A springtime double whammy!

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May Baby Names

The name of the Greek mythological earth goddess and universal mother, Gaia, allows parents to choose a storied nature May baby name. Gaia, with its Greek origins, means “earth mother.” Pronounced GUY-ah, this name would be a distinctive option. Expect to hear this name more and more as it is currently heating up!

May Baby Names for Boys


May Baby Names

In addition to lily of the valley, hawthorn is the other birth flower for the month. Hawthorn is a type of hedge. The name originated in English as a habitational name for some living near the plants. We think the name has a regal sound to it. Throw an E on the end of it and you’ve got a reference to the author Nathaniel Hawthorne.


May Baby Names

Baby boys born under Taurus, have so many options as far as names that relate to the sign. The element for Taurus is earth. Adam is one of the English-speaking world’s most beloved names as it refers to the Biblical Adam, the name of the first man in that tradition. Shockingly, Adam was not a top 100 name in the US until the 1970s! The name peaked in the 1980s, and it still sits within the top 100 today. Adam has Hebrew origins, of course, and means “son of the red earth.”


May Baby Names

Another appellation with the Taurus connection is Fintan. This delightful Irish charmer has never been a popular choice in the US so it would be a unique and singular choice. Fintan’s root means “white bull.”


May Baby Names

If your baby is born in the latter part of May they might be a Gemini. There are so many excellent options for boys that make the connection to the sign. Tomas, the Spanish and German form of Thomas (also a great option), is of Aramaic origin and means “twin.” That makes it a reference to the twins in the sign of Gemini.


May Baby Names

If Tomas and Thomas are too mainstream for you, we’ve got your answer with Tavish. The name is the Scottish form of Thomas. Think of it as formal cousin to Hamish. Sadly, Tavish has never been a favored option in the US. We think it’s far too adorable to pass up.


May Baby Names

The twins of the sign of Gemini are named Castor and Pollux. Pollux does not sit right with us for a boy born today, but we find Castor to be a cute options among May baby names. Castor is a name of Greek origin and means “pious.” This name has unfortunately gone virtually unused in the US. But, we things the winds of change are blowing this name into new parents’ consciousness.


May Baby Names

Quentin is technically a unisex option but it goes to way more boys than girls in the US. This stately name was most popular at the beginning of the 20th century but it sits outside the top 500 most popular baby names today. This name of Latin origin, of course, means “fifth.” As May is the fifth month of the year, it’s a fitting option.


May Baby Names

Omar is a Semitic name found in both Arabic and Hebrew naming traditions. It’s one of the most beloved Arabic names in the US! The root of this name gives us the meaning of “flourishing” and “thriving.” A great reference to our natural world this time of year.


May Baby Names

If you have not yet read Haruki Murakami‘s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, do yourself a favor and check that out from the library the next time you are there. Haruki is a solid Japanese baby name for boys that can mean “spring child.” Most Japanese names’ meanings are derived from the kanji used to construct them, and we love this variation especially well.


May Baby Names

The Welsh name Enfys is rare, even in its motherland! Enfys is a classic unisex option traditionally given to baby girls. But we love this spring baby name for boys. The name is pronounced EN-viss, which will likely throw some people, but patient parents will get a lot of love for this name. Enfys means “rainbow.” Rainbow!


May Baby Names

Here’s a name that needs no pronunciation guide! Pan is a straightforward choice with Greek origins that mean “all” or “shepherd.” Pan is the Greek god with the legs of a goat and the body of a pipes-playing man known for his mischievousness. Pan is also the god of shepherds, pastures, and fertility. All things associated with spring! Even if you look at other traditions with this name, like Hindi, it still carries a springtime vibe meaning “leaf.”


May Baby Names

A name you do not hear on many playgrounds today, Dalfon has Hebrew origins, and this name means “raindrop.” Is there a more appropriate spring baby name? This distinctive appellation has never scored favor among American parents, and we think it deserves some love! It’s one of our favorite May baby names on the list.


May Baby Names

Jarek is a name from Slavic tradition, a shortened form of the many Jar-names like Jaroslaw. Again, this is another name with a somewhat tricky pronunciation for many English speakers. Jarek is pronounced YAHR-ek. This beautiful appellation means “spring.” You will not encounter the appellation often outside Poland, but we think it has plenty of potential for parents in the US.


May Baby Names

Zephyr is a stylish unisex name of Greek origin that means “west wind.” Zephyr is another one of the names with a Gemini connection as the element for the sign is air.

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May Baby Names

Frazier, Frasier, and Fraser are all forms of the same Scottish surname with roots in French. This name means “strawberry.” Strawberry! The spelling Frazier has appeared in the top 1000 names for boys, but that was over 100 years ago. This means that this fruity spring baby name is ripe for the picking.

There you go! Now you have some awesome May baby names to consider. We hope you found this list to be fruitful and gathered some options for your little one that’s on the way. Seasonal baby names are perfection for a number of reasons, mostly because they hold more symbolic meaning than less inspired options. Happy baby name hunting!

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