100 Old Lady Names Poised for a Return for Baby Girls Born Today

Old lady names are wrapped in a cozy housecoat, topped with silver-blue hair, and shining with a storied sense of understanding. Many baby names for girls have been fashionable for decades, like Amelia and Adeline, while others, like Geraldine and Gertrude, have fallen from favor. Old lady names that have dropped in popularity over the years sound like retro antiques, but they deserve your consideration because they sound alive and strong today. These baby names for girls have an unnamable quality that we will dare to call Granny-chic.

Old lady names are appellations that have not appealed to new parents for decades but are undergoing a renaissance today. These timeless baby names for girls sound classic and often have a storied past shared with dignified namesakes throughout history. We decided to take a deep dive into yesteryear to discover which of these old lady names for baby girls are heating up. Are you ready to stroll comfortably at a reasonable pace through this list?

Old Lady Names That Start with A

Old Lady Names

Names like Alice and Adelaide are making a comeback today. What other old lady names that start with A should expecting parents explore?

  • Alma – A most gentle appellation from Latin, meaning “nurturing”
  • Agnes – A Latin name from Greek, meaning “pure”
  • Agatha – A name steeped in mystery, not popular in the US since the 1940s, meaning “good woman”
  • Alberta – An English, feminine form of Albert, meaning “noble” and “bright”

Old Lady Names That Start with B

Old Lady Names

Brooklyn and Bella are currently the two most popular names for girls that start with B. But, what old lady names are parents turning to?

  • Bea – We love this diminutive form of Beatrice so very much that we had to also suggest it, Bea once was a standalone favorite before she started collecting dust!
  • Bess – Bess is a diminutive form of Elizabeth, a name coming from Hebrew and meaning “pledged to God”
  • Blanche – A Golden Girls name last popular in the 1960s, Blanch comes from French and means “white”
  • Blythe – A unique name from Old English that originated as a nickname for someone who is carefree, meaning “happy”

Old Lady Names That Start with C

Old Lady Names

Names like Charlotte and Camila never really went out of style. What other names that start with C are new parents bringing back?

  • Clyde – A unisex Scottish river name that should be put to good use for girls today
  • Clarabelle – A name that was last popular for baby girls in the 1930s, from Latin, meaning “bright and beautiful”
  • Clementine – A French name from Latin, meaning “merciful”
  • Celeste – A perennial favorite, from Latin, meaning “heavenly”

Old Lady Names That Start with D

Old Lady Names

One of the old lady names winning a lot of hearts these days is Delilah which ranked in the US top 100 names for girls recently. What other names should parents revisit?

  • Dorothy – An English form of a Greek name, meaning “gift of God”
  • Dinah – An Old Testament charmer that’s scarcely heard today, meaning “God will judge”
  • Delia – A name steeped in Greek mythology, Delia comes from the name of an island inhabited by Apollo and Artemis, meaning “from Delos”
  • Dora – A name that saw its height before 1950, Dora comes from Greek and means “gift”

Old Lady Names That Start with E

Old Lady Names

Evelyn and Emma are two of the hottest names for girls today which is great because the names are very old but still feel fresh. What other names that once were in rotation have come back?

  • Edith – A name that’s making a bit of a comeback these days, Edith has English origins and means “prosperous in war”
  • Edie – A cute diminutive form of Edith that many Ediths prefer to be known by, Edie Sedgwick, Edie Falco, and Little Edie are a few famous examples
  • Effie – An English name from Greek, meaning “pleasant speech”
  • Enid – A name that was most popular in the 1920s, from Welsh, meaning “spirit”

Old Lady Names That Start with F

Old Lady Names

We are not sure why so many names that start with F sound like old lady names, but it’s a feature! Faith and Fiona are the two most popular F-names today, what others should expecting parents consider?

  • Florence – For some reason, parents have been looking over Florence for decades, this charming Latin name means “prospering”
  • Fay – Last popular in the late 1960s, Fay originated in English and means “fairy
  • Frederica – A name from German, meaning “peaceful ruler,” last popular in 1911!
  • Felicia – Don’t say “bye” to this Latin appellation from Felicity, meaning “lucky”

Old Lady Names That Start with G

Old Lady Names

Gianna and Grace are two timeless names that new parents are choosing for their daughters today. What are some old names also cropping up?

  • Greta – A name that’s mildly popular today, also German and a diminutive of Margaret, meaning “pearl”
  • Guinevere – A treasure of a Welsh name, meaning “white ring”
  • Goldie – A bright name that was last popular for babies in the 1950s, Goldie comes from Yiddish and means… “gold”
  • Gladys – A very popular name in the early 20th century, from Welsh, meaning “land”

Old Lady Names That Start with H

Old Lady Names

Harper is the most popular baby name beginning with H today. Due to its contemporary literary credentials, this appellation does not feel like a grandma name at all! Let’s take a look at some that do.

  • Hester – A name from the Persian Esther that emerged in the Middle Ages, also meaning “star”
  • Henrietta – A German name from Henry, meaning “estate ruler”
  • Harriet – A name that could be mounting a comeback very soon, another femme form of Henry
  • Hattie – An English diminutive form of Henrietta, meaning “estate ruler”

Old Lady Names That Start with I

Old Lady Names

As with names that start with F, so many of the names for girls that start with I sound antique. Ivy and Iris and are the most popular names that start with I today. Do either sound particularly new and novel to you? Let’s check out some other vintage gems.

  • Imogen – A name from Celtic tradition that was misspelled by Shakespeare for it to appear in its most popular form today, Imogen means “maiden”
  • Ida – One of our very favorite old lady names that we want expecting parents to consider! Ida was last popular in the early 1980s. It comes from German and means “industrious”
  • Ines – A Spanish (Inez) and Portuguese form of Agnes, last popular in the 1920s, meaning “pure”
  • Ingrid – A name that’s coming back, from Norse, meaning “In is beautiful”

Old Lady Names That Start with J

Old Lady Names

The most popular name for girls is unquestionably a grandma-name. Josephine is a top 100 name for girls and despite some ups and downs, has been in the top 500 since the 1880s! What other J-names sound vintage?

  • Judith – A hugely popular name in the 1940s, Judith has since faded. This Hebrew name means “woman of Judea”
  • Joanne – Once one of the most popular names for baby girls, Joanne is the French form of Johanna, meaning “God is gracious”
  • Janice – One of the many forms of Jane that emerged in the middle of the last century as favorites, Janice means “gracious gift”
  • Jolene – While this name is a modern invented one first appearing on the baby name popularity charts in 1920, it just fits in with these other old lady names!

Old Lady Names That Start with K

Old Lady Names

Kinsley, a very fresh name for girls today, is the most popular K-name for girls and it only emerged as such in the early 2000s. What more traditional names are out there?

  • Kathleen – An anglicized form of the Irish name Caitlin, itself from Katherine, also meaning “pure”
  • Keziah – An Ancient Hebrew name that means “cassia”
  • Kitty – Popular until the 1960s, Kitty was a favored form of Katherine, meaning “pure”
  • Katrina – A German form of Katherine, also meaning “pure”

Old Lady Names That Start with L

Old Lady Names

Luna is a wildly popular name for girls today! It was unpopular for 100 years before it returned to favor. You could consider that a factor for calling it an old lady name, but it does not have that vintage feel. It just sounds romantic! What names that start with L qualify as old lady names?

  • Lucinda – A most popular choice in the late 19th century, Lucinda has fallen off the radar, the name comes from Latin and means “light”
  • Lottie – An English diminutive form of Charlotte, meaning “free man”
  • Leona – An appellation that has made a mildly successful comeback, Leona comes from Latin and means “lion”
  • Letitia – A name that fell from favor completely by the 1980s, Letitia comes from Latin and means “joy”

Old Lady Names That Start with M

Old Lady Names

Mia, Mila, and Madison are three timeless classics that are currently enjoying the most love from new parents. Let’s take a look at other M names with vintage appeal.

  • Mabel – A beguiling Latin name, a form of Amabel, meaning “lovable”
  • Miriam – A Hebrew (and likely Egyptian as well) name, a form of Mary, meaning “bitter”
  • Maude – A name that has not been popular since the early years of the 20th century, Maude comes from Matilda and means “mighty in battle”
  • Marjorie – A Scottishname, a form of Margaret, meaning “bitter”

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Old Lady Names That Start with M

Old Lady Names

We have even more old lady names that start with M because there are so many making a comeback these days.

  • Mahala – A name that has not been popular since the early 1900s, Mahala is of Hebrew origin and means “tender”
  • Mavis – A name that’s returned to the US top 1000 in the last couple of years, from French, meaning “songbird”
  • Mildred – You will be hard-pressed to find anyone under 50 named Mildred today! The name has English origins and means “gentle strength”
  • Muriel – A poetic Celtic name that needs some love today, Muriel means “from the bright sea”

Old Lady Names That Start with N

Old Lady Names

Nora and Nova are the two most popular names that start with N today. Both sound too new for our tastes! Let’s find some appellations with that granny charm!

  • Nellie – Once one of the hottest names a baby could get, Nellie comes from Eleanor and means “horn”
  • Nanette – A French diminutive form of Anne, meaning “grace”
  • Nettie – A sweet name that was a top 100 choice before 1901! The name is diminutive form for a combination of Hebrew and English names, meaning “plant”
  • Nell – Another diminutive form of Eleanor, Nell has not been popular since the 1950s!

Old Lady Names That Start with P

Old Lady Names

The most popular name for girls at the moment is Olivia. It’s a timeless classic that deserves to enjoy so much favor! Let’s find older names that new parents are turning to.

  • Opal – Opal has made a comeback in recent years after losing luster for about 60 years. Opal has Sanskrit origins and means “gem”
  • Odette – A French name from German, meaning “wealthy”
  • Ottilie – Last popular in the 1900s, Ottilie comes from German, a form of Otto, meaning “wealthy in battle”
  • Odile – Another German name popular in the early 20th century that you seldom encounter today is Odile, meaning “wealthy in battle”

Old Lady Names That Start with P

Old Lady Names

Penelope, a storied name from Greek mythology, is currently the most popular P-name for girls. Let’s find more old lady names that start with P!

  • Prudence – A virtue name that’s been unpopular for decades, Prudence deserves to make a comeback too.
  • Prue – A diminutive form of Prudence that was a standalone favorite at the same time, also meaning “caution”
  • Penny – Okay, so we are cheating a bit as Penny is a form of Penelope, meaning “weaver”
  • Priscilla – A grandma-name that’s had real staying power, Priscilla comes from Latin and means “ancient”

Old Lady Names That Start with Q

Old Lady Names

Queen and Quinn are the only two names that start with Q in the US top 1000 baby names. Just those two! Let’s discover some with some old lady flair.

  • Quincy – A French name from Latin, meaning “fifth son”
  • Quintessa – Although it sounds fake to our ears today, Quintessa is a real appellation from Latin meaning “essence”
  • Quitterie – Quitterie has always been a rare choice in the US but it’s heating back up in Europe today. Quitterie is a French name meaning “the red one”
  • Quince – A name from Latin that describes a “pear-like fruit”

Old Lady Names That Start with R

Old Lady Names

Riley is the most popular name for girls that starts with R followed by the attractive old lady name Ruby. What other possibilities are out there?

  • Rosalind – A hot name in the 1940s, it’s time to bring this gem back! Rosalind comes from Latin and means “pretty rose”
  • Reba – A name belonging to a country star that has seen brighter days, Reba comes from Hebrew and means “fourth born”
  • Retta – A surprisingly popular name for girls in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Retta comes from Latin and means “speaker”
  • Rosemary – A Latin botanical name that means “dew of the sea”

Old Lady Names That Start with S

Old Lady Names

Sophia is on-trend for girls despite it being an ancient name. There are many appellations that start with S that are old lady names. Some are enjoying a renaissance. Check them out.

  • Sylvia – An appellation that’s been on the decline since the 1940s, Sylvia is still with us but it is hardly as popular as it once was, the name means “from the forest”
  • Selma – An evocative name from German that has not been a popular choice since the 1950s, meaning “godly helmet”
  • Sybil – Unpopular since the 1970s, Sybil comes from Greek and means “prophet”
  • Susan – A name that’s been on a steep decline since the 1960s, Susan is of Hebrew origin and means “lily”

Old Lady Names That Start with T

Old Lady Names

The most popular name for girls that start with T today is Taylor. That seems too new for us! Let’s find the old lady names that start with T!

  • Thea – A mildly popular name once more, Thea comes from Greek and means “godly”
  • Thora – Last popular in the 1920s, Thora comes from Norse and means “thunder goddess”
  • Thomasina – An English feminine form of Thomas, meaning “twin”
  • Thirza – A vintage Hebrew name, meaning “harvest” and “delightful”

Old Lady Names That Start with V

Old Lady Names

The stately Victoria is the most popular V-name for girls today. It’s a rather timeless name that’s been popular forever. Let’s find some other charming old lady names that start with V!

  • Viola – A hugely popular name in Europe, Viola has not seen much favor in the US since the 1970s. The name has Latin origins and means “violet”
  • Vivian – A name on the rise again, Vivian has Latin origins and means “life”
  • Vera – Another name that’s heating up again, Vera comes from Russian and means “faith”
  • Vada – Not just a weird name for the sweet girl in My Girl, Vada was a popular German name in the US until the 1940s, meaning “famous ruler”

More Old Lady Names That Start with V

Old Lady Names

The V-name old lady showing is strong. Check out some more options.

  • Violetta – An Italian diminutive form of Violet, Violetta was once popular in the 1930s
  • Verena – A vintage find from Latin virtually unheard since the 19th century in the US, meaning “integrity”
  • Vicky – A midcentury name that has seldom been used for babies over the last few years, a diminutive form of Victoria
  • Vonnie – A Latin alternative form of Berenice, meaning “vera icon” or “true image”

Old Lady Names That Start with W

Old Lady Names

We move right along to W-names that have that quirky, antique quality you are looking for. Let’s jump right in!

  • Willa – One of the few William spin-off names to regain traction, currently a top 500 name
  • Winifred – A hot as fire name in the 1920s, Winifred has Welsh roots and means “blessed peacemaker”
  • Waverly – First popular in 19th century England, Waverly is making waves today as a given name, meaning “of the meadow of aspens”
  • Wendy – An invented name by Sir James Barrie for his play Peter Pan, Wendy is considered a diminutive form of Gwendolyn and means “white shadow”

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Old Lady Names That Start with Y or Z

Old Lady Names

It turns out there aren’t too many old lady names that start with letters nearing the end of the alphabet. Here are the few we did find for you!

  • Yolanda – While there are some young people named Yolanda today, the appellation has not been widely applied since the 1970s. From Greek, this name means “violet flower”
  • Zelda – Is it time to bring back this diminutive form of Griselda? The name means “gray fighting lady,” so… there’s that!
  • Ziva – An evocative name of Hebrew origin, meaning “life”
  • Zola – A name that spent over 75 years off of the popularity charts, Zola is back today, meaning “earth”

There you go! We hope you adored and feel inspired by these old lady names that would sound just as good for an infant as they would for a grandma. Classic names hold history and famed namesakes past making for fun conversations with your child later in life. We encourage you to go vintage as you will not regret the heaps of charm these appellations bring.

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