Meghan McCain Shares Which Part of Her Body Was ‘So Beautiful’ Before She Became a Mom

Meghan McCain revealed that motherhood has changed her in more ways than one! During an episode of The View this week, the hosts discussed the changes that follow having a child. Many said they wish they would have known about how motherhood changes things before having kids.

No one was more intense about that than McCain who confessed that she wished someone would have told her how breastfeeding would alter her breasts.

Meghan McCain Compared Her Breasts’ Current Shape to an Orca’s Fin on the Talkshow.

After welcoming her daughter, Liberty in September, the host said that feeding her child has really taken a toll on her body.

“My breasts, which used to be so beautiful, now look like an orca’s fin in captivity,” she joked. “It’s gone forever. I just wish someone would have told me. I would have enjoyed them a lot more before breastfeeding. Gone — they’re dead.”

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One always can rely on Whoopi for some good advice who suggested McCain recalibrate the way she looks at her body. “If you think of them as Snoopy noses, it’ll be more fun. If you think of looking down and seeing Snoopy and his nose, it’ll just give you more laughs,” she advised.

Sound advice as ever, Whoopi!

It’s not just an aesthetic issue for McCain who said that she once suffered a miserable episode with mastitis. It found the host up at 1 AM in the morning pumping to try and relieve the discomfort. As her patience wore thin, she explained that reached out to co-host Sunny Hostin, who has two teenage children, to ask for her advice and also to just vent her frustration.

“I was like, ‘I can’t do this. This is so hard; I’m in so much pain,'” she recounted.

However, Megan McCain Learned to Turn to Others for Help from the Mastitis Incident.

Meghan McCain Shares Which Part of Her Body Was 'So Beautiful' Before She Became a Mom
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“Lean on your girlfriends,” she urged other moms watching The View. “Sunny has helped me through a lot of really disgusting things that I don’t feel comfortable sharing on the show, and I’ve just been eternally grateful.”

She also said turning to her mother, Cindy McCain, is something that she does often. Because her mom raised a total of four kids, mama McCain is someone who Meghan asks a lot of questions.  “My mom knows every single answer to every baby question — it’s crazy. Like, Liberty had really bad acid reflux, and my mom was really helpful with it,” she explained to the audience.

Meghan said that Cindy gets a quick out of the fact that Liberty gives Meghan such a hard time because it’s the exact thing Meghan herself did as an infant.

“My mom was laughing so hard. I was like, ‘(Liberty) is so feisty,’ and she’s going, ‘Oh, where’s that come from?’ My mom is finding all of it so wildly entertaining,” Meghan said through laughter. “She’s like, ‘Oh really, is she not listening to you, and she’s feisty?'”

We guess the old saying is true: “what goes around comes right back around and forever alters the shape of your breasts.” We joke, but we wish the best to McCain who is navigating the first months of motherhood. It’s tough, but we know she’s got a crew of amazing women on her side to help her stay on course.

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