175 Popular Mexican Names for Babies

What Mexican names for babies are popular in Mexico and the US today? We looked at a few different sources to discover which Mexican names are the hottest right now. Data from Mexico’s National People Registry, A Pampers survey of Mexican parents, and tracking of Spanish-speaking parents on baby name databases were used to come up with the names on this list. These names come from all over the world, but they have found a home in Mexican hearts today.

As you might expect, most of these Mexican names have Spanish origins while others come from Indigenous Mexican traditions. All of this to say, Mexican names for babies offer tons of variety with an array of influences. Check out the hottest Mexican names!

Mexican Names for Girls

Top Mexican Names That Start with A

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Adelina– Adelina has Spanish origins and means “noble.”
  • Adella – Adella is another form of the name that also means “noble.”
  • Adriana– Adriana has Latin origins as a female form of Adrian, meaning “man of Adria.”
  • Aitana – Aitana is one of the most underused Mexican names, it means “glory.”
  • Alejandra– Alejandra is the Spanish form of Alexandra, a name that means “defending men.”
  • Alicia– Alicia is the Spanish form of Alice and means “noble.”
  • Alondra– Alondra can be a pet form of Alejandra or a Spanish name meaning “lark.”

More Mexican Names That Start with A

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Ana– Ana is the Spanish variation of the Hebrew name Hannah. It means “grace.”
  • Anam– Anam comes from Huasteco tradition and means “Earth.”
  • Ana María– A compound name and Spanish form of Hannah and Mary, meaning “favored grace.”
  • Andrea– Andrea is the female form of the Greek name Andrew, meaning “strong.”
  • Angelina– Angelina is the Spanish diminutive form of Angelina. It means “angel,” which should come as no surprise.

Moving Along Mexican Names Starting with B or C

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Antonia– Antonia comes from Latin and means “priceless one.”
  • Araceli– Araceli is a Spanish name that means “altar of the sky.”
  • Bárbara – Bárbara is a Spanish name for Greek and means “foreign.”
  • Belen – Belen is a Spanish name of Hebrew origin, meaning “Bethlehem.”
  • Belinda – Is a Latinate name that means “beautiful.”
  • Belkis – Belkis is a Spanish name, meaning “pretty girl.”
  • Bianca– Bianca is an Italian and Spanish name that means “white.”
  • Carina – Carina is a name of Spanish origin, meaning “dear one.”
  • Carolina– The Latinate form of Caroline, Carolina means “free man.”
  • Costanza – Costanza is a Spanish name that means “constant.”
  • Cruz– Cruz is a gender-neutral Spanish surname-name that means “cross.”

Mexican Names That Start with E or F

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Elena – Elena is the Spanish form of Helen, meaning “bright, shining one.”
  • Elisa– Elisa is the Spanish form of Elizabeth (see below).
  • Elizabeth– Elizabeth is a name with Hebrew origins that means “pledged to God.”
  • Emelia – A name from Spanish, meaning “flattering.”
  • Esmeralda– Esmeralda is a Spanish gem name meaning “emerald.”
  • Estela – The Spanish form of Stella, meaning “star.”
  • Fernanda– The Spanish form of Ferdinand, meaning “bold voyager.”
  • Francisca– From Latin, Francisca means “free man.”

Mexican Names for Girls That Start with G

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Gabriela– Gabriela is the Spanish form of Gabriel and means “God is my strength.”
  • Gabriella– A different spelling, both are equally popular.
  • Gaudencia – Gaudencia is a Spanish name, meaning “happiness.”
  • Gitana – Gitana is a Spanish name that means “gypsy.”
  • Gloria– Gloria comes from Latin and means “glory.”
  • Gracia – Gracia is a Spanish name for girls, meaning “grace.”
  • Guadalupe– Guadalupe is the most popular name for girls in Mexico and some 800,000 babies have been registered with it since 1930. The name means “valley of the wolves.” The name belongs to the Patron Saint of Mexico.

Moving Along to H, I, or J Mexican Names

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Hermosa – A Spanish name, meaning “beautiful.”
  • Hija – Hija is a Spanish name that means “daughter.”
  • Irma– Irma is a German name but it’s also a variant of many others. It means “universal.”
  • Itzel– Itzel is a Mayan name meaning “Rainbow Lady” and it refers to a mythological figure.
  • Jacinta – Jacinta is the Spanish form of Hyacinth and refers to the flower.
  • Jaimica – Jaimica is the Spanish feminine form of James, meaning “supplanter.”
  • Jimena– Jimena and its variant Ximena (which is also on this list) come from Spanish origin and mean “son.”
  • Josefina– Josefina is the Spanish form of Josephine and it means “Jehovah increases.”
  • Juana– Juana is the female form of Juan, meaning “the Lord is gracious.”

Mexican Names That Start with L

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Lali – Lalis is a Spanish name that means “well-spoken.”
  • Landrada – Landrada is a Spanish name for a girl that means “counselor.”
  • Laneva – A Spanish name for girls that means “the snow.” A perfect name for a winter baby!
  • Leticia– Leticia has Latin origins and means “joy.”
  • Liliana– The Spanish form of Lilian, this name means “lily.”
  • Lola– Lola is a diminutive form of Dolores and means “lady of sorrows.”
  • Lucía– A Latin name meaning “light.”
  • Luisa– Luisa has Spanish and Italian origins and means “renowned warrior.”

Mexican Names That Start with L or M

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Luisina – Luisina is a rare Spanish name, a form of Louis, meaning “famous warrior.”
  • Lupe– Lupe can be considered a diminutive of Guadalupe, which is most often the case in Mexican families, but it is also a standalone Latin name meaning “wolf.”
  • Malena– Malena is related to Madalen or Madeline and means “woman from Magdala” and refers to the Virgin Mary.
  • Margarita– Margarita is a Spanish name that’s related to Margaret and it means “pearl” or “daisy.”
  • Mariana– The Spanish combination of Ana and Maria, Mariana means “grace” and “beloved.”
  • Martha– Martha comes from Aramaic and means “lady.”

Mexican Names that Start with M, Lots of María!

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • María– A Spanish name referring to the Virgin Mary that means
  • María Elena– María + Elena: “shining light.”
  • María Guadalupe– María + Guadalupe
  • María Isabel– María + Isabel: “pledged to God.”
  • María Luisa– María + Luisa

More Mexican Names with María Compounds

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • María de Jesús- María + de Jesús: “of Jesus.” It’s a common family name as well.
  • María de los Ángeles– María + de los Ángeles: “of angels” or “The Virgin with Angels”
  • María del Carmen– A Spanish name meaning “Maria of Carmel.”
  • María del Rosario– A Spanish name meaning “Our Lady of the Rosary.”
  • Maya– Is the retroactively given name to the Maya civilization. However, the Spanish form of this name relates to Amalia, meaning “work.”

Mexican Names Starting with M, P, R, or S

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Miranda– A Latin name meaning “marvelous.”
  • Paca – Paca is a very cute Spanish name that means “free.”
  • Patricia– A name with Latin origins meaning “patrician.”
  • Paz – A straightforward Spanish name for girls that means “peace.”
  • Peppi – Peppi is another delightful Spanish name, meaning “everlasting.”
  • Pilar – Pilar is a Spanish name with religious connotations, meaning “Mary of the Pillar.”
  • Rosa– Rosa is the Latinate form of Rose popular in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.
  • Rosa María– Latin origins, meaning “rosemary.”
  • Sabria – Sabria is a charming Spanish name, meaning “knowledgeable one.”
  • Sierra– Sierra is a name with Spanish origins that means “saw.”

All the Other Mexican Names for Girls

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Silvia– Silvia is the preferred Spanish spelling of a Latin name that means “from the woods.”
  • Teresa– Teresa is a Spanish name meaning “to harvest.”
  • Tere – An alternative Spanish form of Theresa, meaning “to harvest.”
  • Tia – Another wonderful Spanish name, Tia means “aunt.”
  • Trevia – A botanical, Spanish name, meaning “flowering plant.”
  • Verónica– A Latin form of Berenice or the phrase, vera icon. It means
    she who brings victory” and “true image.”
  • Viviana– A Latin name meaning “life.”
  • Ximena– As promised, here’s the other form of Jimena.
  • Yolanda– Yolanda is considered of Spanish or Greek origins, it means “violet flower.”

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Mexican Names for Boys

Mexican Names for Boys That Start with A

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Agapito – A fun Spanish name to say, Agapito means “beloved.”
  • Alejandro– The Spanish preferred form of Alexander is Alejandro, meaning “defending men.”
  • Alonso – A Spanish name from German, meaning “battle-ready.”
  • Ángel– A perennial favorite among Hispanic families, Ángel means “angel”
  • Antonio– The Spanish form of Anothony, Antonio means “priceless one.”
  • Arturo– Arturo is a Spanish name coming from Celtic origins meaning “bear.”
  • Atlahua– From Nahua, Atlahua is a beautiful name that means “owner of water.”

Mexican Names That Start with B, C, or D

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Bautista – A Spanish name, meaning “baptist.”
  • Beltran – A Spanish name from German, meaning “bright raven.”
  • Benjamín– This name comes from Hebrew origins and means “son of the right hand.”
  • Bruno– Bruno is much more popular in Europe and Latin American communities than in the US. It has German origins and means “brown.”
  • Carlos– The Spanish form of Charles, Carlos means “free man.”
  • Carmelo – A Spanish name, related to Carmel, meaning “garden.”
  • Celso – A Spanish name that means “bright.”
  • Daniel– Daniel is a name from Hebrew that’s popular around the world. It means “God is my judge.”
  • David– Another Hebrew favorite worldwide, David means “beloved.”
  • Diego– Diego is the Spanish form of James, meaning “supplanter.”
  • Dimas – A timeless Spanish name, meaning “sunset.”

Mexican Names for Boys That Start with E

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Eduardo – The Latinate form of Edward, Eduardo means “wealthy guardian.”
  • Eladio – A Spanish habitational name, meaning “of Greece.”
  • Emiliano– Popular in Spanish and Italian, Emiliano is a form of Emil, which means “work.”
  • Emmanuel– Emmanual is another name of Hebrew origin. It means “God is with us.” You will find a diminutive form of this name later down the list.
  • Enrique– The Spanish form of Henry, Enrique means “estate ruler.”
  • Esteban– Esteban is a Spanish favorite, a variation of Stephen meaning “garland.”
  • Ethan– Another popular Hebrew name among Mexican parents is Ethan. It means “strong.”

Mexican Names That Start with F or G

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Felipe– A much better form of Philip, Felipe means “lover of horses.”
  • Fernando– The Spanish form of Ferdinand, Fernando means “bold voyager.”
  • Francisco– A form of Francis, Francisco means “free man.”
  • Francisco JavierPatron Saint of his native Navarre, Saint Francisco Javier is still popular centuries later, inspiring many baby boys named for the Apostle to the Far East.
  • Frisco – A Spanish name for boys, meaning “free.”
  • Gabino – A Latinate name, meaning “of Gabium.”
  • Gabriel– A popular Hebrew name among Mexican parents, Gabriel means “God is my strength.”
  • Gael– Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal put this charmer on the map for many parents. The name is popular all over the world. It means “Gaelic.”
  • Gerardo– Of Spanish origin, Gerardo means “spear strength.” Rapper Gerardo Mejía of “Rico Suave” fame is a famous bearer.
  • Guillermo– A Spanish form of William, Guillermo can be spelled a hundred different ways, but for purposes of this list, we chose the most common route. It means “resolute protector.”

Mexican Names That Start with J

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Jaime– A Spanish form of James, Jaime also means “supplanter.”
  • Jairo – A Spanish name from Hebrew, meaning “God enlightens.”
  • Javier– A Spanish variation of Xavier, Javier means “new house” and “bright.”
  • Jesús– Spanish variation of Jesus, from Joshua, meaning “God is Salvation.” Comes with the lovable nickname Chuy, free of charge.
  • Joaquín– The Spanish form of Hebrew Joachim,  Joaquín means “God will judge.”
  • Jorge– The most popular Spanish name for boys in the US, Jorge comes from a Greek name that means “farmer.”
  • José– José is the Spanish form of Joseph. The name means “Jehovah increases.”

Mexican Names that Start with J Continued

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • José Antonio– This combination name is very popular today. It’s actor Antonio Banderas’ full given name: José Antonio Domínguez Bandera.
  • José Luis– José  + “renowned warrior.”
  • Juan– Juan is the Spanish form of John and means “the Lord is Gracious.”
  • Juan Carlos– A combination of two names we have discussed already on this list.
  • Juan Manuel– Put a pin in Manuel (we will discuss further down the list).
  • Julián– The Spanish form of the Latin name Julius which means “youthful.”
  • Julio – Another Spanish form of Julius, meaning “youthful.”

Mexican Names for Boys That Start with L

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Leonardo– A Spanish and Italian form of Leonard, meaning “brave lion.”
  • Liam– You know how we mentioned there are many, many forms of the name Guillermo? Here is one of the most popular options around the world today.
  • Lope – A name from Spanish, meaning “wolf.”
  • Lucas– A Latin name meaning “man from Lucania.”
  • Lucero – A Spanish name from Latin, meaning “bringer of the light.”
  • Luis– Luis means “renowned warrior.”

Mexican Names That Start with M

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Manuel– A popular diminutive form of Emmanuel, Manuel is an amazing option that shares the same meaning: “God is with us.”
  • Marco Antonio– We have discussed Antonio already. Marco is the Spanish form of the Latin name Marcus, meaning “warlike.”
  • Martín– A Latin name also meaning “warlike.”
  • Mateo– The Spanish form of Matthew, meaning “gift of God.”
  • Matías– The Spanish form of Matthias, related to Matthew and also meaning “gift of God.”
  • Miguel– The Poet who gave us Don Quixote, Miguel Cervantes, had a fantastic name. The name is Spanish from Hebrew and means “who is like God?”
  • Miguel Ángel– A Combination of two popular names we have already shared with you. They sound great together, right?
  • Milagro – Milagro is a beautiful Spanish name that means “miracle.”

Mexican Names for Boys That Start with N, P, or R

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Nesto – A Spanish name related to Ernesto, meaning “serious.”
  • Nicolás– This Spanish form of Nicholas comes from Greek and means “people of victory.”
  • Noe – Noe is a Spanish name, meaning “peace.”
  • Novio – A Spanish name for boys, meaning “boyfriend.”
  • Pablo – One of the most popular Mexican names, Pablo means “small” or “borrowed.”
  • Paco – A Spanish name from French, meaning “French man.”
  • Pedro– Pedro is a Spanish form of Peter, a name coming from Greek that means “rock.”
  • Rafael– The Spanish form of Raphael, Rafael also means “God has healed.”
  • Raúl– A Spanish form of the name Ralph which comes from German and means “wolf-counsel.”
  • Ricardo– The Spanish form of Richard, meaning “dominant ruler.”
  • Roberto– Roberto is the Latinate form of Robert, a name meaning “bright fame.”

Mexican Names That Start with S

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Samuel– A name from Hebrew meaning “told by God.”
  • Santiago– Santiago means “Saint James,” and refers to the Patron Saint of Spain.
  • Santos – Santos is a handsome Spanish name, meaning “saints.”
  • Sarito – Sarito is a Spanish name, meaning “ruler.”
  • Sebastián– Originating in Greek, Sebastián means “man from Sebastia.”
  • Sergio – A Latinate name, meaning “sergeant.”
  • Sosimo – A Spanish name for boys that means “surviver.”

Mexican Names That Start with T

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Thiago– A diminutive form of Santiago.
  • Tito – Tito is an energetic Spanish name that means “fire.”
  • Tomás– Originating in Aramaic, Tomás means “twin.”

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Mexican Names That Start with V

175 Popular Mexican Names
  • Vasco – Vasco is a Spanish name for boys, meaning “crow.”
  • Victor– from Latin, Victor means “conquerer.”

What did you think of these popular Mexican names? Find a few worth considering? We sure hope so because there are so many popular Mexican names for parents to love. These names come from all around the world as have people who live in Mexico today. Whether you are looking to celebrate your heritage, or just love Latinate names that are popular in Mexico today, there’s plenty to be inspired by! Happy baby name hunting!

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