Miracle Newborn Born 5 Months Prematurely Nearly Died When Her Underdeveloped Lungs Collapsed After She Cried Too Hard

Miracle Newborn Born 5 Months Prematurely Nearly Died When Her Underdeveloped Lungs Collapsed After She Cried Too Hard

On March 17, Robyn Theaker was born five weeks early and spent her first 11 days of life in the NICU. Now she’s a miracle. During that time Robyn’s condition worsened, her father told the Daily Mail, and x-rays revealed that the little girl had developed holes in her lungs.

And doctors knew why. As it was explained to Robyn’s parents, Kylie and Craig, the baby girl was born so early that her lungs weren’t flexible enough to handle her crying. As a result, too much air got inside of her lungs too fast causing both of her lungs to collapse.


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This meant Robyn had to fight even harder to stay alive. She was placed on oxygen and a feeding tube and her parents described her 11 days in the NICU as “touch and go,” according to the Daily Mail.

Now the proud parents are calling Robyn their miracle baby.

Now three months old, Robyn is enjoying life at home with her two adoring older siblings. And seeing Robyn thrive is even more heartwarming for Kylie and Craig, who lost a daughter named Josie in 2015, who was also born prematurely. “We feel so lucky to have a healthy happy baby. She’s a miracle,” she told the Daily Mail.


“There was a time when we didn’t know if Robyn was going to survive, I was absolutely distraught. I asked the nurses directly if my baby was going to die and they simply did not know. I was sat at her bedside hour after hour, I refused to leave because I was so scared she would be worse when I came back.”

Kylie admitted that watching her daughter have tubes placed into her side to help her lungs recover was “horrible to see.” And to make matters worse, due to COVID-19, Kylie and Robyn were alone for most of the 11 days she was in the NICU.

“Those 11 days alone felt like 11 months. I was really lonely. Normally you would have family to help you through but it was just me and Robyn,” Kylie explained. “My worry for her was completely consuming, there was nothing else on my mind at all. All I could do was be there for her, she must have been in so much pain.”


Now, Kylie and Craig are able to enjoy their newborn from the comfort of their own home as a family of five. And their two oldest children couldn’t have been more excited. “As soon as we walked through the door everyone forgot about me and just crowded around the baby. The kids are obsessed with her. She is such an amazing little baby so I’m not surprised.”

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And the mom of three can’t wait to see what the future holds for Robyn and the rest of their family.

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