Mom Who Gave Birth While in a Coma Recovers from Coronavirus, Holds Baby for the First Time

After Giving Birth While in a Coma, Mom Recovers from Coronavirus, Finally Holds Baby for the First Time

A respiratory therapist who was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus and eventually put into a medically induced coma, gave birth while she was unconscious. Angela Primachenko awoke from the coma 5 days after the birth of her daughter, Ava and would have to wait until she tested negative for coronavirus before she could be with her newborn.

After a harrowing ordeal that endangered both her and her daughter’s life, we’re happy to share that Angela has been reunited with Ava. And, Angela has shared photos!

Angela’s husband and her twin sister are incredibly relieved after Angela was put in a medically induced coma and treated for COVID-19.

As a survivor of COVID-19, Angela feels like a “living miracle.” We must agree, because she not only survived the ordeal, she also gave birth in the middle of her fight with it.

Shortly after getting out of the hospital, but still in quarantine, she shared with KPTV, “I just want to hold her and hug her and love on her and catch up on the first few weeks I missed out on her.”

The time has finally come!

Angela was happy to reunite with her oldest daughter, Emily who is not even a year old after she returned home from the hospital. She was able to see her, but not interact with her closely for days. This mother has been through it!

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Angela shared new pictures of her, finally, getting to hold Ava. The last time she was with her daughter she was in a coma that would help save her life.

Angela shared a picture of her cradling her daughter along with the note, “Crying right now!!! IM COVA FREE!!! And holding my baby girl in my hands!”

It had been two weeks since Ava was born on April 1. Luckily, she was well-cared for at the NICU at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center, the same hospital Angela worked for before falling ill.  

Oksana Luiten, Angela’s sister described the situation to Motherly, saying, “It was truly a miracle.”

“She remembers [after waking from the coma] looking down and not seeing her baby bump, she was scared, but the nurses and staff were the sweetest and they made her an ‘it’s a girl’ sign and they assured her that her little girl was doing well,” Luiten explained.

The twin sisters reunited a couple of days before Angela could be with her baby.

Luiten shared a picture with her sister and wrote, “My twin not only survived Covid-19 but also gave birth while being under an induced coma, I know, we all didn’t even know that’s possible.
Feels surreal posting a picture with Angela next to me. The last two weeks I wasn’t sure if I would ever take a new picture with her.”

“Thank you to EVERYONE for your prayers, it was a dark time, I doubted and questioned my faith and God, I felt so powerless and so fearful and out of control. But that’s how faith grows, going through times of uncertainty and seeing God gently calm my spirt again and again… and now seeing the end… I stand in awe of God. He is good. I can’t wait to meet my little niece Ava,” she concluded.

After spending 17 days in the hospital and what must have felt like a lifetime apart from Ava, Angela now can tell for herself that her daughter is “amazing.”

Angela calls Ava her “little fighter.” We think after being in a coma, being intubated, giving birth, recovering, and then waiting patiently to be with Ava, makes Angela a fighter too!

And shared an update on Instagram, writing, “Our little sunshine is doing amazing!planning to come home this weekend!”

We are so overjoyed for Angela and her entire family. Being pregnant right now is extremely stressful and has many pregnant women and their families worried. Knowing that Angela and her daughter Ava pulled through is inspiring and fills us with so much hope.

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