Meet the Mom Who Gave Life-Saving CPR to Her Newborn While Delivering Triplets

Taking an infant CPR class is completely necessary, but it’s definitely also terrifying because the class requires at least some time spent envisioning the worst possible outcome of a terrible situation. Mom Danielle Johnston found herself in one of those worst-case scenarios last year while giving birth to triplets.

Danielle was still in labor when she realized that one of the babies wasn’t breathing and immediately jumped in to give her newborn daughter CPR. Fortunately, her daughter’s life was saved.

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Meet the Mom Who Gave Life-Saving CPR to Her Newborn While Delivering Triplets | The great news: All three babies are doing well now!
The Johnston Family

Danielle Johnston Gives CPR to Newborn While Still in Labor with Triplets

In mid-July Danielle went into labor while at home in Saskatchewan, Canada. She called for an ambulance but was told that it would be about 45 minutes until it arrived. While waiting for the medics to come, Danielle gave birth to her daughter, whom she named Karlee, but quickly realized she wasn’t breathing. While still in labor with the other two babies, Danielle gave Karlee CPR and saved her life.


The EMTs arrived and took Danielle to the hospital where her two sons, Jack and Liam, were born via C-section. All three babies are doing well. 

Danielle spoke to HuffPost Canada after the ordeal, saying, “I don’t think you have any choice. You just do it.” 


Danielle and her husband, Trevor, are now parents to 7 children. Though this incredible birth story occurred last year, it has recently been making headlines again, likely due to its sheer, timeless impressiveness.

This isn’t the first time Danielle has saved her child’s life. Years earlier, she gave her daughter Kate CPR after she got buried in sand at 10 months. 

After saving her children’s lives not once, but twice, the mom of seven is definitely a hero among us.

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