Mom Went to Sleep Not Knowing Her 7-Year-Old Daughter Was in Danger, When She Woke Up She Saw the Balloon

It was Alexandra Hope Kelly’s 7th birthday just two weeks ago and the day was filled with love, joy, and balloons. The beautiful little girl was someone who had the ability to “put a smile on everyone’s face and brought so much joy and laughter into” her mother’s life.

On October 8, Alexandra’s mother, Channa Kelly, took to Facebook to write a post no mother should have to write. But Channa did so so that no other mother, father, or parent should have to endure the devastation and heartbreak she’s endured over the last two weeks.

According to Channa, when Alexandra was born on September 27, 2016, “all my dreams came true.” She was a curious little girl who loved asking “questions about everything.” 

“She loved arts and crafts of all kinds, swimming at her grandparents’ pool, spending time with her cousin and friends,” Channa wrote on Facebook. “She was an excellent conversationalist and amazed me with her ability to understand and express herself.”

Three days before officially turning 7 years old, Channa through her daughter a birthday party complete with all the best decorations, including a helium-filled 34-inch rainbow mylar balloon in the shape of the number 7. Channa admitted she was “always aware of the choking hazard of latex balloons, but never imagined that there was such a risk regarding these very large Mylar helium-filled balloons.”

Several days after celebrating her 7th birthday, Channa sat with Alexandra as she popped the balloons for her birthday party. And that’s when tragedy struck. 

“I would have never imagined that she would have been able to fit this balloon over her head. I went to my bedroom unaware of any dangers with this type of balloon. I fell asleep briefly and when I woke up I found my daughter face down on the living room floor where I had left her. I thought for a second that she fell asleep but then noticed the Mylar balloon was around her head. I quickly removed the balloon, called 911, and began CPR right away,” Channa wrote. 

Balloon mom birthday

“I asked the 911 operators to remind of the steps of CPR because it had been so long since my last certification and I didn’t want to mess up. A police officer arrived and took over CPR followed by firefighters and paramedics.” 

Despite working as hard as they could to bring Alexandra back, “their attempts to revive her were unsuccessful. I cried hysterically and was in utter shock and disbelief of what had just occurred, that my daughter and only child was actually gone.” 

Balloon mom birthday

As Channa continued, she told Facebook that “on Sunday, October 1st my entire world collapsed around me all because I was unaware of the the risk surrounding these types of balloons.” At this time, it is still unknown what exactly caused her daughter’s unexpected death. 

“It is unknown whether she passed away from helium poisoning or suffocation. We are currently awaiting the preliminary results for the final determination of her cause of death. I was told that this could take up to 4 to 6 months.”

Balloon mom birthday

In the end, Channa admitted that she is sharing her and her daughter’s story in hopes of bringing awareness and education to parents about the dangers of not only latex balloons but also Mylar balloons. “I hope and pray that this will prevent and save the lives of other children. I wouldn’t want anyone else to experience the pain and devastation that the loss of a child brings.”

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