This Is What Happens When You Accidentally Leave Voice-to-Text On While Changing a Diaper

After changing approximately 1,000 diapers, you can’t blame a parent for getting a little distracted during the process. That’s exactly what happened to a mom when she had to change her son’s diaper as she was in the middle of leaving a comment on Reddit. She accidentally left her phone’s voice-to-text feature on mid-comment, which led to an unexpected, poop-filled tangent in this Reddit thread.

Reddit user Myshkinia was initially responding to a thread about rude coworkers when she had to take a break to change her son’s diaper. However, since her phone was still on the voice-to-text feature, it picked up her poop-filled commentary and posted it to Reddit.

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In the middle of her response to the initial thread, the comment takes an unexpected turn: “… do we have a poop uhoh poop poop poop poop poop poop. We have a poop poop poop…” Fatherly counted, and the word “poop” was used over 40 times in the nearly-half-page response.

Other gems include: “I love you my poopy boy,” and “We did a good job poopy boy you stink.”


The mom eventually realized her error, responding, “Jesus Christ…accidental talk to text during a diaper change. I have to get him down. I’ll finish this comment in a bit!”

Reddit users were not offended by the tangent, responding with things like, “This has made my day. Mom life for sure. You should keep this forever.” Another wrote, “If anybody needs to know what motherhood is like, this is it. In a nutshell. Perfect.” 

The whole thing just proves that distractions are a normal and often hilarious result of parenting. Plus, it’s a reminder to us all to check our technology every now and then to make sure we aren’t doing something accidentally embarrassing.

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