Mom Shares Photo of Her Breastfeeding Daughter at the Thanksgiving Table, Encouraging Other Breastfeeding Moms to Not Be Discouraged

Melissa Ostroth is a lactation specialist, who runs the Facebook page known as Milkitivity. And she recently started gaining people’s attention with a Facebook post she shared showing a picture of herself breastfeeding her child at the dinner table.

On November 20, Ostroth took to Facebook to share some of the comments and questions moms who breastfeed may get over the holiday season and how those moms should respond.

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Breastfeeding Mom Says Breastfeeding Women Shouldn’t Have to Leave the Dinner Table to Feed Their Child

Some of the comments and questions read, “Isn’t your baby too old to be breastfeeding? Your baby is breastfeeding again you must not be making enough. You better not eat the green beans it will make your baby gassy. You can’t drink that glass of wine while breastfeeding.” Ostroth continued:

“You’re weaning soon right? Just let the baby cry it’s good for their lungs. You’re holding your baby too much you’re going to spoil it. If you just supplemented you wouldn’t feel like such a cow.

Please don’t breastfeed without a cover. You need to go to a private room. Just give your 3-month-old a taste of pumpkin pie. I did with all my kids. You really need to put your baby on a schedule. You need to give the baby a bottle so others can feed and bond with the baby.”

And, as Ostroth explained, each one of those comments and questions could be answered in the same way, by a mom saying, “Uhhh no.”

The initial post went viral with thousands of likes and shares. However, as a result of going viral, Ostroth also had to deal with a few haters, who she addressed in a second Facebook post.

“I recently had a post go viral about breastfeeding during the holidays. I received so many comments claiming I should respect myself and others and either wear a cover or go to a private room if breastfeeding around family. Especially at the dinner table and with a child at the age of 2.”

The mom of two responded to the haters by sharing a photo of herself breastfeeding her 2-year-old daughter at the Thanksgiving table “right before she digs into her turkey dinner while sitting next to my mother, oldest daughter, and brother.”

Ostroth continued by reiterating to her followers, and haters, that breastfeeding moms “do not need to hide” when feeding their child.

“No matter their age or where you are at. Breastfeeding does not need to be a private act anymore. … Breastfeeding mothers need to be encouraged not discouraged. They need to feel comfortable, not shamed. They need to feel accepted not excluded. Breastfeed your children when they want to, whether that’s at the mall or at Thanksgiving dinner.”

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Ostroth told CafeMom that she decided to share both posts because of the stories she’s heard from women she’s worked with and from her own experiences as well. The mom points out that being forced to sit in a room while others are enjoying the holiday fun can be “very depressing and isolating.”

Ostroth said she hopes her posts are encouraging to moms and will encourage others to be more accepting of mothers who breastfeed.

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