Mortified Mom-to-Be Shares Embarrassing (But Also Pretty Funny) Story of Her Incredibly Awkward Pelvic Exam with a ‘Gorgeous’ Doctor

A pelvic exam story for the history books!

Every woman is different, but one thing’s for sure: your body goes through all kinds of fun (and crazy!) changes during pregnancy. In this case, one pregnant woman, who found that she was “waaaaay more sensitive in my nether regions,” recently went to the doctor for a pelvic exam. The visit ended unexpectedly when she orgasmed during the exam.

The woman turned to Reddit to share her story in a now-deleted post, writing, “I can orgasm 3-4 times during basic penetrative sex (makes my husband feel like a rockstar), which is something that did not happen to me pre-pregnancy. I have always had a pretty healthy libido, but during pregnancy (well after the hellish first trimester at least), it has been out of the freaking roof.”

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Mom-to-be embarrasses herself in front of her OBGYN when she has a ‘happy ending’ during pelvic exam.

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While these happy endings have been mostly happening at home, the woman shared that her doc wanted to give her a pelvic exam at her recent appointment because she’s experienced some complications.

Everything was totally fine, except her doctor is “straight-up gorgeous” she wrote.

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“And while I generally identify as a heterosexual, this woman could definitely make me reconsider that (especially with all these crazy pregnancy hormones),” she continued. “This fact makes the whole experience a lot more horrifying.”

While she was laying there on the table she “knew it was going to happen.” She tried to stop it, she wrote but she had “obviously had an orgasm” during the exam.

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“I just about died from embarrassment on the table,” she wrote in her post. “I considered honorable suicide via speculum.”

Her doctor was very professional about the whole thing, even telling her that “this happens all the time.”

But that didn’t stop the mom-to-be from feeling very embarrassed. In response to her Reddit post, though, many commenters noted that it does actually happen every once in a while.  

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“OBGYNs have dealt with this and faaaaar worse. You’ll do great,” one wrote.

Others though were pretty horrified by the whole thing.

“That’s it. Never getting pregnant,” someone wrote. “Lol I’m sorry that happened to you but at least everything is ok.”

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And as another pointed out, this certainly won’t be the most embarrassing thing that she does in front of her doc.

“Don’t worry, you’re gonna crap on her during delivery, so this will not be the most embarrassing thing ever,” someone kindly pointed out.

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