My Mother-in-Law Threatened to Call CPS Because My Daughter Wore Mismatched Socks: Any Advice?

A mom writes in looking for advice about a rough situation. She says her mother-in-law, who is always on her case, has recently taken things to new extremes by threatening to call CPS. For what reason, you may ask? Because the mom’s daughter wore mismatched socks.

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A member of the community asks:

“My mother -in=law is always trying to get a rise out of me. Now her latest: She said she will call CPS on me because my daughter wears mismatched socks and I give her a bath every other night rather than every night.

I am a working mother and I am exhausted trying to provide the best life possible and now she is trying to give me more to worry about. My daughter has never been neglected. My husband doesn’t see the big deal but threatening me over something small like mismatched socks seems really petty, and I think it will drive me to worry now that she will call if she keeps seeing my daughter. I am already so stressed.”

Mamas Uncut Community Member

Let’s see what the community had to say.

Put Your Mother-in-Law in Her Place


“Stop your mother-in-law from seeing her if all she does is make trouble.”

“Keep her and your kids the hell away from her! She is toxic to you so move as far away as possible! Good Luck.”

“Buy her a broomstick and tell her to f*** off.”

“Keep your child away from her. She is trying to make trouble.”

Call Your Mother-in-Law’s CPS Bluff


“I’d tell her to call CPS. I’d even dial the phone for her.”

“Tell her to call CPS in front of you, and if she doesn’t (she won’t as she doesn’t have a leg to stand on), then tell her that YOU will call the cops on her for harassment.”

“Laugh in her face because that’s what CPS will do!”

“This lady is crazy. They sell mismatched socks, duh!! Tell her to go ahead and call, they’ll just prove you’re a good mother & maybe they’ll reprimand her for wasting their time!!!”

“I’d dial the number and hand her the phone.”

“Let her call CPS. They’ll laugh like hell about her calling for mismatched socks. And if someone threatened to call CPS on me they would be cutoff from seeing my kids.”

Ignore Her


“Just ignore her. It will drive her crazy that she can’t get a rise out of you. Your husband should also be dealing with his crazy mom!”

“I used to have the same problem. Just walk away and act like you didn’t hear her. Believe me, she will stop. At least in front of you.”

Tell Your Husband to Get His People in Line


“Tell your spineless husband to tell his mother what to do: Vamoose!”

“Your husband needs to intervene with his mother! Once he married you, you and now also the children are his priority. You both need a united front. Change your phone number and tell her to mind her own business or else she will be disowned and she will never speak to or see her grandchildren again. Talk about a sword in her side. Tell her to call CPS. They will laugh in her face over that petty bull crap. Then you and your husband need to have a date night. Once she goes without the connection with your husband or the grandchildren, it will be the law for her to keep her mouth shut and you and your husband run your own household.”

“Tell her father to bath her on the nights you don’t… Every time at the right time! And tell him to sort her socks, along with the rest of her laundry, and put it away. He’ll soon see your point of view, I bet!”

“Nothing like mismatched socks makes you unfit. Your husband needs to talk to his mother and tell her to back off.”

Protect Yourself


“Record. Everything. Save and play if and when that time comes.”

In Conclusion


The community seems to agree that the OP’s mother-in-law is way out of line. We love the idea of calling her bluff because it does seem highly, highly unlikely she would actually follow through on calling CPS if given the chance. And even if she did, what would they do? They would be furious with her for wasting their time on such a trivial matter. Once you call her bluff, it will be very hard for her to hold that particular threat over your head, since you know she’s all talk and no action.

We also agree that the OP’s husband needs to step up and address the situation. He should not be OK with his family being threatened in such a way, and his mother is his responsibility in this situation.

In the end, mama, know that you’ve done nothing wrong. You have no reason to fear CPS. We wish you the best of luck solving your mother-in-law drama.

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