My Neighbors Randomly Stopped Talking to Us: What Should I Do?

A mom writes in asking for advice. Her neighbors randomly stopped talking to them and she doesn’t know why. Their kids played together frequently. After a meltdown, her neighbors don’t look at or talk to them anymore, even though it was over a year ago. She doesn’t know if she should go over and talk to them or leave it alone. Any advice for this mom?

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A member of the community asks:

“So I just had a house built last year and the neighbors that moved in across from us are odd. We talked to them once and our kids liked to play together. But one day my six-year-old had a meltdown and didn’t want to listen to what the neighbor said. This was like a year ago. It has never happened since.

But the neighbors refuse to look at us and will not even acknowledge us if we say hi. If I am outside they will go inside. Should I confront them and ask what happened and why they are acting this way? Or would it be best to leave it alone?”

– Mamas Uncut Community Member

Community Advice for This Mom with Weird Neighbors

To see what advice the Mamas Uncut Facebook community has for this mom in need, read the comments of the post embedded below.

Advice Summary


Advice for this mom was split. Some thought it was weird that the neighbors randomly stopped talking to them, while others did not. One said, “Leave it alone. It’s their problem, not yours.” Another commenter agreed, “I’d leave it alone. Not all neighbors are friendly.” One commented, “I would have brought this up a year ago. No point in bringing it up now.”

Some commenters offered suggestions on what to do. One shared, “I would send my kid over with cookies and a handwritten letter with an invitation to dinner and wine to rebuild the bridge.” Another suggested, “I would ask in a friendly way it could be a misunderstanding. If you were good friends it’ll be nice to get that back. If they don’t want to socialize then it’s no loss to you.”

Other commenters gave more advice. One advised, “Honestly if my child had meltdowns at someone’s place I would apologize. If you already have, maybe try inviting her and family over for a cookout or if you are keen on baking, bake her something.” One commenter suggested to go over on Halloween while out trick or treating to see what happens.

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