I Have Postpartum Depression, and My Medication Isn’t Helping. What Should I Do?

A mom struggling through postpartum depression is worried that the medication prescribed to her isn’t working. She wants to know if other moms have gone through the same situation, and if so, what they did to battle through the depression.

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A member of the Mamas Uncut Facebook community asks:

“I’m 2 weeks postpartum and have been diagnosed with postpartum depression. I’ve been prescribed Celexa, but it doesn’t seem to be helping at all. I’ve been on it for a week. I’m so nervous I can not care for my baby. I am having my mother and grandmother do most of the care for her. What else can I do to help with this intense fear and anxiety?”

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Members of the community swooped in with some very good advice to consider. Take a look at a few of the suggestions below.

Give the Medication More Time

“Give it a little more time. It takes a few weeks to get in your system. Don’t stop taking it. Hang in there!”

“Some medications can take up to 6 weeks. Give it time, mama. It will get better. Be sure to have some ‘you time.’ It will get better. You’ve already taken a step in the right direction to make yourself better.”

“CBD oil helps me so much. Also, Celexa can take longer than a week to start working.”

“Celexa is gonna take weeks to work, up to 8 weeks.”

Consider Additional Remedies (But Talk to Your Doctor First, of Course)

“Try CBD oil!!!”

“Walks!! I’ve been doing Target walks for months now, I love Target. It feels like therapy for me! But seriously though!”

“Ask about a different antidepressant. Celexa only made it worse on me. After my second they put me on fluoxetine (Prozac) for depression AND anxiety. It helped tremendously. Also, CBD helps. Praying for you momma. It’s rough sometimes, but I promise it’ll get better!”

“Find a chiropractor in your area that works in NeuroLink. Seriously my life saver. She cured my PPD. Sounds crazy, but seeing my chiropractor was the best decision I made for myself postpartum.”

Therapy Is Always an Option

“Have you talked to a professional? They can help you with the anxiety & fear you are feeling!  Minute by minute. I pray wellness for you, dear. The best advice I can give you. Don’t guilt yourself & rush yourself better. It takes time. Babies are hard on the body & hormones!”


As always, there’s just so much wonderful advice from the community! We definitely want to highlight the many comments advising the original poster to give the medicine more time. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, Celexa can take up to 6-8 weeks to work, though some patients may notice improvements in as little as 1-2 weeks.

In the end, we say keep your doctor updated about your condition. S/he should be able to work with you to adjust dosages (if necessary), try a different medication (if necessary), and/or come up with other possible solutions. Lastly, a point we need to stress: Don’t stop taking your prescription unless instructed to by your doctor!

We wish you the best of luck, Mama!

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