Advice on How to Travel for the First Time With Your New Baby

A new mom is gearing up to travel with her baby for the first time and is overwhelmed trying to figure out how to bring everything she needs.

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A member of the Mamas Uncut Facebook community asks:

Looking for advice. A friend suggested we get away for the weekend with her 2-month-old and my 1-year-old. Logistically, this feels VERY hard / not fun(?). In fairness, we haven’t traveled yet with our own year old (first flight this month), but that aside, I don’t know how one human could lug a stroller, a car seat, a stroller seat, a pack n play, luggage, and the baby. For those who’ve done it, help?

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Let’s see what the community had to say about this question.

You Don’t Need as Much Stuff as You Think

“Lmao don’t bring all that. We have traveled with our now 4-year-old 4 times on 3 long flights and 1 shorter flight. I wore the baby and didn’t bring a stroller or pack-and-play. I requested one from the hotel. On the first trip I even cloth diapered lol. I checked our car seat. Packed light.”

“We’ve traveled with our 1-year-old. She did amazing. None of all that lugging stuff around. We had one backpack carrier and she just slept where convenient.”

“I have no idea what half of those things you have said are, but honestly, if you’re only going away for the weekend (to me that’d 2-3 days), then it wouldn’t be so bad? Find out where you’re going? Pack a few changes of clothes for each person, all of which can easily fit into a suitcase. Get a couple of baby carriers, rent a couple of prams (strollers) and go explore?
Holidaying with kids is always going to be stressful, but just chill and enjoy yourself.”

“If you’re only going away for the weekend, do you really need a car? So no car seat. Not sure what a stroller seat is, but I don’t see why you’ need one if you have a stroller. All hotels will provide a porta-cot for a little extra, or sometimes it’s not even any extra money to use one. You shouldn’t need much luggage if you’re only going for the weekend. Put the baby in the stroller, pop the baby bag on the handle and carry the bag of luggage on your back. Done.”


Maybe You’re Not Ready to Travel Just Yet

“Just stay home. Less stressful!”

“Maybe not a good time to travel yet, maybe a spa day in town!”

“I would wait. Little ones get irritated easily.”


Helpful Tips for Traveling With Baby

“I traveled to Florida with a one-year-old. We kept the stroller in the car so that was easy-peasy. Our pack-and-play had that sleeve thing it goes in, so we packed it up and just tossed it in the trunk. We left at bedtime, so she slept almost the whole time. During the day it was off and on, so it did throw her schedule off the first night. But we would entertain her in the backseat, switching back and forth, and get out to stretch/eat. It was a 16-hour drive.”

“If you aren’t driving, you don’t need a car seat. Call your car rental place ahead of time and one will be provided, so you won’t need to take yours. I don’t know why you would need ALL the things you named anyway. What is a stroller seat and why would you need one if you already have a stroller? Also, it’s not hard at all to carry the baby and the carry-on and collapse the stroller and attach to your suitcase with a small bungee cord for transport through the airport to be easily pulled behind you. Hotels provide cribs or pack-and-plays. Simply call ahead. It’s not that serious really. You just have to plan well. If you are driving, it’s even easier. Load it all into the car and use a luggage cart once you arrive at the hotel to haul it all in.”

“If you plan on traveling, you can talk to the hotel rooms and they will possibly give you a crib for free. The only thing you would possibly have to do is pay a small fee which would be worth it.”

“I’ve done it by myself with a toddler and infant. You just do it.”


So much good advice!

The community seems to think that, first of all, you don’t need to take absolutely everything with you. For one thing, you can get or rent many of the products once you get to your destination, which should make the “lugging” part easier. For another, carefully consider what you actually need for such a short trip. Don’t bring what you don’t need. Your stuff will be waiting for you when you get back.

It could also be that the original poster is just not ready to travel. But at the same time, “just doing it” can help you get over that hump. Conversely, if you put off trying to get out with your baby, it can make the whole ordeal seem even harder. We think the original poster has it in her to make this trip happen. You won’t be alone, and you will learn a lot about how you want to travel with your child going forward.

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