Woman Says Mother-In-Law Tried to Stop Her From Getting Epidural By Texting Her Husband and Telling Him to Stop Her

While using her husband’s phone to clean up his inbox, his mom texted his phone. According to the wife, the text discussed a private conversation they had a week earlier about her decision to have an epidural.

According to the wife, who aired her grievances in a since-deleted Reddit post, the conversation was about her, and the birth plan she had set up for herself. According to the post, which was shared by CafeMom, the mother-in-law was against her plan to have an epidural when she went into labor.

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Mom Says Mom-In-Law Tried to Stop Her From Getting Epidural

Mother-In-Law Tries to Stop Daughter-In-Law From Getting an Epidural

The post read, “Dear Husband is showering and left his phone out so I can clean up his email inbox.” The Reddit user continued:

“And [my mother-in-law] texted him: ‘Dear Husband going back to the conversation we had last Friday, I strongly believe you shouldn’t let “donepotato” get an epidural. As a mother she is supposed to be able to take the pain. Look how [Dear Son 1] behaves, that is due to the epidural and the long term mental effects those drugs have. You do not want [Dear Son 2] behaving that way. Please please be a man and do not allow her to get one.'”

Upset by her mother-in-law’s words, the Reddit user wrote, “My body, my rules!!” The user described her son as “hyper” and “healthy.”

“He’s a little wild and stubborn; won’t hug or interact with people he doesn’t know well and independent. He’s also 2 years old!!!” She went on to explain that her mother-in-law, her daughter, and her other daughter-in-law all had epidurals during their labors.

She wondered, “Why the [expletive] am I supposed to ‘take the pain?'” Now she’s left wondering if she should confront her mother-in-law or simply wait to see if her husband actually says something to her.

Mom Says Mom-In-Law Tried to Stop Her From Getting Epidural

Some of the comments pulled by CafeMom show that many of the commenters told the mom that she doesn’t have to explain herself to her mother-in-law. “No, you don’t confront her because you don’t owe her any explanation of your medical decisions.”

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“You do confront your husband, and you make it clear he needs to tell her that your medical decisions are none of her d–n business and that she needs to keep her trap shut unless her advice is solicited.”

Another person wrote, “So why is your husband having a conversation with his mother about your medical procedures? Why does she feel safe bringing that up to him? The phone call is coming from inside the house.”


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