Mom Blogger Shares an Open Letter to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Following Their Decision to Step Back From Royal Family—’I Know How Scary It Is’

The world’s response to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s decision to step back as senior members of the Royal Family has seemingly been divided.

While some have one opinion, others respect the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their decision to become financially independent.

Mom Shares Message to Meghan and Harry, She Understands

A mom blogger and author, known on Facebook as Baby Sideburns, is one of those people who support Harry and Meghan. She supports them because she and her husband made a similar decision after starting their family together.

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“Dear Harry and Meghan,” the blogger began. “Ten and a half years ago, my hubby and I made a huge decision. One of the biggest decisions of our lives. When we had our daughter Zoey, we both left our careers behind. Was it safe? Not at all. Was it scary? Soooo scary.”

However, while the decision may have been big and scary, the mom admits that “it was THE most right decision we have ever made.” She continued:

“Now I’m a blogger and an author and my hubby started his own business and we work for ourselves and even though we work really really REALLY hard and make less than we would have in our old careers, our life is what WE want it to be. There were plenty of scary years when we didn’t know where our paychecks would be coming from or whether our risky plan was going to work but we hung in there. Like you will.”

The author added that while Prince Harry and Meghan “might have more to fall back on” than they did, she understand how scary “it is leaving the safety and security of what you know behind.”

She wrote, “All the headlines I’m seeing say the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are stepping back, but I think they should say something else—the Mom and Dad of Archie are stepping up.”

“Congratulations on making one of the biggest best most terrifying most exciting decisions of your life. I hope ten and half years from now you too can look back and without a doubt know you did the right thing,” Baby Sideburn concluded.

Moms Write Open Letters to Harry and Meghan Following Decision to Step Away

And this mom isn’t the only one proud of Harry and Meghan’s decision. In an opinion piece written by Kate Maltby for CNN, she also agreed with their choice to take a step back. Although Maltby made the point that it’s unclear just how financially independent the couple will be, she wrote, in part:

Mom Shares Message to Meghan and Harry, She Understands

“So, when the first news reports began to surface on Wednesday that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be quitting the royal family, I wanted to cheer for them. In February of last year, I wrote a piece for CNN arguing that the two should quit. The British monarchy is an outdated system whose suffocating protocols would drive any sane person mad — especially an independent person like Meghan Markle, who is used to having her own voice and her own career. Good for her and Harry for quitting.”

And another mom, Teresa Fitzherbert, took her opinion to The Telegraph where she warned Harry about raising Archie in California. According to their statement, Harry and Meghan also plan to split their time between England and North America. Fitzherbert wrote, in party:

“I hear that you’re quitting The Firm to spend more time in North America. How marvelous. If that means moving to California to be nearer Meghan’s mother, good for you! The weather certainly beats Balmoral. 

However, as someone who recently moved to San Francisco with a young baby, I can tell you that parenting among the super-duper-rich West Coast elite can be somewhat baffling. So, from one British parent to another, I thought I’d give you a few tips.”

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She then laid out all the different lifestyle choices being made in San Fransisco compared to the once normally in Britain.

But while people all over have fastly different opinions about Harry and Meghan’s choices, one thing is clear, everyone is doing what they can to be the best parents to their children. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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