Mom Sucks In Her Baby Bump For a New Viral Tik Tok Challenge...And People Need to Understand It's Perfectly Safe

Mom Sucks In Her Baby Bump For a New Viral TikTok Challenge…And People Need to Understand It’s Perfectly Safe

One expectant mom is blowing everyone’s minds with the new “ultimate baby bump challenge.” Essentially a woman has to suck in her baby bump to make it look like her belly was “deflating” so that she isn’t, in fact, expecting.

And Megan Elizabeth Call is believed to be the one to have won this baby bump challenge. In the video, you can see Call’s husband bending down to pretend to pull a plug out of her belly.

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And that’s when Call “deflates” her bump to unbelievable proportions.

Take a look:


the ultimate baby bump challenge???? ##pregnant ##fyp ##pregnancy ##23weekspregnant

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“And that’s on having incredible pelvic floor and abdominal wall control,” one commenter wrote. “I just vocally said wait what,” said another.


our life in 10 seconds???? ##pregnant ##hawaii ##pregnancy ##babiesoftiktok

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And while most people were stunned, entertained, and thoroughly impressed by Call’s crazy talent, many also were concerned if the expectant mom was harming her unborn baby by sucking in her bump. And as The Bump reported back in 2017, it is all perfectly safe.

“The technique, called the Belly Pump, is part of the Bloom Method, a fitness routine designed specifically for women who are pregnant, postpartum or trying to conceive. Started by Brooke Cates, CPT, CES, HHC, CRS, the goal is to increase strength, properly engage the pelvic floor muscles (think: kegels) and promote speedy recovery after delivery. What you’re seeing in these ‘disappearing bump’ videos are core strengthening exercises.

The Bump

Here is a video demonstrating the exercise in a more serious manner.

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We love seeing athlete @angigreene add correct core activation exercises to her pregnancy. We call this exercise TBM's Deep Core Hold and recommend that all our mamas do this during pregnancy, along with several of our other deep core techniques. Exercises like this one provide endless benefits that support your body during & post pregnancy. Making sure to add some PF awareness to the exercise (both a softening & strengthening) will also help to build a better relationship with your PF decreasing your chance of incontinence & prolapse. Let's shift the way we see these "normal" pregnancy related issues. Diastasis Recti, PF issues, low back pain, hernias, extremely long pushing times, slow recovery post birth- these are ALL things that can be prevented when adding correct core exercises + being willing to shift core specific movement patterns while pregnant. Let's start approaching our pregnancies as a time to get stronger & more in touch with our bodies not an excuse to sit around and do the opposite. Pregnancy is incredibly empowering if you allow it to be! . . . . . . #fitbump #fitpregnancy #bellypump #thebloommethod #birthprep #boulderbirth #bouldermom #athletes #prenatal #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancyfitness #pregnancyexercise #prenatalfitness #prenatalworkout #prenatalexercise #fitness #birth #babybump #expecting #labor #diaphragmaticbreathing #boulder #bouldercolorado

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As The Bloom Method wrote on Instagram, “We call this exercise TBM’s Deep Core Hold and recommend that all our mamas do this during pregnancy, along with several of our other deep core techniques. Exercises like this one provide endless benefits that support your body during and post-pregnancy.”

And the couple ended up responding to the hate with yet another priceless video:


bc of all the hate, we pumped the belly back up????##pregnant ##couples ##pregnancy

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How amazing is the human body?

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