New Mother Horrified After Giving Birth To Placenta 2 Months After Baby

A new mother shared her shocking story on TikTok the week before last when she revealed to her viewers that her placenta was left inside her for 2 months.

22-year-old Tori McCain revealed she began birthing her placenta after having her first child two months prior.

Mother Horrified After Birthing Placenta 2 Months After Baby
Image via TikTok

It all began when she starting feeling intense cramping in her stomach while at her mother-in-law’s house.

McCain then ran to the bathroom where she felt something “drop” in her uterus. It was then she called to her husband to ask him to take a look.

And while there was absolutely something down there — neither of them were sure what. McCain described it as “a piece of tissue hanging out of me,” which freaked them both out.

Her mother-in-law then joined them in the bathroom to also take a look.

Mother Horrified After Birthing Placenta 2 Months After Baby
Image via TikTok

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Her mother-in-law attempted to remain calm but told them to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Just minutes later, they were on their way with McCain in the passenger seat “freaking out.” 

“[I kept] thinking my insides were falling out, and also thinking I was gonna die,” she shared in her now-viral TikTok.

And that is where McCain was examined by a doctor who used a few “scary” tools to pull out the piece of tissue.

Mother Horrified After Birthing Placenta 2 Months After Baby
Image via TikTok

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And that is when the doctor delivered the shocking news. “It appears that your delivery doctor left a piece of your placenta in your uterus,” the doctor informed her.

McCain was amazed she did not somehow die of sepsis. All the cramping had been her body going into labor for the second time, attempting to expel the remaining placenta an entire two months later.

According to the International Journal of Women’s Health, it is called a “retained placenta,” and the body does not expel the placement naturally (typically happens within 30 minutes of the baby’s delivery.)

And while it is rare, it very serious, occurring in just 1% to 3% of deliveries and sometimes leading to death. Thankfully, McCain was not involved in that statistic.

Watch the full video below!


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