Charming Names That Mean Hope for Girls and Boys

The times we find ourselves in can feel chaotic and uncertain. New parents are turning to baby names that mean hope to impart a sense of optimism and good fortune for their little ones today more than ever before. If you’re looking for a meaningful name that embodies a sense of positivity and good nature, turn to appellation with roots that foster hope.

We wanted to round up the best names that mean hope from around the world for you to consider for your little one on the way. Many of them will be familiar to you, although you might not have known that they mean “hope,” while others will be new and offer new opportunities and possibilities for your child’s name. Take a look at our favorites below!

Exciting Names That Mean Hope for Girls


Names That Mean Hope

Esperanza is a Spanish classic that’s made its way onto the national popularity list in recent years. This magical name means “hope” or “expectation.” Notably, Esperanza is the name of the main character in the novel The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, about a young Latina girl growing up in Chicago.


Names That Mean Hope

Hope is a virtue name that was once popular among the Puritans. The name still finds plenty of favor today. It has performed well since records for baby names began in the US in 1880. It’s easy to understand why this inspirational name has enjoyed such a long run.


Names That Mean Hope

Nadia has been a popular name for girls in the US since the seventies. That should come as no surprise as the name is a multicultural hit with Slavic and Arabic origins. The name can mean “hope” but in Arabic, its meaning is considered “tender.” All-in-all a very good option.


Names That Mean Hope

Hila is an appellation with both Hebrew and Pashto origins that can be pronounced HILL-ah or HEE-lah. Dealer’s choice! This very versatile name can mean “halo” or “hope.” You will find this name spelled in a variety of ways including Hilla or Hilah or Heela. It’s one of the most attractive names that mean hope on this list.


Names That Mean Hope

Are you searching for a name with a little more pizzazz? Taraji would be an excellent option for a baby girl. It’s an alternative form of Taraja (which is also fantastic). This name is of Swahili origin and means “hope.”


Names That Mean Hope

Amal is an attractive unisex name with a wonderful meaning that has long been used in many Middle Eastern countries, especially Lebanon. Amal is of Arabic origin and means “hope” or “inspiration.” Amal is one of our very favorite names that mean hope and we wish to hear more of it in the coming years.


Names That Mean Hope

Tikvah is a name for girls celebrated by religious Jews for its connection to “Hatikva,” the Jewish national anthem. Tikvah has Hebrew origins and means “hope.” We could all use more of that in the months to come! Tikvah is one of the most colorful names that mean hope on this ist.


Names That Mean Hope

Asha is an Indian name that comes from the Sanskrit word for “hope” or “desire,” but it is also a Swahili name derived from Aisha, meaning “life.” Asha has appeared in the US top 1000 baby names list a few times in the early 2000s, but it’s since fallen off the charts. Let’s keep the love for this gorgeous name going!


Names That Mean Hope

Evangeline is a name of Greek origin that means “bearer of good news.” It’s one of the best names that mean hope that’s staged a comeback in recent years, being rescued from obscurity and signed onto birth certificates at a fast clip today.


Names That Mean Hope

Chloe is another name from Greek. It has a charming meaning in “young, green shoot.” Yes, this name that essentially means “sprout,” has a fresh yet timeless appeal that many parents are drawn to today.


Names That Mean Hope

Nadine is one of the French names that mean hope on this list. It’s related to the Slavic name, Nadia. Nadine was once a very popular choice in the 1920s and 1930s but it has since fallen out of fashion. We think this vintage choice deserves a revival.


Names That Mean Hope

Elpis is an Ancient Greek name that comes from mythology and refers to the hope that’s left inside Pandora’s box. It’s never been a popular choice in the US but it does have plenty of potential. Another form of this name is Elpida and both share the same hopeful root.


Names That Mean Hope

Zora is an inspiring literary heroine appellation honoring Zora Neale Hurston, an important black writer, and leader of the Harlem Renaissance. Zora is a multicultural hit and you will find it in a number of naming traditions including Slavic, Arabic, and many languages spoken throughout Africa. The name means “dawn.”

Names That Mean Hope for Boys


Names That Mean Hope

Spero is a name with untapped potential in the US. This attractive name has an equally attractive meaning from Latin in “I hope.” We hope that new parents consider this name more often in the new year.

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Names That Mean Hope

Arman is a multicultural hit with roots in a variety of naming traditions. Most scholars have concluded that the name originated in Persian or Kazakh but you will also find this name in Russian and Israeli tradition. The name means “wish” or “hope.”


Names That Mean Hope

Raja is a unisex name with both Arabic and Sanskrit origins that will be familiar to most as the name of a tiger in Disney’s Aladdin. Raja has a fabulous ring to it and means “hope” or “ruler.”


Names That Mean Hope

A rare Finnish import, Toivo is pronounced toy-vo. It was in the US top 1000 names for boys in the earliest years of the twentieth century and has fallen from favor since then. This name has a promising meaning, “hope.”


Names That Mean Hope

The name Benedict has staged a comeback in recent years as new parents are discovering its timeless charms. This name with Latin origins means “blessed.” And, any boy would be blessed to get it. While it is not one of the names that mean hope expressly, we feel it still has a place among these other hopeful appellations.


Names That Mean Hope

Not to be confused with the Dutch name, Van, which means “of,” Von enjoys Norse origins. It was a popular option in the US until the seventies when it fell out of style. Von actually means “hope.”


Names That Mean Hope

Xavier originated its use as a given name after Saint Francis Xavier, co-founder of the Jesuit order, who got his name from the Spanish-Basque village where he was born. The name can be found in both Basque and Arabic traditions and means “new house” or “bright.” It’s one of the most attractive names that mean hope for boys.


Names That Mean Hope

Lior is a unisex name frequently heard in Israel today, capturing the popular light theme through its meaning, “I have a light.” This name is pronounced lee-OR but might be a struggle for some who will want to say it “liar.” This is one of the rarest names that mean hope for boys in the US but we’d love to see that change.


Names That Mean Hope

An old-fashioned name that sounds offbeat enough to appeal to new parents today, Hubert has delightful meanings in “bright” and “shining intellect.” It’s one of the few German names that mean hope to make this list.


Names That Mean Hope

Vihan is a popular name for baby boys in India. In America, around 50 boys a year receive this name, making it quite a rare choice. We’d like to see that change! Vihan has Sanskrit origins and means “dawn.”


Names That Mean Hope

Zoran is a cute diminutive form of Zorion, a Basque name that means “happiness.” With a name like Zoran, you are setting your child up for a lifetime of joy!

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Names That Mean Hope

One of our favorite names that mean hope for boys comes from Arabic and Sanskrit origins. This accessible and appealing name should be on more birth certificates in the US. It means “one who hopes” or “unattainable” in the sense that he is beyond reproach.

Are you now filled with hope? We certainly wish that these names that mean hope spoke to you and inspired you to choose one for your baby. Choosing a name for its meaning is a fun way to inject optimism into your child’s life. Any name on this list will seal the deal with plenty of hope for the future.

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