25 Names That Mean Miracle for a Phenomenal Baby

There are many reasons why parents look for names that mean miracle. It could be as simple as wanting a name with a powerful meaning behind or it could be more personal. After all, many parents’ journey to parenthood can be difficult and bringing a child into the world can feel like beating the odds. Names that mean miracle can commemorate the fantastic moment when you get to hold your baby for the first time that feels like an otherworldly blessing.

We know that many folks are searching for names that mean miracle so we decided to compile a list of baby names with the meaning so that you have plenty of options. There are names that mean miracle for both girls and boys on this list but we encourage you to read through them all as some are gender-neutral and can work for any baby. Let’s discover the perfect, magical name for your child!

Names That Mean Miracle for Girls


Names That Mean Miracle

You can skip the formality and cut right to the chase with the name Miracle. The word name for girls is currently in the top 500 most popular given names, making it a pretty solid choice today.


Names That Mean Miracle

A delightfully retro name that deserves to be dusted off is Mireille. The name has French origins and means “miraculous.” We’re not sure why this appellation has never been popular in the US, but it could be its pronunciation. The correct French pronunciation is meer-AY. That makes it a perfect alternative to Mary.


Names That Mean Miracle

Miranda is an energetic Latin name that means “marvelous.” As many miracles result in us marveling at them, we felt this timeless option was fitting.


Names That Mean Miracle

Mirabelle is a name of French origin, that also means “marvelous.” If you’d like something with a bit more character, go with Mirabella that means the same thing.


Names That Mean Miracle

Harika is a name of Turkish origin that many American parents might be unfamiliar with. If you’re looking for unique names that mean miracle, this would me the way to go. In addition to meaning “miracle” it also means “beautiful.” Nothing to be mad about here!


Names That Mean Miracle

Milagros is considered a rather old-fashioned baby name by most standards today but we feel it still retains its charms. This name for girls means “miracles.” It was last mildly popular in the US in 2011.


Names That Mean Miracle

Pella is a gorgeous and underutilized name of Hebrew origin. Despite being completely accessible and attractive, this appellation has never been a popular choice in the US. It has the warm meaning “marvel of God.”


Names That Mean Miracle

Nasia is another brilliant Hebrew options that so many American parents are overlooking. This hidden gem means “God’s miracle.”


Names That Mean Miracle

Similar to Miracle, Marvel is another word name that gets right to the point. Marvel was once a popular option for baby girls born in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It’s making a comeback as a unisex option that parents are favoring for both boys and girls. Marvel means “wonder” and “:astonishment.”


Names That Mean Miracle

Milvi is an Estonian form of the name Miranda that means “marvelous” and “glow.” Milvi has a spunky and offbeat sound that we think modern parents just might fall for.


Names That Mean Miracle

Shany is a bright and lively-sounding name for girls that means “marvelous” and “wonderful.” Shany is a name of Swahili origin with African roots. A great way to honor heritage!


Names That Mean Miracle

Dalili is another great option from Swahili and means “a sign from the gods.” It has a beautiful rhythmic quality to it and it would be a great alternative to Delilah.


Names That Mean Miracle

Pronounced al-az-neh, Alasne is a name of Basque origin, meaning “miracle.” The name can also be spelled Alazne. This one has never been a popular option in the US, but it should be!

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Names That Mean Miracle

Senalda is a name of Spanish origin that means “a sign.” The name goes virtually unused in the US but you can help change that!


Names That Mean Miracle

Mirabei is a name derived from Latin that means “wonder.” To correctly nail the pronunciation, say it Mih-rah-BYE. It’s cute, punchy, and full of character.


Names That Mean Miracle

Winifred is a delightful Welsh name that was once wildly popular in the US. It fell from fashion in the 1960s but we think this miracle baby name still has plenty of life left in it. Winifred means “blessed peacemaker.” How lovely is that?


Names That Mean Miracle

Gia is a popular name for baby girls today in the US. The name comes from Italian and means “God’s gracious gift.” Gia feels timeless as well as modern and stylish making it a balanced and unusually appealing name.

Names That Mean Miracle for Boys


Names That Mean Miracle

Dion is slowly staging a comeback after years of hitting and missing the top 1000 most popular names for boys. Dion is actually derived from the Greek name Dionysius. Thus, the appellation means “child of heaven and earth.” Sounds like a miracle to us!


Names That Mean Miracle

Loreto is an Italian place name and a pilgrimage site associated with the miraculous. Many Catholics visit Basilica della Santa Casa each year. It contains a house that was believed to have been inhabited by the Virgin Mary.


Names That Mean Miracle

Mirabeau is a ancient name of French origin, from Latin. The name is pronounced MEE-ra-bo. This means that you get the fabulous Beau nickname if you choose it. The name means “miraculous.”


Names That Mean Miracle

Like Marvel, Wonder is a distinct possibility for baby boys. However, we feel that this one is also a unisex option. If this seems too on the nose for a given name, consider it as a middle name.


Names That Mean Miracle

Chazon is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “prophecy” and “revelation.” It’s one vehicle to get you to the delightful nickname Chaz. This name makes a perfect alternative to the now-dated Chase.


Names That Mean Miracle

A very common option in the Middle East, Mansur deserves some attention from American parents. The name is of Arabic origin and means “divine aid.” That’s a meaning that reads like a miracle.


Names That Mean Miracle

Magic Johnson has made the name Magic a real option for many new parents. While this seems like a great fit for baby boys, this could easily translate as a unisex name. If you’re a basketball fan… you know you want to!

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Names That Mean Miracle

A rugged-sounding appellation, and one of the most charismatic names that mean miracle, Boone could be the perfect option for stylish parents today. Boone comes from English and French and means “a blessing” and “luck.”

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes, and although not every moment in life is extraordinary, it’s still possible to celebrate the beauty of the everyday. Naming your bundle of joy a name that means miracle will help keep these moments alive and remind your family of how special this little person is each time you say their name. With 25 lovely options from around the world – from languages as diverse as Arabic and Swahili – you’ve got some solid and evocative options.

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