Nature’s Cereal: Best Reactions To TikTok’s Viral Coconut Water and Berries

TikTok’s latest viral food is Nature’s Cereal, a bowl of berries and coconut water that aids in digestion and gives you an energy level that’s through the roof. This simple recipe of berries and pomegranate seeds covered in natural coconut water and eaten with a spoon has taken the internet by storm.

Lizzo made a version of Nature’s Cereal with ice, and now it has gone viral with millions of TikTok users making it for themselves and posting their reactions. Some people really love it, like Lizzo, while others have funnier responses. Scroll to the end to see how I made Nature’s Cereal and my husband’s reaction to trying it.

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How Nature’s Cereal Started

The TikToker who started it all is Sherwayne Mears, @natures_food, and he shares why he loves eating this fruit first thing in the morning. He’s a self-described student of nature and addicted to fruits. His cites his increased energy level as the number one thing he notices when eating nature’s cereal. “Whenever I eat this cereal in the morning – first thing in the morning – it helps with digestion, so any kind of constipation issues, it’ll help. It’ll definitely give you relief in that way. But my number one thing when I eat this, the number one thing that I notice, is the energy level. The energy level is through the roof. I literally felt like I could run a marathon.”

Watch the original Nature’s Cereal video here:

Lizzo Tries Nature’s Cereal

Lizzo gave a shout out to the creator of Nature’s Cereal and made her own version where she added ice. As she puts it, “I like ice with my cereal”. Her relaxing video of making and trying Nature’s Cereal is definitely one of the reasons this food trend has gone viral. The singer recently went vegan last year and has been sharing her healthy and body positive journey on social media.


???????????? it’s actually really good y’all @natures_food

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Nature’s Cereal Reactions

While many people love berries and coconut water separately, eating them together in a bowl has been somewhat polarizing. Users like baby Grey, from @greyandmama, who’s known for saying “thank you Mama” when his mom serves him food, seems to have a positive reaction to the healthy treat. You can see him tasting Nature’s Cereal here, in his TikTok video.

Nature's Cereal Reactions from TikTok
@greyandmama TikTok

Other users are not sold on why this breakfast has gone viral. Check out this funny reaction from the recipe account @CookItErica, where Eric reacts to Keto and other food trends. He just doesn’t get it and goes on asking “What is this?”, “Is that fruit soup?”

Nature's Cereal Reactions from TikTok
@cookiterica TikTok

One user, @spicekingcam, accidentally used coconut milk in his video instead of coconut water because he couldn’t figure out how to open his coconut and bought the wrong carton of coconut liquid. Using coconut milk will definitely give you a different vibe, but he didn’t seem to mind it.

Nature's Cereal Reactions from TikTok
@spicekingcam TikTok

Some are even calling it an “unblended smootie” and Lizzo has words for those haters, you can see her response here as she blends Nature’s Cereal into a smoothie.


Another s/o to @natures_food since y’all hoes can’t read lol AAAAAAND for the “unblended smoothie” hive — it’s not bussin Janelle ????

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Here, I made the viral Nature’s Cereal, and let my reluctant husband try it out. You can use whatever berries you have on hand – I used strawberries and blueberries. It really does live up to the hype as a tasty treat that is much better for you than boxed cereal. So as Lizzo puts it, “I’m just glad everyone is getting their antioxidants, hydration and their energy from this wonderful snack. Enjoy it!”

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