I’m a New Mom, and I Feel Guilty About Having to Apply for WIC: Advice?

A mom writes in asking for advice about applying for WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) assistance. She says she is a new mom to a 4-year-old baby, and she needed to apply for WIC assistance in order to provide for herself and her infant. She feels guilty about having to do so and is turning to the community for advice.

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A member of the community asks:

“I feel guilty for applying for WIC: Advice?

I’m a new mom of a 4-month-old, and I just applied for WIC, and I feel guilty doing so. Did anyone else feel guilty for applying for assistance?”

– Mamas Uncut Community Member

Community Advice for This New Mom Who Feels Guilty About Applying for WIC

To see what advice the Mamas Uncut Facebook community has for this mom in need, read the comments of the post embedded below.

Fan QuestionI feel guilty for applying for WIC: Advice?I’m a new mom of a 4-month-old, and I just applied for WIC,…

Posted by Mamas Uncut on Friday, June 26, 2020

Advice Summary

I'm a New Mom, and I Feel Guilty About Having to Apply for WIC: Advice?

The community offered this mom in need a lot of great advice. Read some of their responses below.

“At some point in life we all need help and it’s there for that reason. When you get in better shape pay it forward in some way. Remember it takes a village so I guarantee someone will need you down the line in some way…

… I honestly would rather a person feel this way than to feel entitled and feel they are owed everything but don’t feel bad I promise most of us have been there before in some way. Thank God for the help and we do a lot of things we never that we would ever do or have to do to take care of our children the best way we can.”

“Yep. I totally felt guilty when my oldest was born bc we were on food stamps, WIC, and Medicaid. But 5 years later, we were off all assistance programs. It’s there to be used when needed. Only people that abuse it SHOULD feel guilty. You should not.”

“Oh girl when your baby starts drinking 3 cans of formula a week, you’ll be so grateful for WIC!! Formula prices aren’t a joke!!”

“Please don’t feel guilty. There are several reasons I feel moms should not feel this way. 1. Our income eligibility is higher than other programs 2 . We don’t count military income 3. We have dietitians and lactation consultants to provide nutrition and bf education which is something that you are doing to help baby when you sign up. 4. We get funded based on participation. If people qualify but don’t apply, we lose funding to help those in need…

… 5. If you don’t use your benefits, we don’t ever pay for them. 6. Our program is designed to help those with slightly higher income that don’t qualify for other assistance. 7. Our food packages are designed based on USDA recommendations so you are all receiving nutritious foods. There are so many scenarios when someone may need WIC. I’ve been a WIC employee for 9 years. Don’t feel guilty as you are doing what you and your family need.”

“I used to think the same thing… until I got pregnant with my son and got my bonus daughters full time… And then I did everything I could to make sure my family was fed… My feelings of being ashamed went right out the window when my kids were taken care of.”

“I used to feel guilty until I remembered that sometimes it’s ok to ask for help.”

“Don’t. It’s a lifesaver — my daughter gets WIC because she is on SSI (otherwise we’d be over income). It buys her 19 6-packs of Pediasure a month. That saves me a ton of money- and this single special needs mommy feels zero guilt about it.”

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