Mother Responds to Online Troll Who Recorded and Criticized Her for Breastfeeding in Public

Recent studies suggest that the average person spends about 2.5 hours on social media every single day. During those 2.5 hours, we expect to be entertained and expect to connect with those we love. What we don’t expect is to be publicly humiliated – especially for something as harmless as breastfeeding. 

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Izabele Lomax, 24 – a new mother who gave birth to her first child just a few months ago (June 2023). As she navigates her new life with her special little boy, she’s learning just how cruel people can be when they see someone breastfeeding in a public space. 

And she’s learning about it in the worst way possible, too. Like most of us, Izabele decided to open up her Facebook app to see what was new among her group of friends and family. After scrolling through her feed, she came across a video of a woman breastfeeding (uncovered) on a beach – it was a video of her.

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“Imagine waking up, getting on Facebook, and seeing this video of yourself yesterday at the beach,” she says in a TikTok video. The video was shared by a fellow beach-goer and was coupled with a long caption criticizing the mother for breastfeeding her newborn child in public. Izabele was shocked beyond belief.

Here’s what the caption said:

“I’m not shaming woman who breast feed their babies. I’m shaming the woman who breast feed in public with no respect to cover themselves up and just let their boobs hangout (nipple included) for everyone to see! COVER TF UP !!! I shouldn’t have to cover my sons eyes and explain why your boobs are out and quite frankly I don’t want to see it either. Have some respect!”

Lomax went on to explain that she remembers the woman walking past her numerous times with her son. What she couldn’t understand was why the woman felt compelled to post it on social media for everyone to see, as opposed to saying something to her in person – though she admits she wouldn’t have stopped.

The post has since been deleted and she received an overwhelming amount of support in the comments section. And if it makes the social media user feel any better, Lomax wanted her to know that her child was also hungry while walking and in several restaurants – and she breastfed him in those places as well.

Lomax Explains What to Do When You See a Mother Breastfeeding

To end her TikTok video – which has been seen by more than 675,000 people – Izabele Lomax urged bystanders not to criticize mothers for breastfeeding public. “Next time you see a mom breastfeeding her child in public – covered up or not – tell her how good of a job she’s doing,” she said – and we agree!

Despite the public humility, Izabele is enjoying being a first-time mom and is thankful for all the people who have voiced their support. She has since used her TikTok account to share her experience as a new mother. In one video, she shows a transformation of the baby after two months of breastfeeding. 

Izabele Lomax shared her pregnancy news on Instagram on December 10, 2022, but that wasn’t the only exciting news she had to share – she also got engaged! She posted photos of her, her now-fiance Mason Johnson, and sonogram images of the little one. Her baby, Baker Thomas Johnson, was born in June. 

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“Happy first Father’s Day to Baker’s Dada,” she wrote in an Instagram post on Father’s Day. “I didn’t know I could love you more than I already do. Words can’t describe how happy I am that he gets to have you as a dad. We love you more ???? xoxo- Izabele & Baker.” Here’s to many more years of love and happiness!

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