Nick Cannon Reveals Why He Chooses to Spend Time With His 11 Children Separately – Opposed to Bringing Them All Together

Nick Cannon doesn’t get to spend as much time as he’d like with each of his 11 children, but he makes a genuine effort to ensure he spends as much time as possible with each of them. It requires a lot of travel and a non-stop day-to-day lifestyle, but he’s making the most of it and thoroughly enjoys seeing his kids. 

He recently spoke with PEOPLE about how he navigates that lifestyle and was asked why he chooses to spend time with each of his children separately, opposed to spending time with all of them together. For those who aren’t aware, he has 11 children with six different women and doesn’t like to intertwine them. 

“I feel like qualitative experiences are when I can give everyone their own individual experience. I actually love stepping into their world. Going to their sports games or giving them their personal time for the holidays. So I have no problem with bouncing around,” he said – adding it’s what works best right now. 

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He went on to explain that he’s not the only one that’s busy and would rather ‘take the time’ to get to know his children and show them the ‘value of being with them’ – adding he doesn’t want anyone to feel like they need to come to him. Instead, he would rather go to them to make everyone’s life that much easier.

Nick Cannon also believes that he’s the only one that stands to gain anything from his children and their mothers being in the same place at once – so they only do so ‘when necessary.’ He does, however, see that changing in the future as his children continue to grow older and his career starts to slow down. 

For now, he’s going to do whatever he has to do in order to spend quality time with each of them – and he proved that on Easter Sunday. Taking to his Instagram Story, Cannon shared a series of photos of him ‘hopping’ from one house to the other as he visited all of his kids and even dressed as the Easter Bunny.

“The Easter Bunny is definitely busy. It’s a fun time, again, but I couldn’t ask for a better experience, and the abundance of love that gets to come my way and that I get to spend with all of my kids. I have a big family. So the Easter Bunny’s busy,” he said of the holiday. It’s clear he loves all of his children dearly. 

Nick Cannon Appreciates the Mothers of HIs Children

While many people would think Nick Cannon has a strained relationship with the mothers of his children, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, he’s always talking highly of them and has said in the past that he would never say anything bad about one of them because he appreciates everything they do. 

He doubled down on that stance in his recent interview with PEOPLE, saying his current situation ‘wouldn’t work if I didn’t have such amazing women in my life that are truly understanding and super loving and compassionate about the world that we live in.” It’s a sentiment he has shared for years now.

Just a few weeks ago, he talked about the ‘love and respect’ he has for them in an interview with The Home Team Morning Show. “Regardless of what goes on in any scenario, I’m gonna always show love and respect. I’ll never say anything disrespectful or bad about any of the mothers of my children,” he said.

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He added that he doesn’t give them a monthly allowance or spending limit – if they need something, he provides it. “What they need, they get it… That’s why they call me the provider,” he said – adding there has never been something they needed, but didn’t get. Now, that’s what I call being a supportive father!

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