Nickelodeon Star Kel Mitchell Opens Up About Recent Health Scare

Nickelodeon star Kel Mitchell, who is best known for his role in the hit series All That, is sharing an update after reports revealed he had been hospitalized.

While the original reports were vague in regards to the type of health issues Kel was and is battling, the video statement he shared on Instagram revealed several more details about what happened.

Kel did look well in the video and he did confirm he was on the mend. However, while Kel didn’t get into the specifics of what he is dealing with, he did tell his fans that the last several days were scary for him to endure.

Kel explained that it all began on November 7 when “the whole room started spinning” while he was shopping. The actor assumed he may have been dehydrated and decided to get something to eat and drink.

But it was while he was eating that things got progressively worse. “The whole right side of my arm and my leg was numb followed by me not being able to swallow and that’s when I panicked.”

Mitchell said he drove himself to a nearby hospital. At the ER, Kel said he failed an arm and leg mobility test, causing his fears to worsen as doctors performed several more tests on him.

“What we feared wasn’t what it was. It was actually a bulging disc I had from a prior injury pressing up against the nerve mimicking all those symptoms that I was going through,” Kel explained.

He went on to thank his fans for their worry and prayers. Mitchell also thanked his wife and four children for their support through the scary ordeal as well.

The actor and his former “Good Burger” co-star, Kenan Thompson are gearing up to premiere the remake of their hit movie, “Good Burger 2” on November 22 now that the SAG-AFTRA strike is over.

We hope Mitchell remains in good health as time goes on.

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