Actress Olivia Wilde Talks About How She’s Destroying Gender Norms at Home, Wants to Be Her Children’s Inspiration

Actress and director Olivia Wilde is raising her children, 3-year-old Daisy and 5-year-old Otis, whom she shares with Jason Sudeikis, to be independent thinkers, who are brave and strong, she recently told InStyle.

The Booksmart director was recently profiled for the magazine’s “Badass Women” issue and spoke about some of the societal pressures placed on girls and how she’s working to combat those pressures at home.

Olivia Wilde Hopes to Demolish the Norms Society Will Put on Her Daughter at Home

She told InStyle, “With Daisy, I have witnessed how women are born with an incredible amount of strength and that society quickly pushes them to assume the more feminine role.”

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Wilde explained, “I mean, I love that Elsa is looking pissed off on the Frozen 2 poster, but there’s still an awful lot out there that’s encouraging young women to make themselves the weaker sex. My role is to be a safe zone of support that’ll hopefully counteract what society will inevitably do to them.”

The mom of two said that along with being a role model for her children, she wants to be the person her daughter comes to when she starts to question her worth. Wilde continued:

“When Daisy hits a place where she questions her worth, I want to be the one to remind her of the strength she innately has. But it’s interesting because having a boy and a girl, you really notice gender politics within your own home. She’ll clean up his plate for him after dinner, and I’m like, “Put that back!”

But more than anything, Wilde hopes to encourage her daughter to lift other women in her life up, something she refers to as “The Daisy Chain.”

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“The Daisy Chain is about wanting to lift each other up,” Wilde said. “I celebrate it because for a long time women have been told that in order to succeed, we have to push people out of the way.”

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Booksmart was Wilde’s directorial debut and she is currently working on the film called, Don’t Worry, Darling, a movie she both direct and star in. During the interview, she also spoke about her hope to inspire her children to pursue their own dreams.

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“When I said I wanted to act at age 3, my mom was like, ‘Great, go to school for it,” she said. “She always took my dream seriously because she’s taken her own dreams seriously.”

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