15 More Hilarious Parenting Tweets and Memes: ‘My Home Security System Is LEGOs on the Floor’

You’re likely spending more time with your kids than ever before, yes? While added family time is priceless, it can also test your patience at every turn. Thank goodness there are hilarious parents out there to keep us laughing instead of crying in quarantine.

We’ve rounded up the most hilarious parenting tweets and memes out there. If you feel yourself start to question your own sanity, take a moment to commiserate with these funny parents who are keeping it real.

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15 Funny Tweets and Memes About Parenting

Confidence Reaches New Heights

If only we could all move through the world with the confidence of a 4-year-old with a new trick.

Lego Security System

The pain of stepping on your child’s LEGOs in the middle of the night is unforgettable.

Little Alarm Clocks

How in the world do they just always know?!

Summer of Screens

Major points for coming up with 500 art projects that your children will ultimately reject.

Remember Babysitters?

Leaving the house alone sounds like the greatest luxury right now.

Baby Boss

Our child has all the answers and will now be calling the shots.

Pop-Up Tattoo Shop

That feeling when you realize it’s been a little too quiet for a little too long.

Not That One

Some days, it will always be the wrong banana… and cup, and shirt, and stuffed animal… you get it.

True Romance

Mama will always clue you in on what the Disney movies aren’t telling you.

Selfless Scents

We’re also still wearing that macaroni necklace.

Gaming Justifications

The days are long and sometimes you need to encourage screen time variety.

Can I Speak To A Manager

You’ve been warned that this restaurant is quite charming, but the customer service is unpredictable.

Mask Mama

Hey, someone needed to say it!

PJ Time With The Principal

What is better than a surprise visit during quarantine?

Captive Audience

We’ve seen them hop on one foot fifty times today, but our job is to act as if we’re dazzled each and every time.

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