Police Called to Reality Stars’ Home Following Domestic Dispute

Things are getting bad for the Biermann family as cops are called to the reality stars’ home.

After months of back and forth regarding their impending divorce, the estranged couple is still allegedly living together in the home Georgia home that was almost foreclosed on earlier this year.

According to TMZ, police were forced to intervene during a dispute the pair had inside their home. As reports allege, Kroy Biermann reportedly locked Kim out of the main bathroom of their home.

After refusing to come out, Kim Zolciak called 911. The 911 call, which has been obtained and shared by TMZ, reveals Kim telling the operator that Kroy had been “threatening” her and that he will not come out of the bathroom.

“This is insane to me,” Kim continues, adding that she needed to hire a locksmith to help her get into her bedroom in order to get her medicine.

“I’m so tired of being treated this way. This person is disgusting,” Kim told the operator, seemingly referring to Kroy. Then Kim seems to start talking to someone else, as a man’s voice becomes audible. 

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“I’m not partaking in your behavior. I’m tired of your threatening me. Open the door, this is my house too. You don’t own this house, Kroy. I have been more than accommodating.”

When asked if anyone has access to weapons, Kim says, “Kroy has guns. I don’t know what he does with them. They’re locked up in a safe probably.”

She then starts talking to Kroy again, saying she just wants into her room. “I don’t want anything to do with you.”

When asked if she was in danger, Kim says “yes” and claims Kroy has been physical with her before. Kim then confirms that children are in her house but that they are asleep.

Kim then continues to discuss Kroy saying that he doesn’t even have a job to be paying for their house. TMZ also obtained body cam footage of the police responding to the call. You can watch that below:

While it may have seemed like the pair were working on their relationship, Kim tells the police she hasn’t wanted to be with Kroy for a “very long time.” Kim then gets emotional as the police ask her to compromise with Kroy.

Police then get into a verbal altercation with Kroy who refuses to open the door to the bedroom because he believes his safety will be in jeopardy.

On July 7, two months after announcing their decision to divorce and filing papers to make it official, reality stars Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann had a change of heart it seems.

Police Called to Reality Stars' Home Following Domestic Dispute | Things are getting bad for the Biermann family as cops are called to the reality stars’ home.

Then on August 24, People reported that Kroy Biermann had left Kim again, filing for divorce for the second time. Similarly to the first time he filed for divorce, Biermann again claimed that their marriage is “irretrievably broken.” 

Kim’s reaction to the new divorce filing is unclear. Although the above information makes it more so.

It’s unclear what the estranged couple plans to do in the future regarding their children and their living arrangements.

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