Police Officer Helps Couple Deliver Baby After Pulling Them Over for Speeding

Police Officer Helps Couple Deliver Baby After Pulling Them Over for Speeding

Wilfrid Jean-Louis of Naples, FL was pulled over for speeding, but he had a very good reason for going above the speed limit — his wife was in labor! In the end, police helped the speeding couple deliver their baby on the side of the road.

Deputy Robert Pounds pulled the couple over after he tracked them going 63 mph in a 45 mph zone, but soon realized the soon-to-be-parents needed back-up as Wilfrid’s wife, Fabienne, was about to deliver their baby.

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Here’s more proof that deputies just never know what they are going to encounter on the job. Dep. Robert Pounds…

Posted by Collier County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

“Here’s more proof that deputies just never know what they are going to encounter on the job,” the Collier County Sheriff’s Office shared on Facebook.

After pulling the car over, Deputy Pounds helped Wilfrid and Fabienne deliver their baby girl, using only a sterile blanket and latex gloves.

“I laid the blanket down and it wasn’t too long after that I was holding a newborn baby in my hands,” Pounds told Today. “I guess you could say it was just my training that kicked in. The baby did most of the work, we’ll put it that way.”

Deputy Pounds also shared that he had never experienced something like that, despite being a police officer for 26 years.

“Even though I looked calm, I was probably a little more scared on the inside than I appeared,” he said. “But my training and my agency’s training really helped me out quite a bit.”

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The couple honored the deputy by naming their daughter Leila Robert Jean-Louis.

“It was only right,” Wilfrid said. “It was only fair. He was there, and he did what I wasn’t able to do.”

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