Pregnant Woman Saves Drowning Boy While Giving Her Own Sons Swimming Lessons

A pregnant woman heroically saved a preteen boy from drowning earlier this month. Stephanie Swedberg, who is 8 months pregnant, was at Crystal Beach Park in Minnesota teaching her 3-year-old twins to swim when she heard a mother scream for help nearby. A preteen boy was swimming in the deeper end of the lake with a group of friends when he began to drown. 

Swedberg shared with Today that the boy was “thrashing, and his head kept going under and she couldn’t get to him. For some reason, no one was doing anything.”

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A former lifeguard, Swedberg swam quickly to get to the boy, who was about 20 feet away. “He wasn’t screaming… he was just thrashing around, bobbing a bit,” she shared with Fox 9

After she safely pulled the boy from the water, Swedberg learned that he had only had three swimming lessons in his young life. “I encouraged him to keep going and said he’d be a good lifeguard because he knows how scary it is to struggle in the water,” Swedberg told Today.

The boy was saved in part because his mother reacted so quickly. She shared that the family had recently suffered a loss as a result of drowning. 

Swedberg shared that the incident reminded her of the importance of learning water safety skills, particularly for her two young children. She told Today, “When I was 6 years old, I witnessed the death of a 3-year-old girl due to drowning. A tragic event like that leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime. Since witnessing that event, I’ve always placed an incredible importance on water safety.”

The world needs more heroes like Swedberg! And remember, if a pregnant woman can save a boy from drowning, the rest of us have no excuse to not step up under similar circumstances. Stay safe!

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