Q&A: Needing Advice On Having Kids Close In Age

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I need advice on taking care of two kids close in age. I have a 9yo, a 7mo and we just found out I’m pregnant again. My oldest goes to my ex-husband’s house every other weekend, she recently expressed to me she misses our quality time together and she needs more one on one time with me. I’ve been making more of an effort but now I’m scared she’s going to be devastated I’m pregnant again. She’s a GREAT big sister though. Huge help. I have a good support system however my mom works and my grandma is just older and they live about 45 min away from me. My biggest concern is I had a csection with both my girls and I’m so nervous about having the two youngest so close together. Anyone else have this happen? Any advice?!?!

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Q&A: Needing Advice On Having Kids Close In Age
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“I have two young kids close at age 20 months apart and I have 12 years old. It fine. My oldest sometimes do play with them. My two youngest they are always together. In the [beginning] it was hard because [breastfeeding] and other need my attention but I had help. You will be fine. It will be a challenge but it worth it.”

“You got this. Take it day by day!”

“Devote one day a month to oldest daughter. Do something fun together just the two of you. You’ll both enjoy the quality time alone.”

“I have a 3 and 4 year old. 13 months apart. Both C sections. The healing was awful because they were so close together. A lot of overwhelm but it gets easier. Strap in and get ready for the ride! You can do it!!”

“My two youngest boys are exactly 12 months apart. It’s really never been a problem other than the constant wrestling lol.”

“My girls are 17 months a apart it will quickly become your new normal and you will find your [groove]..as far as your oldest keep her involved with everything! Also once your feeling up to it have your husband take the baby and you and your daughter have a mom and me day.”

“My kids are 5,3,1 and 9 months take it day by day and maybe have girl time when the youngest two are asleep or even make a day out of it when she’s with you on the weekend.”

“All 4 of my boys are 2 years apart. They are best friends. It’s seems like it may be hard but us mom’s are super hero’s. We can do whatever is thrown at us. Time to yourself every now and then is Ok too!”

“Try to make it a habit to take each kid out once a month for one on one time with you. My dad always gave a day to my brother once a month, heck even a few times if he had the chance. However he never got into the habit with me, made me feel awkward because he never made the effort for me that he did for my older brother. It’ll work out momma, you’ll do great! Xoxo.”

“I have a same situation. A 9-year-old and 2-year-old and 8-month-old. I felt terrible. But remembered she got all my undivided time. Whereas the other 2 will never get that. My 9-year-old is a huge help too. But eventually, I got the 2 littles on a nap schedule together so for that one nap its for me and her. And we do things just me and her. She goes to her dad’s every other weekend as well. I believe once my youngest is older and playing with the toddler my hands will be less full. I just told her to hang in there with me! We watch movies together that I liked as a kid. Color. Play board games. Do crafts.”

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