Real Moms Share Their Brilliant Baby Shower Theme Ideas

First comes love, then comes marriage, but before the baby in the baby carriage comes… the baby shower! Now, not all of us are like Kim Kardashian with her wild (but very relaxed-looking) CBD-themed baby shower. Most of us are also not Blake Lively, you know? We tend to keep things a little more tethered to Earth, if you catch our drift. So we thought, “Let’s find some really brilliant baby shower theme ideas from real moms like us.”

We turned to the Mamas Uncut Facebook community to ask:

“Describe what your baby shower was like. Theme, games, food, gifts, anything and everything. We want to hear all about your big celebrations.”

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Real moms responded to the call with descriptions (and photos, which you can see here) of their baby showers. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Pop Culture-Themed Baby Showers


“Mine was pretty simple. Harry Potter themed.”

“I had a Tangled theme! My mom and I made all our decorations. I had special bakery items made. We had El Apollo Loco catered. It was beautiful.
We had our friends and both sides of our families there, so it was a big event. We played a few games and had a big diaper raffle. It was really nice.”

“It’s a boy story! Everything was Toy Story-themed. (It was super unique; I hadn’t seen anybody do it!) We had ‘pizza planet’ pizza and played ‘guess how many army men are in the bucket.’ We hid pacifiers around the venue to see who could find the most. We also played the ‘don’t say baby’ game with clothespins and a huge diaper wipe/raffle.”

Harry Potter themed! We played a couple of magic-themed word games and ‘guess the baby food.'”

Animal-Themed Baby Showers


“My first son’s baby shower was zoo-themed, and it was thrown at a zoo as well.”

“Oh deer! She’s almost here! Baby M is ‘deerly’ loved. Had a winter baby so we had a chili bar.”

“My first baby shower was elephant-themed and simple. My second baby shower was duck-themed, and we spent most that time playing games such as guess what’s in the box and Nappy Challenge. (The latter is where you break into two teams, and you and your partner have to wrap toilet paper into a nappy shape. Fastest team wins.) My second baby shower was a blast because we made it all about the games.”

“My son’s was monkey-themed 10 years ago. From his ultrasound, he was clearly going to look like a very adorable monkey, so that became his nickname. Plus I used to watch Tori Spelling’s show with her first child, and his name was Monkey. (I know, I know.) My daughter’s was pink zebra-themed! Both were small at hosted at a family member’s home.”

Color and Gender Baby Shower Themes


“‘Ahoy It’s a Boy’ was my theme.”

“My second baby shower was massive. We did pink, white, & gold for the colors, we had at least 70 people there. We did deli trays, fruit, & a bunch of sides. We did a diaper raffle and the gift was a basket of wine, candy, and a bunch of gift cards. We did games where we had the team blindfolded and they had to feed their partner baby food that way. We did a game where everyone got to look in the basket for a few seconds & had to remember what was in it. One of the gifts we did a coffee basket. Even got her name put up in balloons!”

“My first was just ‘blue themed’ with chalkboard-type accents. I had tea sandwiches for food as well as a dessert table. Games included: guess the price of the baby product, measure mommy’s tummy, don’t say baby, and gifts bingo. My second was a ‘Baby Q’ theme. We had hotdogs and hamburgers.”

Holiday-Themed Baby Showers


“My daughter’s baby shower was on October 28th when I was 28w pregnant. Halloween-themed! Not everyone who RSVPed showed up, so that was a bummer, but we played a lot of games like ‘match the baby animal name to the adult animal’ (much harder than you think), and we had a mix of a potluck and catering! Lots of Halloween baked goodies: sliders with witch hats on top, etc. My mom made my husband and I matching shirts that are the skeleton ribs with a baby on mine and beer/tacos on his. It was really fun! My mom tried hard to make it enjoyable, and a lot of other friends who helped. We are both grateful for all of the gifts we received.”

“I did mine at the end of October and had a Halloween theme! We played a ‘mom or dad’ guessing game and a ‘guess the candy bar’ (dirty diaper) game, but the #1 hit was the Saran Wrap prize ball!! We gave out little goodies and prizes in Halloween treat bags! Had little plastic spiders everywhere! I loved it.”

Other Fun Baby Shower Theme Ideas


“‘Ready to pop!’ Lots of popcorn, colors were red and yellow, gift bingo, diaper raffle, address thank you card raffle.”

“We had a baseball-themed shower. Had people bring a book instead of a card. Plus we had a diaper raffle and played ‘measure mom’s belly.”

“Planes, trains, and cars. Transportation, since we were moving across the country before the end of last year. There were different drinks as ‘gasoline and jet fuel.’ Everyone had trail mix. I haven’t got pictures since it was very rushed through, but it was cute.”

“I had a very faith-based baby shower thrown by my mother-in-law. Everyone said prayers for me, hubby and baby. It was ‘storybook’ theme, and they told our love story on a huge ‘book’ that hung over the fireplace. They cut out characters from all sorts of books and hung them up. Food was all themed based on books. Everyone wrote a special message in a book and gifted it to us for our son’s collection. They had a ‘giving tree’ with money and gift cards attached. Everyone went home with a custom-made bookmark celebrating me and baby. It was a wonderful shower and every time I read my son a book I think of it.”

Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas


“A fun game we played: Everyone got Play-Doh, and had to sculpt the best baby. I had to judge, and my top pick got the prize. I have a boy so my (very vulgar and funny) grandma won. (She gave the Play-Doh baby a huge peen, LOL!”

“My favorite thing that I did was I requested a children’s book that you signed. So I have more than a bookcase worth of books for my daughters all personalized and signed with a special message! I suggest it to everyone I know planning their own!”

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