Rebecca Andrews: A Woman Faked Being Pregnant to Get Out of Paying an Overweight Baggage Fee, But Truth Prevailed When She Got Caught

A Woman Faked Being Pregnant to Get Out of Paying an Overweight Baggage Fee, But Truth Prevailed When She Got Caught

We can all agree that sometimes airline fees can be a little bit much, but one woman went to the extreme to try to get out of paying any additional money for her flight.

Rebecca Andrews, a travel writer, attempted to get out of paying an overweight baggage fee for her overstuffed bag by putting some of her clothes up her shirt, creating a faux baby bump.

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Rebecca Andrews Faked Being Pregnant to Avoid a Baggage Fee

Andrews shared her tips for fighting “the system” in an article she later wrote for the travel site Escape.

The story included a video sharing a step-by-step buide with how to use the travel hack at home.

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Step 1: Wear stretchy clothes.

Step 2: Choose small, heavy items like chargers.

Step 3: Wrap in a bundle. (She recommends wrapping in satin “as it slides down easier.”)

Step 4: Put down the front of the shirt and a fake baby bump appears.

Step 5: Put laptop down your back.

Step 6: Layer.

She also recommends that you practice in your hotel room before leaving for the airport.

Rebecca Andrews / Escape

Andrews almost got away free and clear, but because she was the last person to board the flight, the flight crew were watching her and caught her bending down to reveal the laptop shape on her back.

Caught red-handed, Andrews admitted to a portion of the scheme, saying that she “triple-layered to make the carry-on weight and not get charged.” However, she did not tell them that she wasn’t actually pregnant.

Rebecca Andrews / Escape

Jetstar, the airline on which Andrews was traveling, said in a statement, “While we appreciate the creativity, our team [is] pretty wise to all the tricks, most of our customers find it more comfortable to pay a little bit more for an extra 3 kilos [nearly 7 pounds] of carry-on.”

In the end, Andrews did end up paying the baggage fee, but she says she would do it all again. She wrote in her article that the next, though, she would “just make sure I was not the last person on board.”

We’re sure actually pregnant women everywhere are thrilled.

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