Rihanna’s Son’s Edgy Name Has Finally Been Made Public: See It and Others Like It

Celebrity baby names are always a topic of interest, and Rihannas son is no exception. After months of speculation, the pop star has finally revealed her baby boy’s edgy name to the world. And it’s safe to say it’s a name that breaks the mold of traditional baby names. Her baby boy was born on May 13, and the name RZA Athelston Mayers was branded onto his birth certificate.

RZA (pronounced rizz-uh) is likely inspired by the stage name of Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, the head and founding member of iconic Staten Island hip-hop group Wu Tang Clan. Neither Rihanna or the baby’s father, rapper A$AP Rocky, have commented publicly about their child’s name. We’ll take a closer look at RZA’s name and share dozens of other appellations for babies inspired by it.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name
RZA shared from Rihanna’s Instagram

Members of the Wu Tang Clan include RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa, and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Of all the possibilities Rihanna landed on RZA and we think it’s a winning name. Before going by RZA, he was known as RZArector. Rihanna’s RZA got the middle name Athelston which is of English origin and means “noble stone” or “noble hill.”


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Axel is a name of Scandinavian origin, a form of the Hebrew name Absalom, meaning “peaceful father.” The name gained traction in the 1990s and has been climbing ever since. Names with the letter X in them have become increasingly favored by new parents. Traditionally this name has been given to boys, but we feel it works as a unisex option.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

A name of Spanish origin, Cruz is a glorious option that means “cross.” Cruz isn’t just a hit in the US, it’s currently having a moment across the UK. Cruz has the Z factor like Rihanna’s son’s name. Cruz is currently trendiest among baby boys but there’s a history of the name being popular for girls as well that dates back to early 1900s!


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Dash can be a word name for a dashing little bundle of joy or a short form of the English from French name Dashiell. The appellation has an unclear meaning but some baby name experts hypothesize that it could mean “from heaven.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

The name Enzo is an Italian form of Henry or a diminutive form of Vincenzo or Lorenzo, meaning “ruler.” This unlikely hit has been rising for boys over the last two decades and it is more popular than ever before in the US.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

While Epic might not have much in common with Rihanna’s RZA, it sure does have attitude like it. Epic comes from a Greek root that means “word” or “song.” Today, we relate it most closely to epic poetry. Unlike previous names on this list, Epic has never been in the top 1000 most popular baby names. We think it’s a grand, unisex option.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Xeno is also a rare baby name. It is of Greek origin and means “foreign.” Like Rihanna’s RZA, Xeno packs a two syllable punch and also contains the Z sound.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Kenzo is a delightful name of Japanese origin that means “vitality.” Kenzo landed in the top 1000 names for boys in 2018 and has been climbing ever since. Expect this name to be in the top 500 in the next year or two.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Koa is a fabulous unisex name of Hawaiian origin that means “warrior.” Currently, Koa is going to far more boys that girls as parents turn to it as an alternative to the ubiquitous Noah. The name is more popular than ever before in the US, firmly in the top 500 and expected to climb even higher.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

An Italian name from Hebrew, meaning “helped by god,” Lazaro is a name that deserves more love. The name was mildly popular in the 1980s but has fallen from favor completely today. Lazaro gives you two nickname options that sound pretty close to Rihanna’s son’s name, Laz and Zar.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Legend is a unisex baby name that is extremely popular for boys today. If Epic wasn’t working for you, perhaps Legend will. This big and bold name holds the promise of adventure and courage.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Mars, in Roman mythology, is the god of war, and many names contain it as a root. Mark, Marcel, and Marcus are just a few examples. The name is completely unisex and there’s a history of it used as a name for girls in France. However, that does not mean this name is popular in the US today. It’s a rare pick.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Maximo is an Italian and Spanish form of Maximus, meaning “greatest.” We feel that Rihanna’s son’s name is a maximalist one and Maximo is a big name for a little boy. The name has been a mildly popular choice in the US for the last few years and it is more popular today than ever before.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Pax is a unisex name of Latin origin that means “peace.” In fact, the name was given to the Roman goddess and personification of peace. Pax sound effortlessly cool. If you like it but want something more substantial, go with Paxton. It’s a great vehicle to get you to the nickname Pax.

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Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

A name of Latin origin, Rex means “king.” Rex is a fairly popular given name for boys today but it was a big success 70 years ago. The name is currently performing its best ever in England.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Ryker has become a very popular name for boys in recent years, but it’s totally a gender-neutral option. The name is of German origin and means “wealthy.” The appellation is one of the trendiest names of German origin in the US today.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Ravi is a name belonging to a Hindi sun god and means “conferring.” This absolutely fabulous name for boys deserves more attention from parents in the US as it is still rather rare here.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

As with Rihanna’s son’s name, Taj is short an stylish. The name is of Arabic origin and means “crown.” This name is a unisex option but it has always been more popular for boys than girls in the US.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Raja is found in both Arabic and Sanskrit naming traditions as an appellation that means “hope” and “ruler.” Unfortunately, this appellation has been criminally overlooked in the US. It’s approachable, versatile, and sounds very fresh.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Uzi is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my strength.” Despite this names overwhelming popularity in Israel it is decidedly rare in the US.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Zimri is a rare name in the US but we think it has tons of potential. Zimri is of Hebrew origin and means “my music, my praise.” Further, this name is a biblical one which usually attracts the attention of new parents but has not.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

A name that debuted in the top 1000 for the first time ever in 2022, Zamir is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “nightingale.”


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

A name found in Arabic and Urdu naming traditions, Nazir means “similar.” This fantastic name offers a fabulous nickname in Naz.


Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Would Rihanna like the name Ziv? We’d like to think so! Ziv is a name of Hebrew origin that means “brilliance.” Despite its short yet sweet sound and winning meaning, Ziv has never been a popular name in the US.

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Rihanna's Son's Edgy Name

Xavi is the Catalan diminutive of Xavier, meaning “new house” and “bright.” The name was slightly popular in the 2010s but has lost steam. Currently, the name is highly favored in the Netherlands.

There you go! Now you have some Rihanna-inspired baby names to consider. We are over the moon over the name RZA and hope more parents turn to unique monikers for their children. Thinking outside the box really pays off when considering baby names so don’t be afraid to add some adventurous appellations to your shortlist. Name your baby like Rihanna would!

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