Ancient Roman Names for Babies Born Today

Ancient Roman names are all the rage these days with parents returning to these very old appellations to give them a fresh spin. Baby names of Latin origin are widely popular around the world today and many of them were used way back when the Ancient Romans were the most powerful empire of all time. You could hear these names in the Senate, whispered by artists, and used to name deities in mythology. Yes, many of the appellations that were popular generations ago are still popular today!

We wanted to get a better understanding of the Roman names out there that new parents are using today so we turned to the latest baby-naming data to discover the trends and possibilities for these Latin names. We have curated a list with a good mix of popular options that are likely familiar to you along with some offbeat options that have yet to be resurrected by American parents. We’ll start with Roman names for girls and then move to those best-suited for boys. Now, go find your baby’s name!

Roman Names for Girls


Roman Names

Let’s kick off this list of Roman names with an evocative option! Elysia has Latin and Greek origins and means “from Elysium.” In mythology, Elysium was a conceptual home for the afterlife. Elysia is similar enough to Alicia without sounding completely exotic, but it’s unique enough that it will stand out. This is one of the trendiest Roman names today and we expect it to become a real hit in the coming years.


Roman Names

Rosemary is a delicious herb. Its Latin name means “dew of the sea.” It’s a combination of Ros “dew” and Marinas “of the sea” which were used to describe the rosemary plant’s ability to grow well in coastal climates. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that Rosmarinus was created which gave way to the present-day name, Rosemary. It’s one of the Roman names that feels like it could have come from English. Some famous examples include:

  • Rosemary Clooney: American singer and actress, aunt of actor George Clooney
  • Rosemary Friederike Isabella Eleonore Henriette Antonia: Princess of Salm, Austria
  • Rosemary LaPlanche: Actress and Miss America 1941
  • Rosemary “Rosie” Casals: American tennis player
  • Rosemary Ann Harris: English actress
  • Rose Marie “Rosemary” Kennedy: Eldest daughter of Joseph P. Kennedy, sister of U.S. President John F. Kennedy
  • Rosemary Altea: English medium, author, and TV personality
  • Rosemary Wells: Children’s book author
  • Rosemary Sutcliff: English children’s novelist
  • Rosemary DeCamp: American actress
  • Rosemary Dunsmore: Canadian actress


Roman Names

Mira is a name that’s found in many Romance languages. The name comes from Latin and means “wonderful.” Variations of the name can also be found in Arabic, Slavic, and Sanskrit. It is one of the Roman names with a ton of cross-cultural appeal! Mira is a top-500 name today and there are plenty of famous examples:

  • Mira Katherine Sorvino: American actress
  • Mira Aroyo: Bulgarian musician & songwriter
  • Mīrā Anwar ‘Awaḍ: Israeli-Arab singer, actress, and songwriter
  • Mira Furlan: Croatian singer & actress
  • Mira Leung: Canadian figure skater
  • Mira NairIndian: American film director
  • Mira Schor: American artist and writer
  • Mira Skoric: Serbian singer
  • Mira Gonzalez: American poet
  • Mira Scherdin Craig: Norwegian singer


Roman Names

The angelic name Celeste means “heavenly.” Celeste is also a color name that refers to light blue we often call “sky blue.” Celeste is one of the Roman names that’s on the rise for baby girls today. Celeste has always been in the top-1000 names for girls in the US but it’s climbing to new heights today. Some famous Celestes:

  • Celeste Holm: American actress
  • Celeste Thorson: American actress, model, and screenwriter
  • Celeste Marshall: Miss Bahamas 2012
  • Celeste Rizvana Buckingham: Slovak singer-songwriter
  • Celeste Beryl Bonin aka Kaitlyn: American pro wrestler
  • Celeste Headlee: American public radio presenter
  • Madame Céleste: French dancer and actress


Roman Names

Felicity means “good fortune” or “happy.” Felicity comes from Felicitas which was taken from the Roman goddess Fortuna who personifies luck. It’s one of the Roman names that feels modern even though it is ancient. There are many remarkable folks with this name:

  • Saint Felicity or Felicitas Carthaginian: Martyred along with Perpetua
  • Felicity Kendall Huffman: American actress
  • Felicity Rose Hadley Jones: English actress
  • Felicity Ann Kendal: English actress
  • Felicity Madeline Galvez: Australian Olympic swimmer


Roman Names

Stella is a name for girls and also the Latin word for “star.” The word was not traditionally used as a name and it wasn’t until the 1580s that it became popular as one. Today, Stella is one of the most popular Roman names for girls. It’s more popular today than ever before in the US! Some famous bearers of this name:

  • Stella Adler: American actress and acting teacher
  • Stella Dorothea Gibbons: English actress
  • Estelle Caro “Stella” (Eggleston) Stevens: American actress
  • Stella Nina McCartney: English fashion designer, daughter of musician Paul McCartney
  • Stella Mae Parton: American singer-songwriter and sister of Dolly Parton
  • Stella Hudgens: American actress, sister of actress Vanessa Hudgens
  • Stella Huang(born Stella Ng): Singaporean pop singer
  • Stella Gonet: Scottish actress
  • Stella Maessen: Dutch singer
  • Stella Obasanjo: First Lady of Nigeria


Roman Names

Candace is the Latin form of Kandake, an ancient title of a dynasty of Ethiopian queens mentioned in the New Testament. Candace means “queen” or “pure.” It was one of the most popular Roman names for girls in the US from the 1940s through the 1990s. It has since fallen from fashion and we think that should be corrected. Famous examples include:

  • Candace Helaine Cameron Bure: American actress
  • Candace Nelson: American chef and TV personality
  • Candace Bushnell: American journalist and author
  • Candace Nicole Parker: American basketball player
  • Candace Beebe Pert: American neuroscientist and pharmacologist
  • Candace Groth Fleming: American children’s author
  • Candace Hutson: American actress
  • Candace Hilligoss: American actress
  • Candace Kita: American actress and model
  • Candace Pauline Camp: American novelist


Roman Names

Verdi is a name for girls with Latin origins. It means “green.” While this name is most commonly associated with the Italian opera composer, Giuseppe Verdi, we think this would make an excellent name for a girl. It’s one of the best Roman names that belongs to a color. It’s a rare one but not an impossibility!


Roman Names

Risa is a Latin variation of the Greek, Larisa and it means “citadel” or “laughing.” Risa is the perfect name for parents who love the name Lisa but want something with a little more pizazz. Risa was a mildly popular choice in the 1960s for baby girls but it’s not gotten much love since then. It’s one of the very best Roman names that happens to be extremely accessible. The name was once featured on Star Trek as a name belonging to the “pleasure planet.”


Roman Names

Lux is a name that’s a flex. Lux might make you think of luxury, but it actually means “light.” Lux was the name of one of the Lisbon sisters in The Virgin Suicides. It’s one of the Roman names that has never been popular in the US, in fact, the Spanish form of the name, Luz, is currently a more popular option among American parents. Famous examples include:

  • Hannah Lux Davis: American music video, commercial, and film director
  • Lux: Stage name of Kate Danson, American singer, and daughter of actor Ted Danson
  • Ruby Luxe Anderson: Daughter of cricketer James Anderson
  • Lux Atkin: Daughter of British stylist Louise Teasdale


Roman Names

Leone, Leona, Leonie are all coming back as parents are finding these Leon-based names attractive again. Leone means “lioness.” In Italy, Leone is also a popular name for boys. The name was last popular for girls in the US prior to the 1940s. It’s one of the Roman names that’s primed for a serious comeback. Famous Leones include:

  • Leone Hallie Lane: American actress
  • Léone Noëlle Meyer: French businesswoman and philanthropist
  • Marianne Leone Cooper: American actress
  • Leone Pecorini: Daughter of English actress Caroline Goodall and Nicola Pecorini


Roman Names

Corin is a unisex name that we love for both boys and girls. Corin is a happy alternative to Corrine or Karen and it means “spear.” Corin comes from Quirinus, a Roman war god, an epithet of Janus Quirinus. It’s one of our very favorite Roman names. There are a couple of famous examples:

  • Corin Lisa Tucker: American singer and guitarist of the band Sleater-Kinney
  • Corin Edith Forshaw: English reality TV personality (Big Brother 11)


Roman Names

If you read the book or saw the television adaptation of Sharp Objects, you’ll probably remember the less than savory character, Adora Crellin. One positive thing we can say about the character is that she had a great name! Adora means “adored.” It’s one of the Roman names that parents are criminally overlooking. There are a few famous examples:

  • Adoración “Dori” Apolo: Spanish footballer
  • Adora BatBrat: Swedish goth YouTuber
  • Adora Borealis Villegas: Daughter of Reality TV stars Rachel Reilly and Brandon Villegas


Roman Names

Zia is a Latin name that means “aunt.” Its zippy sound and strange meaning make it a hard sell, but Zia is such a cheerful name. If the Italian and Latin meaning gets you down, consider the Arabic origin deyaa which means “light.” Somehow, this name has never been popular in the US despite all that it has going for it. Some famous examples from around the world include:

  • Anastasia “Zia” de Torby: Lady Wernher, Russian noblewoman
  • Zia McCabe (born Aimee Springer): American musician of the band The Dandy Warhols
  • Zia: Stage name of Park Ji Hye, South Korean pop singer


Roman Names

Lupe is a gorgeous name with Latin origins. It means “wolf.” For Spanish speakers, Lupe and Lupita are often used as shortened forms of Guadalupe. Lupe was one of the most popular Roman names in the US until it fell from fashion in the late 1960s. We’d love to hear this name more often today and hope that it returns to favor in the coming years.


Roman Names

Amabel has its roots in Latin and predates the more popular Annabel. The name means “loveable.” Aw. We think the name’s common nickname, Mabel kind of tanked its popularity. Unlike Amabel, Mabel does sound old-fashioned. We like the nickname Ama. Some remarkable people with the name include:

  • Amabel Anderson Arnold: American lawyer and organizer
  • Amabel Nevill Moseley: English chess champion; mother of scientist Henry Moseley
  • Amabel Strachey Williams Ellis: English writer; wife of architect Clough Williams Ellis
  • Amabel Penfeather: Pen name of American novelist Susan Fenimore Cooper
  • Amabel Hume Campbell: 1st Countess of Grey (1751–1833); English diarist and political writer


Roman Names

Country singer Maren Morris certainly has an interesting name. Maren comes from Latin and means “sea.” The classic spelling of the name is Marin, but we like the casualness of Maren a touch more. This name is more popular today in the US than ever before! Other stars with this name include:

  • Maren Ade: German director and screenwriter
  • Maren Kawehilani Jensen: American actress and model
  • Maren Cathrine Sars: Norwegian socialite
  • MarenSofie Røstvig: Norwegian academic
  • Maren Derlien: German rower


Roman Names

Diva is a girl’s name with Latin origins which means “goddess.” While we think of it today as a term for a celebrated female singer, Diva actually referred to divinity in Ancient Rome. If this name carries too much baggage for you, consider the Hindi name Deva instead. Deva means “divine” so it’s actually very similar! Despite being one of the most well-known Roman names, Diva has never been a popular choice in the US. You can help change that!


Roman Names

Avis is a vintage name that’s due for a comeback. The name Avis is Latin for “bird.” For fans of Harry Potter, Avis is the name of a spell that conjures a flock of birds. The name was very popular in the US until the 1950s and 1960s when the name became disused. There are plenty of remarkable women with this name:

  • Avis Bunnage: English actress
  • Avis MacVicar DeVoto: American cookbook editor and close friend of chef Julia Child
  • Avis Thayer Bohlen: 32nd U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria
  • Avis Favaro: Canadian TV medical correspondent
  • Avis Kimble: American model
  • Avis Miller: American model
  • Avis Tucker: American newspaper publisher
  • Avis Stearns Van Wagenen: American businesswoman of E. C. Stearns


Roman Names

Leta is related to the Greek mythological Leda, a great beauty who mothered another great beauty, Helen of Troy. Leta is the Latin form and it is pronounced lee-tah. The name means “joyful.” The name was once popular for baby girls until it fell from fashion in the 1960s. There are still some inspiring folks with the name:

  • Leta Stetter Hollingworth: American psychologist who studied exceptional children
  • Leta Lindley: American pro golfer
  • Mary Leta Dorothy Slaton: Birth name of American actress and singer Dorothy Lamour
  • Leta Biasucci: American ballerina

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Roman Names for Boys


Roman Names

Marcus and Mark have been nearly tied in popularity in recent years. We love both Roman names, but if we had to pick a favorite it would be the more Roman-sounding Marcus. The name means “warlike.” Perhaps the Ancient Romans enjoyed that meaning because a whole bunch of them went by Marcus. Marcus Aurelius, Marcus Antonius, Marcus Lepidus, Marcus Cato, and Marcus Traianus are just a few notable examples.


Roman Names

The month of August was named for Emperor Augustus and the name still reigns. August means “magnificent.” A couple of very important playwrights have had the name, American writer August Wilson and Swedish writer August Strindberg are just a couple of famous examples with Roman names.


Roman Names

It might not have the most pleasant name meaning, “bald,” but Calvin is an exceptionally handsome title. In recent years, Calvin has landed in the top-200 list of names for boys. In fact, the name has been popular in the US since records began. Rapper Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., better known as Snoop Dogg, has a very impressive name. Other famous examples include:

  • Calvin Coolidge: 30th U.S. president
  • Calvin Richard Klein: American fashion designer
  • Calvin Johnson: American football player
  • Calvin Edwin “Cal” Ripken: American baseball player
  • Calvin Alan Byrd aka “40 Cal”: American rapper


Roman Names

Vincent is a classic name with some casually cool-sounding nicknames: Vince and Vin. Vincent means “conquering.” It’s one of the best Roman names for boys! Probably the most famous Vincent, post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh, is considered one of the most influential artists of all time. Other famous examples include:

  • Vincent Neil Wharton: Birth name of Vince Neil, American lead singer of Motley Crue
  • Vincent Edward “Vin” Scully: American sportscaster
  • Vincent Anthony “Vince” Vaughn: American actor
  • Vincent “Vinny” Guadagnino: American reality TV personality (Jersey Shore)
  • Vincent Cassel: French actor
  • Vincent Philip D’Onofrio: American actor
  • Vincent Vito Gallo: American actor and director
  • Vincent Lamar “Vince” Carter: American basketball player


Roman Names

Remy is a noble-sounding name that comes from the Latin family name Remigius which means “oarsman.” The name is extremely popular in France and if you saw, Ratatouille you probably know about Chef Remy. Remy is one of the Roman names that has been on the rise in the US since 2009 and it’s more popular today than ever before! Some famous folks named Remy include:

  • Remy Thorne: American actor
  • Remy Hii: Australian actor
  • Rémy Vincent Andrianjanaka: Malagasy politician
  • Remy Belleau: French renaissance poet
  • Rémy Belvaux: Belgian actor
  • Rémy Cabella: French footballer
  • Rémy Card: French Linux software developer
  • Rémi Casty: French rugby league footballer


Roman Names

Firmly in the top-500 today, Prince is one of the Roman names enjoying mass appeal. The Latin appellation means “chief.” Due to the popularity of the musician Prince, the name was on an upward climb until 2016 when he died. Since then, the name has been more popular than ever. Other famous examples include:

  • Prince (Rogers Nelson): American rock and R&B singer-songwriter
  • Prince Royce: Stage name of Geoffrey Royce Rojas, American Latin singer
  • Prince Kelechi Amukamara: American NFL football player
  • Prince Miller: American football player
  • Prince Semien Fielder: American baseball player; son of baseball player Cecil Fielder
  • Prince Oluebube Eke: Nigerian actor
  • Prince Hall: American abolitionist


Roman Names

Vito is a popular Latin name among Italian speakers. The spunky name means “alive.” Dog-lovers might be especially fond of this name as St. Vitus is the patron saint of dogs. It’s one of the most energetic Roman names for boys. Some famous people with the name include:

  • Vito John Fossella: U.S. Congressman from New York
  • Vito Scotti: American voice actor
  • Vito Joseph LoGrasso: American pro wrestler
  • Vitomir “Vito” Nikolić: Montenegrin poet
  • Vittorio “Vito” Positano: Italian diplomat
  • Vito Postiglione: Italian racing driver
  • Vito Rocco Farinola: Birth name of Vic Damone, an American pop singer
  • Vito Schnabel: Son of artist Julian Schnabel


Roman Names

Rufus is a Latin baby name that means “red-head.” Rufus is a name that fell out of fashion but is now very cool again. King William was nicknamed Rufus because of his red hair. Musician Rufus Wainwright is a famous example of someone who makes the name feel current. Other famous examples with the name Rufus:

  • Rufus King: U.S. senator from New York
  • Rufus Choate: U.S. senator from Massachusetts
  • Rufus Frederik Sewell: English actor
  • Rufus Thomas: American R&B singer
  • Rufus Reid: American jazz bassist


Roman Names

Jupiter, king of the Roman gods is also known as Jove. Jupiter is considered an aerial god and his identifying element is a thunderbolt and his sacred animal is an eagle. Jupiter was the figure in Ancient Rome. If you love mythology and would like a name that doesn’t sound so grandiose, Jove would be a superb option. Jupiter is one of the Roman names that has never been wildly popular in the US. Here are some famous examples:

  • Jupiter Hammon: American poet
  • Jupiter Apple: Stage name of Flávio Basso, Brazilian singer
  • Jupiter Ghosh: Bangladeshi cricketer


Roman Names

Now, we’re not sure what to think about the eccentric actor, Crispin Glover, but we are fond of his name. Crispin means “curly-haired.” Saints Crispin and Crispinian were twin brothers who were banished because of their faith. The pair went on to preach Christianity to the Gauls while making shoes at night. They are patron saints of cobblers and tanners. Crispin is one of the best Roman names and some famous examples include:

  • Crispin Freeman: American voice actor
  • Crispin Hunt: English singer from the band Longpigs
  • Crispin Bonham-Carter: English Actor


Roman Names

While Aries has been traditionally given to boys, we think the name works well as a unisex option. Aries is a Latin name that means “a ram.” For astrology-loving parents, the name is also an opportunity to celebrate the sign. It would be one of the perfect Roman names for a boy born in March or April. The name has been on the rise in recent years and we expect it to become a big hit.

  • Aries Merritt: American hurdler
  • Aries Spears: American comedian
  • Aries Delos Santos: Filipino badminton player


Roman Names

Similar to Justin and not as literal as Justice, Justus is a Latin name that strikes the perfect balance. Justus enjoyed favor from 1903-the 1980s before it fell out of fashion. The name Justice has been trending and we think Justus is a strong alternative that happens to be one of the best Roman names. The name Justus can be found in the Bible and was the name of a potential apostle after Judas betrayed Jesus. Other examples:

  • Isaiah Justus Farrow: Son of American actress Mia Farrow
  • Justus von Liebig: German chemist
  • Justus Lipsius: 16th-century philosopher
  • Justus D. Barnes: American stage and silent film actor


Roman Names

Silas comes from the Latin name Silvanus. In Roman mythology, Sylvanus was a god of trees and forests, and the name was often given to those who lived in wooded settings or who worked with wood. The name can be found in the New Testament of the bible and it belonged to St. Silas. Silas is one of the most popular Roman names in the US today. Some famous examples are:

  • Silas Deane: American politician and diplomat
  • Silas House: American writer
  • Silas Weir Mitchell: American physician and writer
  • Silas Weir Mitchell: American actor (named after the above)
  • Silas “Si” Robertson: American reality TV personality (Duck Dynasty)
  • Silas Wright: American politician, 14th governor of New York


Roman Names

Sebastian is Latin and comes from the Greek name Sebastianos. It means “from Sebastia.” Sebastia was an ancient city that was located near modern-day Sivas, Turkey. Sebastian is a stunning name that comes with amazing nicknames free of charge: Baz, Seb, and Bastian. It’s one of the most popular Roman names for American baby boys today. Famous examples include:

  • Sebastian “Seb” Stan: Romanian-born American actor
  • Sebastian Vettel: German Formula 1 racing driver
  • Sebastian Danzig: Guitarist of fashion and art band Palaye Royale
  • Sebastian Lewis Shaw: English actor
  • Sebastian Vollmer: American football player
  • Sebastian Janikowski: Polish-American NFL football player
  • Sebastian Telfair: American basketball player
  • Sebastian Gabriel Sauvé: American model


Roman Names

The regal name Rex means “king.” This simple and offbeat name is back in fashion for human boys after enjoying popularity among dinosaurs and dogs for years. Rex is one of the Roman names that’s been popular in the US since record-keeping began. Some famous examples include:

  • Rex Burkhead: American NFL football player
  • Rex Daniel Grossman: American NFL football player
  • Rex Hadnot: American NFL football player
  • Rex Murphy: Canadian newscaster
  • Rex GoudieCanadian Singer
  • Rex Ashley Ryan: American NFL football Coach
  • Rex Maynard Linn: American actor
  • Rex McNicol Robbins: American character actor
  • Rex Lee: American actor


Roman Names

While Julius preferred the spelling: Caesar, we love the streamlined spelling: Cesar. The name is very popular among Spanish speakers and we would love for even more parents to choose this attractive name. The name means “head of hair.” It’s one of our favorite Roman names! Famous folks with the name include:

  • Cesar Romero: American soccer player
  • Cesar Chavez: American civil rights activist
  • Cesar Romero: American actor
  • Cesar Millan: Mexican-American dog trainer
  • Cesar Vallejo: Peruvian poet


Roman Names

One of the most popular Roman names used for baby boys today, Atticus is a Latin name that means “from Attica.” Attica was an Ancient Greek region containing Athens. For Americans, Atticus entered the conversation after they were introduced to Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s become one of America’s most beloved Roman names thanks to the character. Other famous examples include:

  • Atticus Matthew Cowper Ross: English musician and composer
  • Atticus Jackson: American voice actor for The NoSleep Podcast
  • Atticus Dean Mitchell: Canadian actor
  • Atticus Ronald Shaffer: American child actor
  • Atticus Lish: American novelist
  • Fox Atticus Martindale: Canadian musician


Roman Names

Dante is an Italian diminutive of the Latin, Durant. The name means “enduring” and we can confirm, that the name has staying power. Name to one of the most famous Italian poets of all time, Dante Alighieri who wrote his Divine Comedy in the 13th century established this name as a popular name choice for Italian parents for centuries. It’s one of the very best Roman names. Others with it include:

  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti: British Pre-Raphaelite painter
  • (Alphonse) Dante Bichette: American baseball player
  • Dante R. Basco: American actor
  • Dante Exum: Australian basketball player
  • Dante Bonfim Costa Santos: Brazilian footballer


Roman Names

The winning name, Ace comes from Latin and means “one” or “unity.” For competitive parents out there, this would be the ideal choice. Jessica Simpson has a little one with the name. It’s one of the Roman names with the very best meaning. Other famous Aces include:

  • Paul Daniel “Ace” Frehley: Guitarist of the American band KISS
  • Ace Young: American pop singer
  • Clarence McKay “Ace” Parker: American football and baseball player
  • Christopher John “Ace” Kefford: English bassist of The Move
  • Arthur Carl “Ace” Enders: American lead singer of the band The Early November

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Roman Names

We leave you with one of the very best Roman names out there. Felix is a name that benefits from the slight edge of having an “X” in it. Felix began as a Roman surname, but it became a hot nickname in antiquity for someone with excellent luck. The name means “fortunate.” Felix has always been a top-500 name for boys in the US and that shows no sign of stopping! Some famous folks with the name include:

  • Felix Baumgartner: Austrian skydiver
  • Felix Jones: American football player
  • Felix Lope de Vega: Spanish playwright and poet
  • Felix Nadar: Pioneering French photographer
  • Felix Pipes: Austrian tennis player
  • Felix Solis: American actor
  • Felix Sandman: Swedish pop-singer
  • Felix Vallotton: Swiss painter and printmaker

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these ancient Roman names that will work for baby boys and girls born today. Names of Latin origin are some of the most popular around the world today and those specifically used by ancient Romans sound established and stately. If you did not find the perfect baby name on this list, consider reading about other remarkable names.

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