Ryan Reynolds Plays Coy When Asked to Reveal His New Baby’s Name, Plus Opens Up About Being a Father to Three Girls

Just three months ago, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively welcomed their third daughter to the family. We still don’t know what that baby girl’s name is and Ryan played coy about it in a new interview with Today.

We know very little about Ryan and Blake’s kids. In the interview, Ryan did eventually open up about being a father to three girls. And, of course, he loves it.

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While promoting a new Netflix series, Ryan Reynolds went on Today to do an interview.

No matter how hard interviewers pushed Ryan, he would not reveal his newest daughter’s name.

Instead, he offered the clue that the child’s name was comprised of silent letters so she can “have something to push against in life.” 

The interview is hilarious. But, we already know his first two kids’ names: James, 5 and Inez, 3.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively with Inez and James

“I love it. It’s incredible,” he said of being surrounded by women at home. He added that having daughters was part of his plan to “wipe men off of the face of the earth.”

He told interviewers that he’d grown up with three brothers saying, “That’s part of the reason I don’t want boys, because I don’t want a wiffle house. I just want the house to be normal.”

Ryan has spoken a good bit about loving his daughters. He told Entertainment Weekly Radio, “If I could have nine daughters, I would be thrilled. Really, like I genuinely would be.”

We’re kind of curious about how Blake feels about having nine daughters.

After the birth of his first daughter, he told People, “Having a daughter was a dream come true for me. I would have made a terrible king.”

We might not know the name of his youngest kid, but we did get a glimpse of her shortly after she was born.

Ryan talked a little bit more about fatherhood in the interview saying leaving his kids to travel for work is extremely difficult for him.

“Leaving the house is getting harder and harder,” Ryan said. “It gets a lot harder when they ask, ‘Where are you going? When are you coming home? Why are you leaving me?'”

People really thought the interview was super fun.

Blake and Ryan really are great online and we are happy to play along.

Even if we can’t pronounce it, we know they’ll tell us their third child’s name in time.

Until then, we’ll be waiting like:

We look forward to any new details from Ryan and Blake. If history is any example, they’ll roll out their baby’s name in the most entertaining way possible.

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