Savannah Chrisley Shares Quote About Happiness Not Being the Same Without Her Father, Who Continues to Serve His Prison Sentence

Savannah Chrisley recently took to her Instagram Story to share a quote that gives her fans some insight into her current mindset as she continues to cope with her parents being in prison. She has been open about her struggles raising her 10-year-old niece/sister, Chloe, and her 16-year-old brother, Grayson.

The quote, which was originally shared by @afterbreakup, reads, “But who will I call when something good happens? Happiness isn’t the same without you here.” She tagged her father, Todd Chrisley, who began his 12-year prison sentence for bank fraud and tax evasion at Federal Prison Camp Pensacola in Florida.

Savannah’s mother, Julie Chrisley, is serving a 7-year prison sentence at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. Both Todd and Julie will be subject to a 16-month probation period upon getting out. Todd is currently scheduled to be released sometime in 2035, while Julie will be released in 2030. 

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The day after sharing the quote on her Instagram Story, Savannah Chrisley shared another post to her Story – this one a video of Kevin Hart during an interview, which was originally posted by @buildalpha. In the interview, he talked about letting go of grudges and understanding that life has to move on. 

“No matter how much emotion and feeling you may have or how much hurt you may have, life has to go on. Life doesn’t stop for anybody. So if you don’t process and understand that, you’re stuck in whatever time period you got hurt forever,” he said – adding there’s no time for grudges, anger, and negativity. 

Savannah also posted a brief video of her having dinner with Chloe and Grayson at a restaurant. In the video, Chloe was saying how she ‘ain’t no snitch, and snitches get stitches’ before turning to Grayson and saying, “so you have some stitches on you.’ The camera panned to Grayson, who was rolling his eyes.

Amid all the changes happening in their lives, the trio remains extremely close and is making the best out of the situation. Savannah repeatedly calls Grayson her ‘forever best friend’ and, while Chloe is technically her niece, she treats her like the little sister she never had – all while acting as their legal guardian. 

Savannah Chrisley Opens Up on Her Podcast

In the two months since Todd and Julie Chrisley reported to prison, Savannah Chrisley has remained an open book on all the struggles – and blessings – that come with her new life without her parents around. For example, she took to her podcast, Unlocked, to talk about reaching her breaking point recently.

“The other night, I had a full-on breakdown. I was trying to find Chloe proper clothes to go and visit my parents and find her hair stuff. I just sat down on the floor and started crying,” she said. While it seemed like a simple task, it’s a feeling that any mother or guardian can relate to when raising a 10-year-old. 

In a conversation with her father, Savannah was told that ‘this is going to be the hardest, but most rewarding thing you’ve ever done’ – something she’s finally starting to understand. While she used to question God for putting her family in this position, she has now found ‘a place of such peace.’ 

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She also shared that, while she’s doing her best to raise her brother and sister, she understands that she’s not their mother or father – she’s just their sister. And, while she has a job to do at home, she’s also trying her best to date and maintain outside relationships – something she admits is very difficult.

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