Most Parents Aren’t Aware of These Secret Baby Milestones – Here’s What Every Parent Needs to Know!

On April 1, a pediatrician went viral on TikTok when she posted a video about some of the ‘secret’ baby milestones that most parents aren’t aware of due to a lack of information online. Dr. Sami, who runs The PediPals account on TikTok, set the record straight so parents know what to expect as their kid develops. 

The video mentions a variety of unpopular (yet important) baby milestones – including hiccuping, yanking hair, shrieking, no more pooping overnight, shaking and/or trembling, temper tantrums, daredevil stunts, lying, making up stories, and picky eating – and when parents normally see these milestones appear. 

She also iterated that, while baby milestones are typical in most children, parents shouldn’t grow worried if their child isn’t hitting those milestones. Instead, they should schedule an appointment with their doctor or pediatrician to analyze their children’s development and determine the reasoning behind any delays.

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On April 11, an article by TODAY brought Dr. Sami and Dr. Anjuli Gans – both of whom are pediatricians – together to talk about some of those secret baby milestones and what parents should expect. For example, hiccuping is a sign that the diaphragm muscles, stomach, and brain are developing properly. 

Yanking hair usually begins around the four-month mark and is a sign that your child is learning how to grasp things – something they generally pick up on before learning how to let go of things. This is also around the time they stop pooping overnight – a sign that their gut and bowel movements are developing.

Many parents will notice their newborn shaking or trembling different body parts in their first couple of months, but this is usually just a result of the Moro reflex. By the time the baby turns 6-9 months old, it’s common for them to shake their head and other body parts as they continue to discover their body. 

While many parents can expect their child to develop different cries for different reasons, it’s common for those cries to grow more ear-shattering and high-pitched around 6-9 months old. This is usually just a sign that the child is learning that their cries elicit a response from the parent – they just want attention.

Other Secret Baby Milestones to Watch Out For

Dr. Sami and Dr. Anjuli Gans continued to reveal some of the baby milestones that don’t get enough attention – including temper tantrums. While tantrums generally occur at 2 years old, some kids might develop them as early as 12 months if the child has a need that they can’t communicate through words.


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Another baby milestone – albeit one that many parents won’t enjoy – is when a child enters their daredevil stage, which usually occurs at around 15-18 months old. During this stage, children ‘start to do very dangerous things, and they don’t have any concept of what’s dangerous or not,’ according to Dr. Sami. 

Parents should also be aware of a child’s lying stage – which occurs around the 4-6 year mark. During this time, it’s common for children to make up stories and even flat-out lie as the prefrontal cortex of their brain develops. They’ll start using their imagination to get away with things, but it usually isn’t a problem. 

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The final ‘secret’ baby milestone to keep an eye out for is picky eating, which generally occurs between 2 and 4 years old. Since the body doesn’t require as many calories during these years, it’s normal for your child to not eat as much. And since they’re learning how to communicate their preferences, they might say no to certain foods.

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