My Sister’s Baby Tested Positive for COVID-19: Advice?

A mom writes in asking for advice about her sister’s baby. She says this baby, 6-months-old, recently tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel Coronavirus. Despite taking a plethora of precautions, it happened, and this mom wants to know what, if anything, she can do to help her sister and her baby. Any advice for this family?

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A member of the community asks:

“My sister’s baby tested positive for COVID-19: Advice?

My sisters baby (6-months-old) has come back positive with the Coronavirus; she barely goes out as it is she is a stay at home mom and when she does go out she wears a mask, washes her hands and has her little hand sanitizer with her.

She feels really guilty and is scared. Mamas, have any of your children came back with a positive COVID-19 test result? What was it like? Any advice on how or what I can say to make her feel better?”

– Mamas Uncut Community Member

Community Advice for This Mom Whose Sister’s Baby Tested Positive for COVID-19

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Fan QuestionMy sisters baby tested positive for COVID: Advice? My sisters baby ( 6 months old ) has come back…

Posted by Mamas Uncut on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Advice Summary

My Sister's Baby Tested Positive for COVID-19: Advice?

The community offered this mom in need a lot of great advice. Read some of their responses below.

“My 6-month-old is just recovering from COVID. It was pretty scary for 3-4 days with a wicked cough, congestion, and fever. He’s now 12 days out and you’d never know. Hugs. Hope baby is well soon.”

“Tell her she is doing her job fine, it’s not her fault it happened, if she is feeling scared, etc., she’s just any normal mum/parent out there.”

“Back at the end of January to mid-February my husband, my myself(I was pregnant) and my 3 kids had a super bad cold and I’m 99% sure it was Covid-19. They didn’t have testing at the time in my area and I had tested negative for the flu and they said I just probably had an ‘upper respiratory infection.’…

… My youngest who was 1 had a high fever, runny nose, and a horrible heavy congested cough. The best thing you can do is keep them comfortable and hydrated. It lasted about a month because I had this horrible lingering cough that was heavy on my chest and would make my throat bleed it was that bad. The baby will be okay I promise. It’s not her fault; she did everything right.”

“Babies are resilient. Our doctors for my LO are 99% sure she had Covid-19 before Spring Break (from daycare) and passed it to my husband. Oklahoma didn’t have the tests yet and her PICU doctors refused to even try and test her. (She was 6months at the time.)…

… ANYWAYLO was down hard for about a week and a half and was placed in the hospital. With oxygen, a good diet (if she’s breastfeeding that’s better but we actually used donated breastmilk during that time from the hospital to help) and lots of sleep, Emmy was ready to be home.Afterward we used the wipes that hospitals used for everything in the house and still do. (We’ve also been off since she went in. We’re teachers.) When we got home, we did probiotics and Pedialyte once, every other day. I know it’s scary. But it’s not mom’s fault.”

“My boys had it. They were each sick for about 3 weeks. The fever lasted about 5 days and the cough was almost 3 weeks. They were super lethargic but I just did what I normally would do for the flu and it passed. It is scary but just keep them as comfortable as you can.”

“I just read a blog from a mom of a 7-month-old who contracted it at daycare and she said she was relieved to find symptoms pretty mild for her little one. I also read it is for most kiddos so hopefully, it won’t be anything too serious for your niece/nephew.”

“My cousin’s grandbaby was the youngest in our state to test positive. She was sick with fever sniffles and a little cough, she was better within two weeks. I’m not sure what meds she may or may not have been prescribed, but she made a full recovery and no one else that was around her got sick either.”

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