This Soccer-Playing Dog Is Giving Cristiano Ronaldo a Run for His Money

Here’s a sentence we never thought we’d say before today: There’s nothing better than a dog that can play some serious soccer.

If that sounds ridiculous, hear us out. Twitter user @monicanuevaa uploaded a photo of her golden retriever puppy, Zeus, playing with a soccer ball, and the lil’ guy’s skills are out of this world.

Look at that footwork! (Paw-work?)

Cristiano Ronaldo is shaking. David Beckham is crying. There are probably other famous soccer players who are unnerved at the news of this burgeoning competition, but we don’t actually know that much about soccer. Or, like, who even plays soccer. Lionel Messi. He’s another famous soccer player, according to Google.

What else do we know about soccer? You mostly kick the ball with your feet (or paws), but it’s OK to use your head too. (Never your hands!) In most countries, people call it “football” instead of “soccer.” Lastly, more dogs should be playing soccer professionally. Period.

Even though we don’t know a lot about soccer, we know Zeus has enough talent to keep the greats on their toes. That can’t be argued.

After people viewed her video more than 2.2 million times, the uploader added:

See, that’s a feeling we can relate to!

Being a proud Dog Mom is nothing to sneeze at, especially when that pride is well-deserved. That said, we’d still love Zeus even if he weren’t a soccer star in the making, because look at that little face! And his paws! Don’t forget the FLOOF! Or his obvious happiness!

Like we said: there’s (apparently) nothing better than a dog with serious soccer skills.

And it’s not just Zeus…

After this video went viral, other Twitter users began sharing clips of their pets playing soccer. This is a whole well of content we didn’t know we needed!

Anyway, we fully expect to see Zeus on the field at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Until then, give the video another watch or 20, since it is guaranteed to improve your day. And if you need more feel-good, maybe these photos of puppies in costumes will help.

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