Son Stabs His Own Father During A Live Zoom Call

Police in New York reveal that one video chat that took place in Long Island took a grim turn after a man killed his father while he was on a Zoom call.

To make matters worse, he then proceeded to conceal the body — while the camera continued to be on.

On Thursday afternoon, police in Suffolk County responded to an apartment complex in Amityville on according to CBS Local.  Inside one of the apartments, Dwight Powers 72, lay dead on the floor of apparent stab wounds. His son, Thomas Scully-Powers, 32, was then placed in handcuffs.

But in the middle of the call, multiple attendees noticed that Powers was absent.

“During the meeting, one of the participants was noticed to have fallen out of the screen,” Detective Lt. Kevin Beyrer said

Son Stabs His Own Father During A Live Zoom Call
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But what the attendees witnessed next was frightening.

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“A bald, naked man went into this room, ripped bed sheets off the bed, placed them on the ground as if he was covering something up, and then he covers up the camera so nobody sees him,” one witness, who declined to identify himself, shared with CBS Local. 

Beyrer also reported that some viewers allegedly heard heavy breathing in the video, but it remains unclear as to what, if anything, they actually witnessed of the suspected murder.

Son Stabs His Own Father During A Live Zoom Call
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Once the entire group was aware of what was occurring, members immediately called 911. But it took another 10 to 15 minutes to find Powers’ name and address before police could respond to the home. Once they get to the home, someone (presumed to be Scully-Powers) opened the door — and promptly slammed it in their faces.

“By the time they were able to secure the back door, the back of the residence, [Scully-Powers] had jumped out a window and fled the scene,” Beyrer said.

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The 32-year-old man ran about a mile before police were able to catch up with him. It was unclear if at this point, he was clothed. After they caught up with the man, he was placed in handcuffs and taken to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries sustained when jumping out the window.

Son Stabs His Own Father During A Live Zoom Call
Image via YouTube

Police have since continued to investigate what happened inside the apartment, as well as what Scully-Powers would have to kill his father.

“A son killing his dad, as a father, it’s very sad,” said Powers’ neighbor, Oscar Henriquez.

Other neighbors reveal their take on what happened as they watched the scene happen just right outside their door.

“As soon as we came back, I saw the helicopter, the detectives,” neighbor Bryan Marsh-Callaghan told CBS. “I haven’t been able to get into the apartment at all.”

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