80 Surfer Boy Names for Your Tubular Dude

Are you looking for baby names that make big waves? Consider surfer boy names for your little bundle of joy that express a love for sun and sand! These appellations are perfect for parents who love surfing, spending time at the beach, and all things ocean. After all, a baby’s name is yet another extension of you as a parent and an opportunity for you to impart the passions you wish to share with your boy later in life.

Surfer boy names are simply names that feel beachy, sunny, and fun. This means you will find a lot of nature names on this list along with names of famous beaches and coastal destinations. Further, these names are inspired by actual surfers who awe and inspire us with their athleticism and surfer dude coolness. If you’re looking for your baby boy to have the freshest name in his class, check out the names below!

Surf’s Up! Check Out These Cool Surfer Boy Names!

Surfer Boy Names That Mean ‘Water’

80 Surfer Boy Names

The sea offers a boundless amount of inspiration when it comes to baby names. After all, it’s what we come from and what we always return to. Let’s take a look at some names that have water in their meaning.

  • Douglas – A handsome Scottish name that means “black water.”
  • Jordan – A name from Hebrew that means “flowing down.”
  • Malik – A name found in Arabic and a Greenlandic name, meaning “wave.”
  • Calder – A name from Old English that means “rocky water”

Surfer Boy Names That Mean ‘Ocean’

80 Surfer Boy Names

Let’s take a look at some nautical names directly inspired by the ocean. These lovable nature names are perfect for your bundle of joy!

  • Cove – An English name that means “small bay.”
  • Bay – A name from Latin, meaning “berry” but also a body of water.
  • Rafferty – A name from Irish that means “floodtide” that comes with the nickname Raff.
  • Kai – A gorgeous Hawaiian name that means “sea.”

Other Surfer Boy Names Inspired by the Ocean

80 Surfer Boy Names

Let’s take a look at even more ocean-inspired baby names and ocean-adjacent options. There’s no right or wrong way to choose a baby’s name so feel free to take inspiration from these appellations to discover your own original idea!

  • Ocean – This is a name that gets right to the point!
  • Merlin – A Welsh name for boys that means “sea fortress.”
  • Dylan – Another amazing Welsh name! Dylan means “son of the sea.”
  • Murphy – A charming Irish name that means “sea warrior.”

Let’s Keep This Party Rolling!

80 Surfer Boy Names

See even more options for surfer boy names below!

  • Arnav – An attractive Hindu name that means “ocean.”
  • Marino – A Latinate name that means “of the sea.”
  • Irving – A dusty Scottish name with a ton of potential, Irving means “sea friend.”
  • Trent – An English name that can mean “the flooder” or “gushing water.”

There’s More!

80 Surfer Boy Names
  • Morgan – A name of Welsh origin that means “sea-born.”
  • Marvin – One of the most appropriate surfer boy names on this list, Marvin also comes from Welsh and means “sea hill.” That’s a wave, right?
  • Murray – A name of Scottish origin that means “from the settlement by the sea.”
  • Deniz – A handsome unisex name of Turkish origin that means “sea.”

Keep Riding this Wave!

80 Surfer Boy Names

We’ve got even more surfer-appropriate names for you from around the world that relate to the ocean!

  • Devere – A French name for boys that means “from the fishing place.”
  • Gyatso – In Tibetan Buddhism, Gyatso is an especially meaningful name. It is a name that’s added to that of the Dalai Lama. Gyatso means “ocean.”
  • Havelock – It’s a lot of name but for the right boy, Havelock could absolutely work out! It comes from Scandinavian origin and means “sea competition.”
  • Morrisey – It could be too much for a little boy to shoulder, but we feel like Morrisey sounds like it should be with the other surfer boy names on this list. It comes from Irish and means “sea taboo.” Not bad, right?

These Names Can Catch Some Waves

80 Surfer Boy Names

Here are even more surfer boy names with meanings related to the sea and all things sunshine and sand!

  • Pelagios – Pelagios comes from Greek origin and means “from the sea.” It’s a mouthful but Pel could work well as a nickname!
  • Segar – Segar can also be spelled Seeger but both come from English and means “seaman.”
  • Culbart – Another English name, meaning “seaman.”
  • Hurley – A name from Irish that means “sea tide.” A word of caution: any name with “hurl” in it is open to mocking later in life.

Surfer Boy Names Inspired by Sea Life

80 Surfer Boy Names

Let’s take a look at some animal-inspired names for your son. These baby names are all about sea life. These beautiful creatures inhabit our oceans and our hearts which make them perfect options for a name!

  • Ronan – An Irish name that means “little seal.”
  • Seal – The name of an aquatic mammal but also an appellation belonging to the incredible singer Seal, who was born Sealhenry.
  • Pike – A name for a fish that likes brackish waters but also a distinctive choice for a boy.
  • Gull – Gull is a name of Celtic origin that can mean “pale” or simply refer to the seagull.

Surfer Boy Names from Mythology

80 Surfer Boy Names

Another great source of inspiration for surfer boy names is mythology. Look to the names of sea gods to provide you with storied appellations that sound distinguished.

  • Poseidon – A Greek god of the sea.
  • Neptune – A Roman god of the sea.
  • Lir – A name that rhymes with near, Lir is a sea deity from Celtic mythology.
  • Nereus – The old man of the sea in Greek mythology.

Let’s Keep Getting Mythic!

80 Surfer Boy Names

Here are more deities of the ocean that could also work as a name for your son!

  • Kano – A name from Africa that means “god of the waters.”
  • Oceanus – A name from Greek mythology, Oceanus was a Titan who ruled a body of water believers thought encircled the Earth.
  • Varuna – A name belonging to the Hindu god of water and the ocean.
  • Moze – An Egyptian name related to Moses that means “delivered from water.”

Surfer Boy Names from Various Seas

80 Surfer Boy Names

Let’s look to the seas and the places that sprung from them to discover even more surfer boy names for you to consider!

  • Caspian – The name of a salty sea that comes from Latin and means “white.”
  • Adrian – From the Adriatic sea, Adrian is another Latin name that means “man of Adria.”
  • Delmar – A Spanish name for boys, meaning “of the sea.”
  • Solomon – A beautiful Hebrew name that means “peace” but also a historically significant sea near Papua New Guinea.

Beach Surfer Boy Names

80 Surfer Boy Names

Life’s a beach! Let’s take a look at the names of famous beaches to discover which ones might work best for a baby boy today.

  • Jeffrey – A name of German and English origin, Jeffrey means “pledge of peace.” Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa is home to the Billabong Pro ASP World Tour surfing competition.
  • Huntington – An English name that means “hunter’s settlement.” Also, the name of a famous beach in California, known as Surf City.
  • Monty – A name that means “pointy hill,” but also short for Monterey Bay.
  • Cannon – A name meaning “people of Cana” but also a beach in California.

More Surfer Boy Names from Surf Beaches

80 Surfer Boy Names

Let’s take a look at more of the best places around the world to catch a wave to help us discover baby name opportunities. These are some of the most treasured surf beaches around!

  • Byron – Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia is a most popular holiday destination as it is known around the world for its surfing and scuba diving sites. The name Byron comes from Old English as a habitational name that means “cowshed.”
  • Francisco – Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil is home to a sandbar where surfing competitions are held. The site sits below San Paulo on the east coast. Francisco is the Spanish and Portuguese form of Francis, meaning “free man.”
  • Lance – Lance’s Right, Sipora, Mentawais Islands, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia boasts world-class surfing from the tiny island of Sipora. Lance comes from German and means “land.”
  • Maverick – Maverick’s, California is home to some of the most haircurling waves on the planet. Maverick is an American name that means “independent, nonconformist.” It’s a top-50 baby name in the US today.

Surfer Boy Names from Famous Surfers

80 Surfer Boy Names

Let’s turn to famous surfers of the world for inspiration. These names might not have meanings that deal with water but for surfing enthusiasts, they are instantly associated.

  • Taj – An Arabic name that means “crown.” Also, the name of Aussie surfer, Taj Burrow.
  • Sunny – A sunshine nickname-name, Sunny Garcia is a famed Hawaiian surfer.
  • Simon – A classic Hebrew name that means “the listener.” Simon Anderson, the Aussie surfer, had a very good name!
  • Shane – A name from Irish that means “God is gracious.” US surfer Shane Beschen inspires this pick!

Even More Surfer Boy Names from Actual Surfers

80 Surfer Boy Names

Let’s keep going to discover other awesome appellations for your little dude!

  • Mickey – Surfer and surfboard shaper, Mickey Munoz, has a great name! Mickey comes from Michael which means “who is like God?”
  • Duke – Duke is a title of nobility and rank. We were inspired by Hawaiian surfer, Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, to share it with you.
  • Damien – A name from Greek that means “to tame,” Damien Hobgood, the US surfer, wears it well.
  • Clay – An English name that means “at the boundary with clover.” Clay Marzo inspired this classic choice.

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Let’s Keep Swimming

80 Surfer Boy Names

Here are even more surfer boy names inspired by legends of the sport.

  • ButchButch Van Artsdalen certainly has a colorful name. The US surfer’s moniker means “butcher.”
  • Barton – Barton is an English name that means “from the Barley settlement.” Australian surfer Barton Lynch rocks this retro treasure.
  • Andy – Andy is a form of Andrew which comes from Greek and means “strong and manly.” Andy Irons is a Hawaiian surfer with this appellation.
  • Gabriel – Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina has a handsome name! His name has Hebrew origins and means “God is my strength.”

Pop Culture Surfer Boy Names

80 Surfer Boy Names

Books, movies, TV, and more have all featured surfers living their best lives. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous fictional wave riders for even more inspiration!

  • Bodhi – A name from Point Break, Bodhi is a Sanskrit term for a state of “enlightenment.”
  • Jack – Jack is an English name and form of John that means “God is gracious.” You’ll find the name in Big Wednesday.
  • Heath – A name found in the Australian soap opera Home and Away, Heath means “from the heathland” and comes from English.
  • Frosty – A name belonging to a character in the film, Chasing Mavericks, Frosty would be an unconventional choice!

More Fictional Surfers for Inspiration

80 Surfer Boy Names

Take a look at even more characters to help you find the perfect appellation for your baby (baybay) boy.

  • Silver – A metallic word name, Silver is a choice inspired by the comic book hero, Silver Surfer.
  • Johnny Keanu Reeve‘s character in Point Break, Johnny Utah had a stellar name! Johnny is another form of John!
  • Dean – Do you remember 1995’s Blue Juice? Ewan McGregor plays a character (although not the best one) named Dean. The name means “church official.”
  • Frankie – Frankie is a form of Francis that means “French man.” The name belongs to a character in Beach Party.

Surfer Boy Names That Just Sound Right

80 Surfer Boy Names

Let’s take a look at some surfer boy names that just feel like they would be the perfect surfer dude moniker. These names sound cool and carefree but also have a touch of grit.

  • Gunner – A Scandinavian form of Gunther, Gunner means “bold warrior.” That meaning feels appropriate for a little boy who wants to conquer those waves!
  • Joaquin – A Spanish name from Hebrew that means “God will judge,” Joaquin has been a name on the rise for decades. It sounds both fresh and established at the same time which we imagine will appeal to many parents.
  • Ace – Ace is a name from Latin that means “unity.” The name has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the last 15 years and it’s not hard to understand why!
  • Fisk – A great alternative to Fisher, Fisk is a blunt English cousin that also means “fisherman.” Fisk sounds offbeat enough for parents looking for a unique appellation that truly stands out.

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More Cool Surfer Boy Names

80 Surfer Boy Names
  • Ryder – A surfer boy name that stares you right in the face, Ryder feels like a quintessential name thanks to the riding of those waves. This English name means “messenger.”
  • Breaker – A name that echoes the breaking of the waves, Breaker is another appropriate option that sounds a touch tyrannical but mostly just fun.
  • Kalani – Kalani is a name on the rise but it’s not widespread yet. The name is of Hawaiian origin and means “chieftain of the sky.”
  • Mano – Another handsome Hawaiian option comes in the form of Mano which means “shark.” What little boy is not going to love that?

Did these surfer boy names make you want to hang ten? We sure hope you feel inspired by this list of appellations that capture the essence of being one with the wave. Choosing a name for your son offers you the opportunity to share your values and ideals. If you love being in the sun and sand, you could do no better for your little one than impart your love of the outdoors in his name. Happy baby name hunting!

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