25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys, Traditional Names for Your Little Bairn

From the lochs and castles of the Highlands, Scottish baby names were born and eventually spread around the world with enthusiasm. These handsome names began as familial, clan names and over time evolved to become some of the most beloved monikers in the UK and enjoy global appeal. Scotland has such a rich history and the Scottish Gaelic language has many influences including a sprinkling of Viking flare after repeated invasions. Which means you’ll find an array of baby names to consider.

Scotland possesses a proud cultural identity that’s unlike any other on the planet. The Scotts have a reputation of being fierce warriors so it’s no surprise that many Scottish names not only have strong connotations but also sound bold and decisive. If you have Scottish heritage or just a love of deep-fried food, you might be looking for some inspiration for your baby boy’s name. We’ve got you covered. Here are 25 Scottish baby names for boys that you’ll hear from city centers like Edinburgh to the remote Outer Hebrides.

25. Caelan

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Caelen is a handsome name that’s the Scottish variation of Nicholas. It means “people of victory.” If you like the name, Caleb, but feel it’s overdone, consider this Scottish baby name instead.

24. Evander

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

A welcome alternative to Xander and Zander, Evander is a Scottish name with roots in both Greek and Norse mythology. The name means “strong man” or “bow warrior.”

23. Lachlan

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Lachlan finally cracked the top 1000 names for boys in the US in 2013. As of 2018, the name was the 686th most popular name for boys. Lachlan means “from the fjord-land” and was originally used to describe the Viking invaders of Scottland.

22. Ruskin

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Ruskin is a common surname in Scotland and it means “from a family of tanners.” Ruskin is now a popular given name as well and it’s easy to see why. John Ruskin was an English thought leader of the Victorian era who made a huge impact on art criticism in the 19th century. Ruskin would be a great alternative to Rusty or Dustin.

21. Dunn

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

If you’d like a name that’s bold and feels like a full-stop, Dunn would be an excellent choice. The name Dunn is simple yet strong and it means “brown.”

20. Finlay

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

You might be more familiar with Finley, but in Scotland, Finlay is the preferred spelling of this very attractive name. Macbeth’s father, Finlay MacRory, helped make this name extremely popular. The name means “fair-haired hero.”

19. Cameron

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Cameron is a handsome unisex name that we love for boys. It’s also enjoyed favor not only in the UK but sits in the top 100 names for boys in the US. The name means “crooked nose.”

18. Roban

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Roban is the Scottish form of the ubiquitous Robert. Roban traditionally referred to families who were from Peeblesshire, Scotland. The name means “bright fame.”

17. Fraser

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Fraser is a quintessential Scottish name that originally belonged to a clan who called the lowlands home. The name means “of the forest home” or “ribbon.” Fraser has such a casual feel and we love it as a given name for boys.

16. Alasdair

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

In the US, you’re more likely to be familiar with the spelling, Alistair. But, Alasdair is the beloved Scottish form that’s a variation of Alexander. The name means “defender of men.”

15. Duncan

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Another name appearing in Macbeth, Duncan was the name of a Scottish saint and two early Kings of the Scots. The name means “dark warrior” and is a top 1000 name for boys in the US.

14. Mac

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

As long as you don’t think about a Big Mac, the name Mac is very cool and a welcome alternative to Matt or Max. Mac and Mc are commonly used in Ireland and Scotland to mean “son of.” If the spelling Mac feels a little too aloof for you, consider Mack.

13. Kester

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

The classic name Christopher has a lot going for it, but it does feel a bit overdone at this point. The Scottish form of the name, Kester certainly adds interest and charm. The name means “one who carries Christ.”

12. Douglas

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Douglas is such a popular name in the US that it’s been in the top 1000 names for boys since the 1880s. The name belonged to a powerful Scottish clan who were renowned for their courage and grit. The name means “black water.”

11. Graeme

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Graeme is a much more lyrical form of the name Graham. The pronunciation is very similar, but the emphasis is put on the first syllable. It’s a difference between Gray-em and graham crackers. The name means “gravelly homestead.”

10. Angus

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Angus is the Anglicized form of the Scottish Celtic name Aonghas which means “one strength.” While this name might make you think of cattle, it’s a completely charming and pleasantly masculine choice.

9. Callum

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

The name Callum has finally taken hold in the US and it was the 557th most popular name for boys in 2018. The name means “dove” and comes from an influential Celtic saint, St. Columba.

8. Teague

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Teague is an underutilized name for boys that we’d love to hear more of in the US. The name means “bard” or “poet.” This effortless one-syllable name has enough interest to not bore while possessing charm aplenty.

7. Malcolm

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Malcolm was the name of four Scottish kings and since their reigns, the name has been a mainstay in Scotland. The name comes from Mael-Colium and means “devotee of St. Colomba.” Often, boys are given the name Malcolm and the nickname Callum.

6. Baird

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Baird would be a particularly unique choice as a given name for your son. It’s a Scottish occupational name that means “poet.” The Irish spelling of the name, Bard is also a wonderful option.

5. Leith

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Leith is a very fun alternative to Keith. The medieval Scottish surname, Leith shares its history with an area of Edinburgh and the river that flows through the city, Water of Leith. In Scotland, the name refers to a place, but in Arabic the name, Laith means “lion.”

4. Knox

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Thanks to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who chose the name for their son, Knox has been an extremely popular name for boys in the US since 2009. The Scottish name means “round hill.”

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3. Euan

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Euan is Scotland’s preferred form of this name today, but it comes from the Gaelic Eoghann. Euan and Ewan are both acceptable forms and the name means “born of the yew tree.”

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2. Hamish

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Practically unheard of outside of Scotland until the 1950s, Hamish began slowly gaining steam in Australia over the last several decades. Today, Hamish is a top 50 name for boys in Australia. Hamish is the Scottish form of James and means “supplanter.”

1. Kendrick

25 Scottish Baby Names for Boys

Thanks to Kendrick Lamar, the Scottish name, Kendrick has enjoyed favor in the US since 2013. The name is also commonly spelled Kendric from the family name, MacKenrick. The name has a winning meaning, “champion.” Parents will also get the opportunity to choose from a variety of nicknames including Ken, Rick, Kenny, or Ricky.

There you go! Strap on a kilt and plate up some haggis because these Scottish baby names are gold! We hope these names for boys inspired you and that you will even consider one of these delightful names for your son.

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