Tara Lipinski Shares Photos of Newborn Daughter’s First Halloween…Her Mini Me!

Tara Lipinski’s daughter is already her little mini-me!

Just a few weeks after welcoming her first child into the world, Lipinski celebrated her daughter’s first Halloween! And they did so by dressing Georgie up just like Lipinski did when she became the youngest ice skater ever to win a gold medal at the Olympics.

“@bradgriffies made a costume that will be hard to match. Thank you!!!! Does anyone recognize it?! @toddkap commentated Gigi’s performance and I of course gave her an old school perfect 6.0 score of course!”

“Forgive us… a couple weeks in so we had to do it. Georgie Winter’s first Halloween. No pressure Gigi!”

How cute is that?

Tara Lipinski Expecting Her First Child After Learning of Her Surrogate’s Pregnancy: “I Almost Didn’t Believe It”

Tara Lipinski had some very exciting news to share with fans and followers this week. The 41-year-old took to Instagram on Tuesday (October 3) to share that she and her husband, Todd Kapostasy, are expecting their first child together via surrogate – this coming after a grueling five-year fertility journey. 

“After our immune testing results we decided to take one of our own biological, genetic embryos ???? and give it to a surrogate. We matched with a heaven sent surrogate Mikayla and we received a positive pregnancy test,” she wrote on Instagram – adding that she’ll explain in more detail on her podcast. 

On Thursday (Oct. 5), Tara Lipinski stayed true to her word and discussed her surrogate’s pregnancy in more detail on her Unexpecting podcast – which she co-hosts with her husband. The couple described the moment they first learned of their surrogate’s pregnancy and the emotions they were overcome by.

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“It was just so surreal. It couldn’t have been happening to us like we don’t get this news, this doesn’t happen to us. I almost didn’t believe it. I was just sobbing. But like, that ugly sobbing of just years of all of this trauma pouring out of my eyes,” she said on her podcast – describing that moment as ‘pure relief.’ 

She couldn’t help but think ‘that maybe our lives are going to finally change and we’re not going to be in the same, awful hamster wheel anymore,’ but admits the excitement didn’t truly settle in until doctors confirmed the bun in the oven had a heartbeat – that’s when they knew they could celebrate confidently.

“We were on the deck of this house looking at the Pacific Ocean and the sun is setting and we are like, ‘We are pregnant with a kid,’” her husband said – the couple took a trip to Malibu to celebrate. “It felt like this crazy almost cliché end of a movie where the sun was finally setting on our horrific fertility journey.”

And it was horrific, to say the least. Over the past five years, Tara Lipinski has undergone anesthesia 24 times, suffered four miscarriages, six failed transfers, eight retrievals, four D&Cs (dilation and curettage), was diagnosed with endometriosis, and had two subsequent surgeries. Now, they’re finally expecting!

Tara Lipinski Building a Close Relationship With Her Surrogate

Tara Lipinski was quick to praise her surrogate (Mikayla) in an Instagram post on Wednesday (Oct. 4). She says they’ve already started building a ‘magical’ relationship with the surrogate and described the ‘immediate connection and bond’ she has with her – likening it to that ‘two peas in a pod type of feeling.’

“She’s been able to give me reassurance and make the journey as good as it can be, especially for someone who has been through a lot of trauma,” she wrote – adding they speak every single day. “We’ve now become close friends and we’ve created this beautiful connection that I didn’t expect going into this.”

Tara Lipinski opened up about her five-year fertility journey in late-August, when she described infertility as a ‘very lonely place’ and revealed the reasons why she waited five years before sharing her story – adding that she only recently felt ready to connect with others going through a similar struggle with fertility. 

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“My lowest point was last summer, having two back-to-back consecutive miscarriages. One miscarriage was heartbreaking but four made me feel like a shell of myself. After the second miscarriage, I stopped crying. There were no more tears left. I just felt numb,” Lipinski said of her horrific five-year journey. 

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