Live From Snack Time: This Teacher Shares Things Kids Say When Parents Aren’t Around, and Nothing Has Ever Been Funnier or Cuter

A teacher from New York has made the internet fall in love with what kids are saying behind your back. Alyssa Cowit first started Live from Snack Time five years ago when she was teaching kindergarten. It began as an anonymous private twitter account but grew from there.

On the account, she posts the funny, sweet, weird, and sometimes sad things that kids say. Kids speak differently to everyone, and often parents are surprised by what their kids say to other adults. She started an Instagram to share even more, and now she’s collected the hilarious things kids say from all over the world. We found some of the best quotes from kids to share with you.

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Live From Snack Time: 24 Things Kids Say When Parents Aren’t Around

This chilling admission.

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???? (submitted anonymously)

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Be sure to read the submitter’s note on this one:

Honestly, same.

This seems like someone we know.

This kid has real aspirations.

This is poetry.

While some kids bring the love, others…

This is relatable AF.


This kid’s headed to MIT.

Definitely time for a snack.

This kid can’t keep a spaghetti secret.

This child is meant for greatness.

Her leg has a mind of its own.

Can we scream this after lunch every single day?

There’s a lot of mood work happening.

A stunning revelation.

Those Spanish lessons are paying off.

A cute little tater.

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Dream big. #potato (submitted by: @starsseaandsky)

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Your kids won’t keep a secret. Trust us.

Every single Monday:

A hungry one here.

Siblings are a blessing and a curse.

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Tag your little pizza roll ???? #kidquotes

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And finally, we’ll leave you with this carb lover’s creed.

How funny are those? Kids say the darndest things, indeed.

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