Tess Holliday Wrestles With Anorexia Diagnosis: ‘It’s Been Almost Debilitating’

Tess Holliday is continuing to heal when it comes to the relationship with her body after she was diagnosed with anorexia, however, lately, she has been “struggling.”

The 36-year-old model and body activist revealed last May that she was diagnosed with anorexia. And in the past few weeks, Holliday admitted she is not managing well.

“I’m gonna be honest, I’ve been really struggling with body image in a way I’ve never experienced,” she shared with her followers on Instagram this past week. “It’s been almost debilitating because even though y’all see me out having fun, it sometimes takes so much work and energy just to be able to leave the house.”

The mom of two shared a series of photos from her Easter weekend trip along the California coast with her family and said that these were the first photos she’s actually wanted to share.

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“I’m the kind of gal that always wants my photo taken, until lately… and these are some of the first photos I’ve taken in a while where I saw myself in them and was kind,” she said. “(I’m working on it.)”

“Soaking up this family time & feeling grateful, even when it’s tough✨,” she added.

 Holliday shared back in March that the pandemic helped her examine her relationship with food.

“During the pandemic, it caused me to slow down — like it did most of us — and I started really examining how I was feeding my body or the lack thereof,” she said during an appearance on Tamron Hall.

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Holliday began to work with a dietitian, expecting to hear that she was overeating or binge eating, only to discover she was doing the opposite and restricting herself in a way that led to her anorexia diagnosis.

“I was sitting on the kitchen counter and I remember her saying it and I just laughed,” she said. “I went, ‘No, look at me — I’m fat.’ “

Holliday went on to reveal that anorexia doesn’t always look a certain way, adding that if she knew that herself, she may have been diagnosed sooner.

“I just was flooded with all kinds of feelings,” she said. “If I would have known that this was a possibility, I could have gotten help sooner. If there wasn’t so much weight-bias stigma in the medical industry, someone could have helped me before I got to his point.”

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