The 21 Hottest Summer Baby Names

Congratulations: you’re having a summer baby! Summer babies have it made: they get to hang out in the cutest little swimsuits in glorious warm weather, splash in the surf and play in the pool, and get that sweet, sweet Vitamin D from its natural source: the sun!

Another bonus: when it comes to seasonal baby names, summer baby names are some of the best. There’s inspiration absolutely everywhere, from the warm weather to the plant and animal life all around to the names of the months themselves.

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Looking for a great summer baby name for your summer baby? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites below.

Summer Baby Names for Girls



Duh! What’s cuter for a summer baby girl than sweet, sunny, happy Summer? It’s the prettiest no-brainer we know.


A June baby named June? Yes, please! If you want to go exotic, you could also try Junia or Djuna, like the celebrated writer Djuna Barnes.  


Love the name Julia but feel like it’s overdone? Try July for a sweet baby girl born in July.


There’s something poetic and spiritual about this out-of-the-box name inspired by the longest day of the year.


This lovely name for August babies has its origins in Latin, where it means “majestic” or “grand.”


This unusual Lithuanian name means storm… like the sudden storms that sweep through in the summer, leaving the air feeling so fresh and so clean.


It’s an island in Ireland, but it’s also a just-left-of-center way to name your daughter in honor of the beautiful summer sky.


This Hindi name means Rain. So perfect for a summer baby born on a gray day!


Not just the princess in Aladdin (though that may make it an extra-hot choice this summer), Jasmine is a summer flower with a delicate, intoxicating scent.


How can she resist looking on the bright side of life with a name like Sunny?


Another floral alternative that just screams “summer,” Daisy sounds like the cool-girl best friend you always wish you had.

Summer Baby Names for Boys



There are so many fun variants for this name based on a summer star sign. If Leo doesn’t do it for you, how about Leon, Leonardo, or Lenny?


Sure, it’s the name of that guy from The Fault in Our Stars. But it’s also a perfect name for a late-summer baby born in August! Not crazy about it? How about Augustine, Augie, or even Austin?


Love the beach? You’ll love this beachy-sounding boy name!


Derived from old English, this means (you guessed it) “gardener.” With a name like this, he’s almost guaranteed to grow up with a green thumb.


There’s a stately, Roman feel to this name. Its most famous bearer was Julius Ceasar, but we bet your July baby will wear it well, too.


This Persian name literally means “the sun.” We can’t think of anything cuter than a pair of summer twins named Sunny and Cyrus. Can you?


Meaning “tide” in Welsh, it’s a beachy name that sounds great in any season. Ties to poet Dylan Thomas and musician Bob Dylan give it a cool-guy vibe.


The Spanish word for “sun” makes a great summer boy name. Don’t you feel warmer just reading it?


An old Hebrew word for “sun,” Samson was also a biblical character who was granted exceptional strength by God.


This popular Greek name means “summer,” and will definitely make your little boy stand out from the (American) crowd.


What are your favorite summer baby names? Share in the comments!

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